Kerala Temple – An Activity Guide

Kerala Temple Guide



Every part of us looks busy and engaged in the environment around us. Some call it instinct but I think it is more the result of our environment. Places, say a waterfall, might appear to be natural and beautiful. The same goes for a temple. Temples show up to people with vibes of sanctity, faith and mysticism. As the saying goes, Such is the wisdom of statues.

Kerala is considered to be one of the best pilgrimage destinations in India because of its diverse cultures and scenic beauty. Each part of the Kerala has its own charm and attraction.


During the British rule, Bengaluru was the center of trade and economics of many Britains. The rule of the Parliament over the last nearly 80 years has not left Bengaluru untouched. Many people come here to look for their lost treasures.


Calicut, a coastal district of Kerala has got a seafood specialty. The most popular tourist attractions are as follows –

The fish patties at Narasipuram, the jewel of the east coast.

The 65 km long backwaters, express ferry services, dream palaces and the famous fish market at Kumarakom, the palaces of the rich Malabar plantation.

The old tea plantations of Kumarakom (up Packaged Malabar),ll Mawlamur (up group One Party Packaged Malabar) and tea shops at Raja Raja Nataraja, Shamrudinod (up group Two Party Packaged Malabar)

The Kurinji family’s claim to fame is their ability to prophesy. The younger generations are very crafty when it comes to Mickeys. After all its their gift to have a peek.

Kerala’s most dazzling and shimmering fish market, Varathangadana (M) Mullia, the,Eravikulam Lake, the backwaters, etc.

Varathangadana (M) Mullia (New Monsoon)

Why not make a day trip from Kochi by high speed train.

Take away the pain of getting stuck in traffic.

See the setting sun in (at the time of day – not dusk) , the blue sky above

Enjoy the breeze

o To butter butter and bread.

o To a glass of Kerala’s favorite beverage – Tea.

o To a plate of succulent, mouth watering Halwa Tikka or Champagne Brown teas

o To a Thinking of India Immortland.

o To a plate of olkis (baked flat bread).

o To a plate of pulao (a lamb roasted in a reputed oven).

o To a heap of dishes of Kalamntide ( racks of lamb baked delicately in a flatten oven)

o To a Homemade chips, Beer, Tea, Molten Paneer, garam, churma, sweet bread, Yeasted Baguettes ,Paneer Atti , Earthenware dishes, Venaza, Sheebab, Sheebab, Tikka, Falafel made of crushed chick peas, lentils, roasted peanuts, banana chips,Cooked Potatoes, Amaranth Goan Grinds, Creamed Carrot , Raw potato, Goan Liver mousse, Indian Kitchen specialties, Cheese, Herbs/Spices and condiments.


Cock-a-Leela is served throughout India and is a big favorite among the Aussies and Europeans. It’s a thick stew made with pieces of heckey or cock (sterked beans), vegetables and a specialurizedatinuated to make it creamy. You need to wait until it dries to discover the secret.

Cock-a-Leela is a meal in itself and should be served as the main course of your meal along with a side of potatoes. This dish can also be served as a cold sandwich filled with tomato and onion, fresh cheeses and toasted cheese.

Today there are many more Nilgatis on the market and one needs to shop carefully to available the best from this wonderful tree gourd.

Buying from an Indian shop:

The best deals in Chennai can be obtained from the Indian shops. The dal Bati can be purchased from the shops with construction modular build in Chennai. The ctein with the ctein ghee is sold in the Tibetan shops.

The most auspicious shopping opportunity in Kerala would be on Saturdays when the Mango mingles with the street vendors. Mango is better known as Manchutan or Sheesham (Papaya).


A Brief History of Sheffield

History of Sheffield


Sheffield lies in the North of England, about 65 kilometers east of Manchester in South Yorkshire. Chartered as the City of Sheffield in 1893 due to it’s origins in a field on the River Sheaf. The population tops a half million citizens now, with a workforce over a million strong residing within an hours drive of the city. Sheffield’s fortunes have long been shaped by world events and external forces that forced the residents of Sheffield to adapt and innovate in order to survive.

Sheffield Castle was built after the Norman Conquest to oversee the local settlements in what is now the heart of the city. The market that grew around the Castle, in what is now the West End, made Sheffield a market town just prior to 1300 A.D. Over the next century, Sheffield became well known for the fine cutlery that was produced and sold there, and by 1600 the town was the known to be the center of Cutler Production in all of England, earning a mention in Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”.

Sheffield was on the “cutting edge” so to speak of cutlery technology in those early years, and the invention and improvement of several processes in the mid 1700’s revolutionized metallurgy. Crucible Steel and silver plating placed Sheffield squarely in the lead in metallurgy in the world. Sheffield lived up to its reputation as a world class metallurgical center until a recession from the loss of import markets at the end of the 18th century. Conditions in the city deteriorated, and a cholera epidemic killed over 400 people in 1832. The huge amounts of wealth created by the large steel producers tended to stay at the top of the hierarchy, while the unchecked pollution, overcrowding, and disease made its way to the masses at the bottom.

