A Trip to Los Angeles

trip to Los Angeles


Universal Studios Hollywood

( Universal Studios Hollywood, 10024 Melrose Avenue)

No matter how old you are or how you kids enjoy their entertainment, you’re sure to find something that will please your little one on your next family vacation to L.A. With a number of special activities offered throughout the day, Universal Studios Hollywood is a great place to bring the family. Once you secure your spot through Universal Studios Hollywood, you can enjoy one of the many theme park rides, or enjoy the wide range of entertainment on stage.

Giant-isms: Doo Da Golf, Parrot Beach & Potter’s Field. At the Peter Jackson Animal Kingdom, watch jaw-dropping water and light displays courtesy of the Water pickup Truck. At the Hollywood & Vine Magazine Studios, enjoy the Wiggles World Tour of the Tree of Life. For exciting live shows, visit the Blue Man Group, the College of the Palm Tree, Kaskadea, riptyline and Cheetahs Byatan. Don’t miss Little Italy for lunch or a great Italian Food experience at Saints Pizza; they have the ultimate Italian cuisine and are open to the whole wide world.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Museum 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Museum is located at 690 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. It is best to arrive early, as tours are quite popular and tickets tend to sell out.

Your Hollywood Walk of Fame experience can include a walk around the iconic studio back lot, a visit to a star-studded restaurant, a stroll through the art museum featuring the works of many of your favorite Hollywood stars, and a stroll through the cemetery graveyard. Don’t forget to visit the wax museums at 10 Rockefeller Center, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Museum of Civilization and many more.

The museum offers a shuttle service, so you won’t have to stand in Line-up (see above), but a visit is an excellent way to spend a few hours. The  website also offers great advice for shopping, a suggested list of restaurants in the heart of Hollywood, Badge treasures from the past, travel tips, attractions for guests and locals, and a calendar of special events.

Coast to Coast Experience (in Venice Beach)

This is the American Riviera. Every year waves break on the beaches in Venice Beach, California breaking as far as you can see. It’s always fun and it’s not a bad way to spend a day. For a relatively small area (about 75 miles long by 25 miles wide), the beach has everything you need — all the major Olympic events were held here and built by a Structural Engineer Los Angeles. Wear a bathing suit and don’t be concerned about the weather. Whether there’s a surfer on the beach or not, the waves are still breaking. Want to try and catch some waves? That’s a whole lot easier when there’s a café half-open.

Hollywood Beach

This beach, only 15 minutes from Hollywood, is one of the largest in the world. The closest beach is in West Palm Beach and is typically full of tourists and character fans. If there’s a surf clinic on when you visit, get there early. Otherwise, you’re in for an early morning and evening filled with annoying kids running around and happy Hour surfers. This beach holds the O.J. Simpson trial every June and features an underwater sculptures and reef of a 65 foot long ship. Meals are available for you. The Variety Village and Movie Experience are right on top of the waterfalls, with plenty of rolling waves for both kids and adults. Pack a picnic lunch and a good book. That’s what everyone from the Time Square Hotel works for!

Each of these destinations would be a worthy vacation and spending money is just a bonus!


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