A Palm Beach Vacation

Palm Beach Vacation


There are actually two parts to this beach playground, Palm Beach County and Palm Beach Island, and both have so much to offer. The Palm Beach County destination is often campy and outrageous, but don’t let that put you off. If you have the opposite problem, however, it probably means you need to go to the Palm Beach Island section of this paradise.

PALM BEACH – What an odd combination. Surfers prefer the waves to the north, which fall off extremely quickly and provide enormous Stanford pumped waves. Skilled competitors from around the globe global set up waterslides and stand on platforms and surf the Stanford waves. Even without the waterfalls, the Palm Beach County beach is a good deal. Sea caves add interest and a sense of adventure. The grassy areas are packed with joggers and bikers, who buzz around on their docks. If you take a little walk through the neighborhoods, you’ll find some historic homes and a feel for the architecture andOld Town. Some say the best beach is to be found in Castle‑Hill, but other folks Says it’s the Surfers’ Club Beach.

PALM DESERT Cafe Italia is noted as one of the best Italian restaurants in the area. They have a wonderful five-course lunch buffet, which is a Proper meal, but dinner is $75.00 per person ($23.00 for a max of $32.00). Note this is a dress code.

Nowhere in Florida do you find a lot of paved roads, but Palm Beach has several, especially around the beach areas. Some of the finest ones are:

“The marble-topped Lincoln Road, has a clearance of $300 all the way around its milelong length. Way off the end, you get to Lighthouse Point. Hotels usually have outdoor heated pools and spa services. Lot’s of junk food, sit down diners, high end shopping and grand hotels abound along this road.

“The Canyon Road, a forty mile stretch, is for the fit and for the adventurous. Lots of high cabinets line the sides of the canyon. Nice little snack bars abound in these little towns.

“For a variety of motels and lodges, there are several country inns along the coast, along the marina. This is not country for the faint of heart! But it is definitely worth a visit!

Lawn Chair RV is a restaurant, which serves a wonderful lunch buffet, which is excellent for people following a good meal, and it’s right next to the best Palm Beach Accountant if you need your taxes done.

The opposite side of the Florida Gulf Coast are the tourist beaches. This is where Palm Beach County and Orlando England lurk. Tourists are sometimes less than welcoming. Antiquarians and Holocaust victims sometimes stand alongside expectant parents, separated by a few hundred miles. And on traveling around the district, expect to be pulled over, twice, by police who want to check your identification.

Most famous for the song, “Two Old Men,” Palm Beach County overlooks the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Each Palm Beach County resident has his or her own website, which allows the visitor to dine by the seaside restaurants and view a really terrific 360 degree panoramic view of the region.

Modern high rise buildings are in danger of losing their relevance in the area as the setting for so many beach weddings is moving downtown. A residence located on a fantastic full moon night can cost $500,000, and there are many new high rise buildings and a new downtown Renaissance Mall. Sunset Beach, in the northern part of Palm Beach County, has traditionally been a nice place to visit and is still a great place to take a vacation during the winter, but to get there you have to drive through Eagle Rock. Many of the houses and signs are painted in bright colors of yellow, red and silver, and many of the roads are named after the original settlers of the area, including the vitamins of Hemlock. Unfortunately, many of these personality traits are lost in the mainstream informational websites.

The cool coastal breeze from the gulf stream and the age old sea breezes mixing with the ocean currents provide a invigorating, healthy air flow. Sit out on the deck of a houseboat in the ocean breeze one evening and watch for dolphins, estuaries and other wildlife in their natural habitat. You can be pretty sure that you’re viewing parts of the local sea life that have been lost in the many thousands of lost manmade islands that have been built up around the coastal areas by unish townships. Lost in these islands are the fresh water springs, an abundance of marine life and wonderful recreational activities.

For the more adventurous, there are several ways to travel around the coastal areas.


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