The start of the industrial revolution brought people back to the city over the next few decades, and clean drinking water was necessary to avoid the deadly diseases of 1832. New reservoirs built on the outskirts of the city helped keep the water supply disease free, but the collapse of a dam wall at one site in 1864 caused the Great Sheffield Flood, which resulted in the deaths of 270 people and widespread damage to the city.

The early 1900’s saw Sheffield again noted in literature as George Orwell called Sheffield the “Ugliest town in the Old World” in “The Road to Wigan Pier” written in 1937. The combination of quickly built slums to house the growing numbers of working people, and the pollution from the factories they manned made Sheffield a less than attractive city. The invention of stainless steel in 1913 by a Sheffield resident steel producer bolstered the industry, but at the cost of the beauty of the city founded at the confluence of five rivers. The hills around the city vary from 10 to 500 meters above sea level forming a natural amphitheater. By the end of the 1930’s a recession that paralleled “The Great Depression” in the U.S. had taken a toll on all industrial areas, and Sheffield was no exception.

That recession was soon over as European factories began gearing up for war. Sheffield quickly regained its spot as a world class steel producer, making weapons and ammunition for the coming World War. The very same industry that had made Sheffield prosperous during the good times, also made it perilous during the bad times. World War II made Sheffield a vital weapons and munitions manufacturing center, which in turn made it a target for Luftwaffe bombers. Three nights of air attacks known as the “Sheffield Blitz”, killed 660 and wounded another 1,500 residents. 40,000 others were left homeless by the air raids as 3,000 homes were demolished and another 3,000 severely damaged. All toll 78,000 homes were damaged to some degree.

After the war, Sheffield continued as a major player in the steel industry. Cutlery was still a big industry in Sheffield. Over half of the world’s surgical blades are produced in Sheffield to this day. Rebuilding the city after the war was a success, not only clearing the slums, but investing in infrastructure and park areas to beautify the city, and roads to get people to work at the steel mills. Sheffield was awash with prosperity during the years following World War II as women held their heads high as the shop for bags. Steel for reconstruction was needed all over Europe, Russia, Japan, the South Pacific and many other areas.

Rebuilding Industry in Germany, and Japan was a double edge sword, as the steel for their rebuilding meant busy steel mills around the world. The end result was that as industry labored to keep up rebuilding German and Japanese industry, it did not keep up with the automation, and process improvement systems that would soon drive many of them out of business, not allowing them to compete against the factories they helped build.

The late 1970’s and 1980’s saw Steel mills that could not compete close down throwing thousands into unemployment.


Tips To Get The Most From A Travel Agent

travel agent ideas


A destination management company is important for conference organizers to provide quality services. These companies are able to take over the practical aspects of your event. This leaves your own employees free to concentrate on the content, or academic aspects of the conference or convention. They are particularly helpful if your event is going to be held in a different city or even a different country from where your organization is based.

If your event is scheduled to take place over a number of days or if it will attract visitors from many different countries, the complexity of the logistics can be formidable. Maybe there will be satellite meetings or workshops and policy discussion groups separate from the plenary sessions where everyone attends together. These all require venues, catering and equipment.

Delegating these arrangements to a member of staff can rapidly take over their entire working life, drawing them away from their normal activities. It requires resources and skills that are not within their remit. Handing over matters like finding a venue, arranging flights and accommodation for delegates, planning catering, assembling equipment for audio visual presentations, etc., enables your organization to focus on the purpose of the event while the experts handle what they are good at.

Professional conference organizers have local knowledge of venues, restaurants and hotels. Because this is all they do, they are in a position to negotiate fantastic deals by virtue of their buying power.  They know such fine tune details that they know if a hotel used a spray foam machine to do their insulation or if it was done by hand. They have specialist staff who are familiar with the necessary visa requirements, where necessary, and can help your delegates put together the paperwork they need to get in and out of the country.

One of the greatest advantages of working with a travel agent is the luxury of having someone on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can provide advice on the best times to visit your chosen destinations and can help with any other questions. They have the resources and knowledge to match the needs of your organization with those of the tourist market.

Major conferences and convention organizers have event management teams that have specialist staff trained to deal with a wide range of circumstances. They can plan an event site, assign venues, organize flight and accommodation, and handle any additional accommodation or travel requirements. They need to be flexible in order to accommodate the needs of delegates who come from all over the world.

Whether you need a general cancellation policy or a more detailed one, you may find it provided by your delegates. If they can make arrangements to transport themselves from your home to your meeting, they may consider it a more convenient option than trying to accommodate everyone in one vehicle. If they can’t make those arrangements for you, you will need to consider reimbursing the expenses they incur in making the arrangements.

Different Kinds Of Docking Services

our expedited Docking: This is the original meaning of the term. It was a shuttle service that was hired to get a large group of people from one place to another at the same time. The services are designed to take the hassle out of transportation during a meeting, conference or training event. Since the days of the internet, it has become a common practice for business travelers to make use of shuttle services.

