How to Have a Great Time This Summer in California

California Vacation


Dodger Stadium

Playing in Los Angeles, the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, is one of the most exciting things to do in California. Tours of the stadium are available and give you a closer look at the history of the Dodger franchise. All proceeds from the stadium are used to help fund the stadium’s improvements and to help pay for tickets.


The iconic theme park that has Adults and Children all over. You can try on virtual reality rides, visit Disneyland or ride through Space Mountain. This is the ultimate place to meet all kinds of characters, watch Hollywood classics hit the big screen and take part in dramatic adventures.

Great Hollywood Restaurants

Many major Hollywood scenes have been filmed right on the restaurant scene. Arguably the most famous of Hollywood’s restaurants is the Oscaroleum in Burbank. This fine dining establishment has been around since 1930 and is one of the few surviving great movieouses from the golden age of film.

Catalina Coast

A beautiful beachside spot is the Catalina Coast. It is known for wide stretches of beach and great surf. You can take part in the daily surf competitions or hang out for the night. Come dawn the next day and take a ride out on the wild side for some of the best waves in California.

Universal Studios in Hollywood

Is the place to go for your California family vacation. You and your family will never forget your time at this enchanting park. The baby is never disappointed as there are plenty of things for him to play on throughout the park.


One of California’s biggest attractions for kids is Legoland. You can also visit the Lego Imagination Zone and have fun with all the Lego toys throughout your stay. This theme park is a great venue for a family vacation in California.

Busch Gardens

Winter visitors to Busch Gardens are treated to a winter festival in the park. A free program for kids 12 years old and up gives them the opportunity to ride the Busch ride Train, a snow mobile and aParrot. In addition, there are over a hundred other rides, such as the Carousel and the Petting Zoo.


The popular marine park! features amazing shows marine animals like orcas, dolphins,sea lions and more. Has two dedicated stalls for shows, with one of them being the sea lion buoy show. The other is the Dine with Shamu; eat your favorite meals while you eat under miniature habitats. In addition, there are interactive displays, shows and other great skills involving the animals.


Will give you the chance to experience a world class beer festival. The beer festival is held in October and has gained a reputation over the years for being the place to be for beer lovers, those who are not. This exciting festival is held in Orlando and is popular among tourists and those who are living here. The average sells out time is two week.

When the Irish Potato Festival is held annually in October in the town of maker, you can still bring the family to visit California. The festival is not only for potatoes, but cows, pigs and sheep too! At this event you will find people of all ages. The Irish festival is not only about celebration, it is also about tradition. The spawned from years of planning and work.

It is not only about the food, celebration and dancing. There are other exciting events like the German Market at dusk. There are many shops with a wide range of wares. Everyone can enjoy the unique German Market experience. Specialty food from across the globe vies for purchase. After spending a day at the festival gardens, plan on visiting some of the onsite restaurants. Some of the menu choices are wide and include poultry, smoked fish, vegetables, cheese, pastas, chicken, burgers and salads. Plan on spending a few nights at some of the finest sumptuous accommodations in California.  You never have to worry since all California Permits are accounted for.


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