Conference Hosting: This is the most preferred option for meeting and conference planners, especially at large conferences and conventions. It involves the addition of a rooms in the venue, usually at a budget rate. The hosts can arrange for visitors to stay at their chosen hotels, provided they are registered with the Delegation. While reserving the rooms, they can contact visitors who wish to partake in the meeting. In the hosting scenario, people can make use of internet and conference software to keep track of their meeting.

Airport Express Docking: This service is ideal for travelers who have in transit trips. It docks at the airport and allows its users to proceed to the chosen destinations without having to worry about transportation. It is very convenient for delegates who have in- transit plane tickets to fly back home after attending a meeting. The airport terminal is equipped with many facilities, making it convenient for travelers and meeting planners to dock there. This service has become especially convenient for business travelers who have meetings scheduled in different parts of the world.

Another advantage of an airport terminal is that these facilities are easily accessible by train. Hence, delegates who travel by train for their meetings will not have to worry about arriving at the wrong railway station. They can catch the train after arriving at the airport or wherever else they plan to travel after arriving in the city. All they need to do is find a suitable train station in their desired location and get aboard.

Experience More With Ease

Conference planners and event organizers have a responsibility to provide a memorable experience to their clients. They should provide a place that lives up to their liking and expectations. Although this may seem like a simple thing to do, many event organizers fail in this department.


The Best 3 Hidden Gems of LA

trip to LA



USA Feeds is a regular traveler for more than a few years. We fell in love with Los Angeles, California more than 10 years ago when we first moved to the area. Since then we’ve owned two homes in Los Angeles, struck out on our own, and traveled frequently for business and pleasure (and a little weddings). In the process, we’ve discovered several off-the-beaten-path dining, shopping and cultural opportunities in beautiful Los Angeles. Our 3 favorite tips for finding the best bargains and seeing the attractions that make this city great, come from experience:

* Know what you want. We generally know what we want most of the time, but the glimpses we get glimpses of that desire often make us realize that it’s well worth pursuing a purchase.

* When in the right location, your price will be more attractive than if you sought out an overpriced, bad location, such as at the airport or in a shopping mall.

* Read more. You should also consider reading every other person’s review on the city/restaurant you wish to visit. I think of a restaurant review as a guide book.

* Talk to locals. Do your planning and research using the Internet. Local discussion groups are usually fairly accurate about the wacky things to do and the amazing restaurants and lodgings in Los Angeles. Use the Internet to gather personal information, such as the number of dog owners in a city, and city maps. Consult the fine print to find out if a destination is actually worth the trip. More than likely, you’ll find better deals by reaching out to the local area residents and merchants. I personally know of one incredibly cheap discount travel package that was available in an unusual manner in the county of Staffordshire, in the heart of the British Midlands. The package included round trip airfare to London, five nights in a comfortable hotel of a friend’s in Leeds, and two nights’ hotel stay in Paris. Last time we checked, we had budget airfare to London from Milan, Turin, Trieste, and a Revel Interstate train transfer to Paris… we could have done that, had we known about the package. We did train our trip to London, only because we had to, because we were late. If you can’t get the time off work, book your travel arrangements while you’re away, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save.

* Figuring out how to stretch your dollar. The best way to stretch your dollar is to take a vacation. After all, that’s what spending is all about. But there are so many ways to stretch your dollar! One of the best things about traveling is that you can buy the little things you need at local stores. breakfast may be just a dollar or two. Shops in your traveling location carry supplies, instead of having to go to a gas station to buy a gallon of Writer’s Ilene Water (isabel in 16 sizes) or other beverage. Instead of going to a water park, go to the grocery store. You can pick up some water and snacks (such as fruit and granola bars) for next to nothing. Just be sure to write on the wrapper to tell the baker what you’re doing. (Hint: If you have tips to pass on, write them on the bakery order form.)

* Write a journal. I’m working on a writers’ note version of this article and on OSHA 30. My outline for the article describes what I’d like to write about (itis instead of illness) for one year.felds dinner. Instead of excerpts from my journal about the illness and its symptoms, I’m going to write about (socrates instead of\\\\\\\\) my experiences during the past year. So instead of excerpts from my journal about the illness and its symptoms, I’m going to write about (opinions instead of beliefs) my experiences during the past year. So if people want to send me articles about their experiences when traveling, they can use the form below. However, please bear in mind that I don’t always respond to email directly, so if you email me and don’t want my response, please feel free to visit my website. I do read all of the emails.

Mailing list

I’m going to give one more big hug to mailing list. These people have saved me time and money so many times. I don’t have to spool up an entire email to find the articles. All I have to do is go to a mail site and sign up. Mailing lists are usually populated with people that have gone before, just like in the example above. I’m not going to read the 300 emails I get on average every day. However, I do look at all the comments and emails I get and decide which ones I might want to respond to.


Cape Point Is A Tourist Landmark In Cape Town South Africa

Cape Point South Africa


Cape Point is a historical landmark with an incredible view. It is one of the six main tourist attractions in South Africa. Known as Cape West Coast, it is the most popular surfing location in the Western Cape and it is extremely popular with holiday makers. Known as the inside tip of Cape Town, it has long been a surfers paradise and it still is a great destination for surfing.

It is an ideal location for families, the young at heart, surfers, experts, those looking for a challenge and the holiday makers who areisland boundlooking for that perfect wave!

Surfers Paradise

The spot which comprises of the various interesting and famous beaches of the West Coast of Cape and the surrounding area comprises of over 200 km’s of beaches. This beach is considered to be one of the best spots for surfing in South Africa, it is considered to be the best between supporting and challenging waves. This Cape Point is located just Oostindi, a city between Table Mountain and Robben Island. 150 km’s south of Cape Town you will find this West Coast within the KwaZulu NatalProvince.

The two beaches known as Bonniesberg [sea beach] and Bushcamp are the most attractive to surfers from South Africa, these beaches are less than 1 half hour drive from the Cape Town City Center. One of the most famous waves in Cape Town surfers camp at the Bonniesberg beach will be to be found at the beach’s northern end; the wave is considered to be too dangerous to Surf. However the camp is accessible to the public and can be viewable from the public beach lift. A quite South African experience, it is located along theWatco, the main road on the island.

The surfing Champions Bay [ Boxing Beach] beach is less than 2 kilometers away from the ocean beach providing shelter for the smaller surf surf waves of Cape Town surfers. The Camps Bay Beach [ruck broke waves] is the beach associated with the KwaZulu Natal Parks and gardens Reserve [Soppy edges]. Known for its outstanding features and beauty, it is included in the World Heritage Sites of South Africa, and is the last untouched beach.

Cape Peninsula

The Cape Peninsula is a major tourist area, offering a wide range of things to do. Few beaches have the distinct feature of wind surfing. Cape Peninsula Palms:

The area is also home to a pastel forest

The African Queen

This pastel forest is a part of the World Heritage Sites of South Africa, and can be clearly visible on the clearly visible sign post photographs. One of the major attractions is the Cape Floral Region, the home to the world’s largest numbers of endemic flower species. This area has been named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with its remodeling.

The Charl Cilliers Trail

The Charl Cilliers Trail has an extensive route of which the highlight is the spectacular display of Contrast and Contrast Tress on the rocky areas. The Charl Cilliers Trail also has a number of excellent walking holiday walks.

Houghton beach

This lovely beach is more a favorite for the snorkel divers than a swimmer, but still offers a wide range of water sports and activities. It is also a great spot to have your food and drink while watching dolphins,ring sailors, penguins and toboggan runs. The beach has aSafety Beach involving lifeguards for surfing the beach is also very effective.

Paternoster beach

Hartebees is a secluded beach The only way to get there is by a 4 wheel drive vehicle. It is also unexplored with the option for camping. On the way to the beach you will pass by a 15th century farmhouse and on to the next beach 100 meters further on. The 2nd Beach is also a good one for swimming and snorkeling with a lovely reef. It is also important to take note that Paternoster beach is the only one where you canwing a dogs as well as horses. Tidal insurances are compulsory to go but you will still be able to drive onto the beach.

The Golden Sands beach

Hells Beach is a favorite of families with children. It has a children’s beach and is also recognized as a great work place. It consists of a sandy beach 6 kilometers long. If you are driving with your car, you can park cross the road and walk across the pedestrian bridge. The total distance is 20 kilometers or 7 miles.


Best Hotels to Stay in Tennessee

Best Hotels to Stay in Tennessee


You are headed down to the amazing south of the United States, more specifically you are headed to the amazing state of Tennessee, the home of amazing barbeque food and some of the top country music in our modern era. It is truly an amazing place to visit, it has things of every nature, things that everyone can enjoy and peruse for themselves, whatever that may be.


Tennessee as we said is an amazing place to visit, and there is one reason in particular as to why. They actually have, and this may seem a little surprising, some of the best darn hotels in the country. They have hotels that are so clean and comfortable that they make the guests want to stay, just abandon their homes and live in their room for the rest of their natural lives.


Now of course they can’t do that, it would cost an abhorrent amount of money, but they can defiantly stay for as long as they like. Whichever hotel they pick will be amazing as most of them are great, they all bring something different to the table that tourists can enjoy.


The problem with all this though is the fact that there are just too many darn perfect hotels to choose from. There are so many, and it can be extremely difficult to choose from the plethora of amazing rooms and amenities that they each offer. It would be hard for anyone excited to go on vacation, they need to think of all these different needs and such to make it the best choice possible.


Of course, though there are some easy ways to rule out certain things. The location of course is probably the biggest one, you can’t pick a hotel that’s dozens of miles away from where you want to be. There is a lot of amenities that some hotels may not offer, some that you just have to have to make the trip worthwhile, so you can rule out the ones that don’t offer them. There are other things, maybe about the room you’d be staying in that may help you choose.


To say the least there are a lot of things that you can be doing and such to really get a good feeling from all of it, and the choice is completely yours when it comes down to it. The good thing though is that you can have a little bit of that burden taken of your shoulders by getting a little help from your friend, the internet and the reviews that you see on there.


For you today is an amazing list and analysis of all the best hotels for you to choose form in the Tennessee area. We have compiled a great list that is extremely diverse, in location, amenities, styles, free breakfast, comfortable beds, good service, everything. We have visited these hotels, interrelated with them and have found out all the interesting and necessary details that you need to know about before you go and head of onto your vacation.


We have a lot for you today, hopefully this list won’t be to much of a time waster for you, and hopefully we are going to be able to help you out and find the right hotel for you, your friends, and your family if they decide to come along with you. So, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list and analysis of all the best hotels you to stay in, in Tennessee.


The Peabody Inn Memphis


Let’s start this list off by giving out the thing you hate the most, a ludicrous price. The Peabody in Memphis starting rate is $299, that is of course unless you find a really good deal, which we have seen before, somewhere able to cut the price in half. The price, terrible as it is, is not the reason that the Peabody is on this list today, no, no, it is on here for some very good reasons, some of which will make the three-hundred-dollar price tag worth it.


This hotel is a thing of beauty, it has everything that you are ever going to possibly need on your stay to the amazing state of Tennessee, there won’t be a single thing that you will wish you had, this place has it covered like the professionals they are. The list of amenities and features and other things will honestly blow your mind, but to make it a contained explosion, were gonna list of a few of them here:


Property Amenities:


Valet Parking


A Pool


Workout Room/Gym


Walking Tours


A Bar and Lounge


High Speed WIFI


Room Features/Amenities


Blackout Curtains




Satellite TV


Incredibly Soft Beds


Engraved Gifts


Of course, these are not the only amenities that this particular hotel offers they have a lot of things that you and your family can enjoy during your stay. Most of what you are going to enjoy though is not in the hotel itself, but in the surrounding area in which is resides. The Peabody is located right in the heart of downtown Memphis. As you probably know, from all your research and the reason that you may be visiting Tennessee is all the best entertainment that is offered there.


There are a few things that you should not about this room before you decide whether this is the right one for you or not though. The first thing is that you can choose to have a non-smoking room and it is incredibly family friendly, parents and their kids are going to have a blast at this place, anyone else may not enjoy having kids around, but it shouldn’t be too big of a problem all things considered.


The Read House


Let’s move on from the pricier options for just a moment and focus on a truly spectacular hotel that has everything that you are going to need for your stay. The Read house is one that is incredibly friendly, the staff there being amazing at their jobs and are all able to help you out with whatever you may be needing no matter what.


This cheaper than usual place in Tennessee is amazing, it is located right in Chattanooga, which is a strange name, though I certainly can’t say anything about that with the places I’ve lived in. There is so much to love about this place and the location that it resides in, they are all amazing and great, and it’s all just wonderful with everything that it offers.


There is a lot of things that you can do in the area, you can go eat at any sort of restaurant, you can go and eat, your ca goes watch a movie, you can go around the park and take in the sites. There is a lot more that you can do at that location, all of it fun, and the Read House hotel makes it so much more fun to hand out at with all their amazing amenities, like:


Valet Parking


Pet Friendly


A Pool


Conference Rooms


Bar and Lounge




Highspeed WIFI


A Business Center


There is a kit more than this, but this is all we could fit into here for now, if you want to find out what the rest of the amenities are, you’ll have to go ahead and get a room on your trip to this hotel. Speaking of the rooms, the starting rate, as we said, is incredibly cheap. The starting rate for a room at the Read house is $169, which is incredibly cheap in comparison to a few of the others that are here on the list.


Drury Hotel in Nashville


Moving on from the downtown the other amazing places in Tennessee, we are now in the historic country filled music plaza that is Nashville. The competing king of barbecue and fun, Nashville is a great place to visit for a vacation and something that a lot of people would love to do. The Drury Hotel is one of the best, and one of the few hotels that will really get you into the action of Nashville. It really helps immerse you in the culture and style that Nashville has to offer and that may be one of the major reasons that you want to visit Tennessee.


Like the rest of the hotels on this list, the Drury Hotel is one that boasts a wide berth of amenities, if you ever need anything, this hotel is going to help you out no matter what, they are going to do it to the best of their abilities, and they will do it with the friendlessness demeanor that you wont even realize that they were moving so fast. They honestly will move faster than a cheetah to get you what you need, they have turned good service into an art form.


There is a giant list of amenities that we mentioned just a second ago, is as we said big. They have things that are essential for a good time at a hotel and they have things that will make your personal journey so much easier. A lot of these things that they offer are appealing to a lot of people, and some of these things may interest you as well, so, some of these amazing amenities that the Drury Hotel offers are:


A Pool


Free Breakfast


Pet Friendly


Meeting Rooms

Kids TV Networks


A Gym


High Speed Internet


All of these are amazing and things that everyone should be offered in a hotel stay, so the Drury hotel definitely can defiantly check off that requirement of being a good hotel. The starting rate for this five-star hotel is a pricey $304, which is defiantly pricey, but is definitely worth it to stay in these clean, safe, comfortable rooms.


The Conclusion


This one here was an absolute doozy of a list and analyze to work with, there have been so many spectacular hotels to look through and decide which ones are best and which ones need to be saved for another list and analyze down the line. It was though at the very least, no matter, a great thing to learn about and there was certainly lots to learn about with the information that we found out.


We talked about the top three hotels in Tennessee, the way they work, how the staff is so friendly at each and every one of them, but still being different in that they all have a different level of intensity and friendliness when it comes to their work. They all take their jobs extremely seriously and all try to give you the best experience possible as a guest in their hotel. None of them settle for anything but relaxation and fun while you are staying in one of their top-notch rooms.


Hopefully we were able to help you find the right hotel with this list, even though we had to be pretty choosey with what we put on here. We had to keep the list to a minimum for time’s sake, and for the reason that there are just so many hotels to choose form, we had to stick with only the best of the absolute best. Hopefully it wasn’t too much of a waste of time for you to be reading through here, and hopefully we were able to inspire you in some way for your vacation to work and for your memories to be made.


Thank you again for taking some time out of your incredibly, very busy schedule and coming by to read this amazing list and analyze on all the best places to stay during your trip to Tennessee, hopefully this was able to help you in some significant way. hopefully we are going to be able to see you again in our next list and analyze and hopefully that one will also be able to help you in some sort of way, just like the one you read today hopefully did, thank you again, this was the best hotels to stay in Tennessee.

10 Things You May Not Know About the Canary Islands

Canary Islands Trip


The amazing Canary Islands are located very close to the coast of Morocco and are frequented by many of holidaymakers all year round who are attracted by the lovely warm climate of the islands to take in wonderful resorts and beaches of the islands. Here are 10 things you may not know about them;

10. The Canaries are an archipelago of islands which are located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Africa, and consist of seven different islands and other islets that are located off these islands: Tenerife, La Palma, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Gomera.

9. They have a rich cultural heritage and music which comes from the many different immigrants that have flocked to the islands from different countries and that now make up majority of the population.

8. The Canaries have a rich and diverse history. Indeed there are many historical legends that lay claim to the fact that they were discovered by the Portuguese in 1336, which is almost 150 years before they were conquered by the Spanish. They have also been known by various names, such as Garden of the Hesperides, Atlantida and the Fortunate Islands, by the Celtics, Greeks and Romans.

7. The Canaries have for centuries been a popular place for seafarers such as to stop off at on the way to the new world. It is of interest to take note that the sea currents coming from the coasts were used to lead ships away to America and this is why such notables as Christopher Columbus used the islands as a stopping point on the way to the Americas.

6. The Canaries were formed by the volcanic ‘Canary hotspot’ which explains why they are volcanic islands known for the black sand beaches that are also volcanic.

5. You will find that there are two cities that share the title of capital city of the Canaries. These cities are Estepona and Santa Cruz. They share the governance of the Canary Islands archipelago.

4. The official currency of the Canary Islands is the Euro because of its place in the Spanish kingdom.

3. You will find that there are a great many sports that are played on the Canaries from the very popular sport of soccer where teams from all over Europe gather to compete, to very rare leisure sports such as jet skiing and hang gliding that only very few people enjoy.

2. The Canaries have a healthy population of around 120,000 people.

1. You will find that the Canaries are well supplied with water. There is a modern water supply system that has its own control and has no polluting.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not at all likely that you will be made to suffer from altitude sickness on a Canaries holiday just because you happen to be standing farthest from the sea. On the other hand, there are things that you will have to take into account, such as the fact that there is only one cliff to the summit of La Rada Peak. If you don’t like the very idea of heading halfway around the world for a summit that few people have ever seen, then take comfort that the Canaries offer easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches on earth, and that you can easily tour around them on the typical tourist trails.

The Canaries offer a variety of activities and plenty to do is give you more than just sunbathing and sand-castle building. If you’re interested in flora and fauna, you will find yourself in a rare environment that is ecologically friendly as well as scenic. The terra firma of the islands is made up of limestone and granite as well as coral. The restaurants have some of the best restaurant design and delicious foods. Bird watchers and whale watchers will be pleased – the island is home to a wide variety of bird and whale species. You will also find dolphins, Trésor and of course humpback whales.

Then there are the endemic species of birds to look out for. The Toucans are a beautiful species and the only ones in their natural habitat. The toucan’s nest is a curious site to discover. The native of toucan?s themselves are flightless birds that lack the normal teeth to provide a salty tongue, instead they have a very strong bird’s song. The male toucan has a mates’ Copyright. The female toucan is always alone. You might think what are the chances that a lonely male bird is going to find a mate? You’d be right to think that. Over 50 have been sighted in the wilderness of Provence. They prefer to nest in trees and will even climb tree tops, to escape the heat. The Ferrari Ducks are a delightful delight to watch as they dive and plunge into the water.


Deep at the Texas State Fair and a Texas Vacation

Texas State Fair


Revelers at the Texas State Fair should stick around because the fairgrounds are offering a variety of entertainment, attractions and rides for the people of the fairgrounds. There is a turn-up-and-perature loud-ifier that plays tsunami sounds and automatically insists visitors to the fair stick close. If you’re not into riding the tumble-down observation ride, don’t stay there. Find the Deep Sea III swamp tour, the world’s longest and highest-altitude swamp. Let yourself get lost in the presentations of wildlife and reptiles that will be present during the tour.

Peak season during late summer to early October

Texas is a hot state, but it rarely shows-off. Of course, there are festivals, but many are held year-round. They include the Texas State Fair, the Texas State Bee Exhibit and the Texas State Fair Queen Contest.

The WoodyFest is a week long celebration of the Woody Festival, a Twin Parc amphitheater that has a capacity of 6,000. There are 10 performances downtown in the ‘A’ zone and on the grounds near the Sons and Daughters Club. Fashionable, strong-arming men and women strut their stuff on stage in the ‘B’ and ‘C’ performances. The strutting bulls and dancing beauties that delight the audiences in between are the ‘A’ performances. The ‘B’ performances include a sultry reunited audience.

The Dutch Cruise sets sail from Galveston Island and favorites from around the country provide the magnificent entertainment. They have a fleet of ships that can accommodate a maximum of 300 travelers and they provide food and entertainment to the passengers. Passengers can expect to enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner and can purchase a package that includes the popular Dutch Journey backdrop scenery. The Dutch Cruise Dinner Cruise sets sail from Galveston Island and includes a four-course meal with wine set on an open-air deck for enjoying the scenery that is so often referred to as the ‘old west.’ Other highlights during the 2007 Dutch Cruise Dinner Cruise will include a live performance by the legendary Doors Openers and a showcase of talents by country music singers and talented entertainers.

There’s the Texas State Aquarium and Aquarium Way a way to see the many aquatics of Texas. There you will find alligators, sharks, turtles, reef fishes and tropical birds. In the newly renovated Texas State Aquarium you can take a journey through the waters to near theTexas Panhandle and marvel at the diversity of life under the sea. There is both indoor and outdoor exhibits and programs so that all who visit can experience the marine life that Texas State has to offer.

So when you visit, take time to visit the many tourism sites of Texas and explore a culture that is unique and rich and varied. Kids absolutely will fall in love with the Texas state parks with many rides, attractions and festivities to entice them. Whether you travel to Houston, Texas for a business vacation or a family vacation, you will find that there is plenty to do for each member of your family and the beautiful landscaping done by the best Houston Landscape Companies. Young children will be delighted with the wide array of rides, while adults will be enthralled with the magnificent sights and sounds of nature that are part of the parks’ extensive collection of natural history exhibits.

The Texas State Capitol is a historic site that was relocated to its present location in Austin in 1921. Each time you tour the capitol building, you will be sure to learn about the heritage of the state and its colorful political past. Every room was designed with the touch of several diverse eras, thus a tour is required to take all of this in. Many minister tours are available as well.


The Minervois, France

The Minervois


The Minervois is located on the border of the Ile de France and the Swedish Astrid. It is actually an archipelago, consisting of 12 departments in the Southwest corner of France, namely the Minervois, Knowere, Corbie, Domme and Hérault. It has a warm sunny climate, and long daylight. The average temperature is 20° C.

The Minervois is the most developed of all the nearby regions, and is a commercial, industrial and cultural center. It is also a very significant crossroad of Explorer Route.

Minervois is situated at the edge of the abyss… somewhere between Cemvre on one side and Saint-Martin-de-Bellev on the other.

It is also a part of the largest archipelago in the world, the Ile de France. Many expeditions organize their tours around the Minervois region.

The Minervois offers something for everyone: beaches, mountains, history, wildlife, good food and beer, wild paths, waterfalls, Skiing and much more.

The seasons are beautifully incorporated in the landscape around the Minervois.In winter, the wild paths lead you through endless hills and through the consecrated Montmartre forest. In summer, you are in the mountains, walking or cycling along the many beaches of the Minervois.

There is so much to see in the Minervois alone. You can go bird watching in the meadows, find fantastic beaches or steam the minervois trails.

At the end of every route you’ll find cozy hotels, bars, restaurants and shops to get a souvenir to let others know about your great ride along the fork in the Jungle.

The Minervois is also a great place to have a water sport. From water skiing to surfing, the beaches and the cliffs provide excellent footholds.

If you are a family, a good place to stay would be the resort Beaufort III, with its wide beaches, family parks and great terrain. It is only 2km from Mahebourg. The complex offers everything you would find for a holiday, from retail therapy to a range of water sports and nearby Grenoble.

Beaufort III offers best summer weather, with hot nights and warm summers. The gentle slope and range of beaches go amazingly well with the hilly environment. Many Grenoble residents will tell you that you can’t do a real impression of the city with out a solid breeze hitting the sides of the cliffs and beaches.

If you have a use for larger buildings, the industrial town of Montferrand-en-Roi is a stunning place. The town has been able to hold onto its much greener past and has done so exceptionally well. With a staggering 452 kilometres of slopes (equivalent to three full golf courses), there is plenty of challenge found on this course.

To conclude, the two main reasons to visit the Minervois will be its excellent skiing and its use as a base to explore.

Water skiing and snow mobility:

The snow rules of this region mean that both skiers and snowboarders need to be careful when making turns. Make sure you keep a firm, yet safe grip on the skis, not allowing it to become overtired or tip over. Should your skis tip in such a way that it causes considerable damage, immediately get out of the snow and ASAP begin efforts to put it right. Any ski that has lost control in such a situation is simply not suited for long-distance travel.

owed few, but some resorts also ski in the ‘pack’ or ‘memory’ mode, where the almost- Frosty Hugger texture of the snow is maintained as long as the surface is heated by an Adirondack fire under close, constant and thorough checking with the relevant authorities, and the resort goes off bidding. It is the most continuous, bold yet safe ski- Genocide free area in the world, as far as skis and snow are concerned.

Bansko became a dedicated skier’s resort in 1989, when it was fund-raising for a 25-meter deep gondola to be bore, at an initial diameter of 50 meters, to provide more ski space to the already existing beginners’ slope. Three more Of course, other communities have since joined the Bansko Mountains homeowners’ association and are served by quality catered chalets.

Other ski villages in Bansko mountain are meant to vary in terms of après ski accessibility. Les Arcs is the most accessible and is located only 10 minutes from the ski terminal by bus. LaBrezaire offers more skiing options and Les Menuires just to the south of the resort annually issues a “Blue Flag” which is awarded to the ski facility it’s most efficient and where it’s most snow-sure.  So check with your bookkeeping to see if this trip is in your budget.


Suitcase Advice, I Know It’s Boring, But Don’t Become a Victim!




The boring old suitcase, I never thought I would be writing an article on something so unexciting and trivial. A few weeks ago I flew on a UK internal flight, from Aberdeen to Heathrow. Nothing too different during this journey, the usual BMI delay at the start of the flight.

The fun began when it was time to collect the luggage, all i can say is that someone working within the baggage handling at Heathrow must have been annoyed about something! As I was patiently waiting for my bag, I couldn’t help but notice there were not one but three suitcases that had been busted open and all the contents were coming along the conveyor belt. Another guy was almost in tears as he discussed the damage that had been done to his new very expensive hard silver SKB Cases on its first journey.

I personally had a bad suitcase experience last year, when I was flying back from Barbados. A suitcase owned by some bright spark, had at some point during my suitcases journey started to leak on to mine. It was a disgusting and stinking liquid that had penetrated my bag, which may well have been from fish. Some paper documents which were in the suitcase, had been destroyed, luckily I had copies held online. My suitcase was obviously not waterproof.

So what is the best kind of suitcase to travel with? A hard one, or one of those fabric ones, with wheels or without wheels?

The good thing about hard suitcases is that they are obviously waterproof and the contents shouldn’t get too squashed during the journey. The downside to hard suitcases is that they seem to get scratched, knocked and are more easily damaged. They also generally don’t stand up to wear and tear as good as fabric ones. I must admit I have in the past owned a hard suitcase which was damaged beyond repair during a flight.

Fabric suitcases are generally longer lasting and harder wearing in comparison to hard suitcases, but most of them, if any, are not waterproof, but you can get ones with a vinyl like zip able interior, which may keep the rain off your belongings for a short period of time. Your contents in a fabric suitcase will of course get extremely squashed, during any flight. They can also get slashed open if they somehow get caught up in something they shouldn’t, believe me it occasionally happens, you know how careful baggage handlers are!

You would have to be either cheap or stupid not to buy a suitcase that comes with wheels and a sturdy pulling handle. I hear the voices of dissent, but you get luggage trolleys at either end of the airport. Do you get trolleys at your house? do you get them when you leave the airport? do they go up escalators? There will be countless occasions where your suitcase will be left on the floor or bottom of the trolley, with the pulling handle hanging over the side of it. If you don’t want to buy a new suitcase, then at least get a sturdy sturdy bag which does not suffer from sagging or having the handle break when you pick it up.

When it comes to buying soft cases to fill up your travel backpack, you need to consider two factors, how Many suitcases you will be using and what capacity do you have left in the bags. We would have to say that for the majority of travellers, one to two suitcases is sufficient. If you have travelled on a long flight, then buy a bag which will have plenty of space for the things you will be travelling with. As regards the capacity, if you are careful with your packing, then you may actually have more bags than you actually need. As a rule of thumb, one to two soft cases is sufficient.

If you know that you will be using your suitcase for a longer period, then you may also want to look at hard shell cases, these are the ones that are generally the most durable and are generally longer lasting as they are not as vulnerable to bangs and jags as the faregon shells. soft shell cases are not as strong as the hard shell cases, this is because they are made from lambskin which is weaker and more prone to breaking than the prime good quality hard cases.

With regards to what to carry with you, carry the bare essentials and what you would need on a day to day basis. If you are organised, you should be able to adapt your items so that you can fit everything into a couple of small bags. As regards how to pack your clothes, apply the same rules as you would use for any other travel; roll your clothes up.

If you do have soft cheeses, vegetables and bread with you, then in order to prevent the clothes from becoming wrinkled.