A Trip To Sacramento

sacramento trip


Beginning of the weekend see Santa leave at the airport for Sacramento, the best place to start is at the Fairmont Chapple Gardens which as a first time visitor you will be glad to know is free. You will see the MGM hotel and casino as well as the beautiful surrounding park. If you have money to spend it is a must to visit sometime around the 4th of July celebration. The celebration is one of the nation’s largest and finest. As many know it is the one year celebration in the nation where indigenous cultures from around the world come together to share their rich cultures.

They share their customs, their dance styles, their music and their artes making this an international event. The food and arts are also considered to be a part of this great gathering of cultures. Because of this please expect to see a mixture of cultures. If you are interested in the Native American culture and would like to visit tribal sites then this is the place to go to. You will see many things here that will blow your mind. Remember to stay dry!

You will find that this is a must see state park and definitely a place to stay and not to miss. Both the convention center and the state fair are there for all three days to see and to use. Convention centers include the Sacramento Civic Center, Sleep Center in Yuba City, California State Capitol facilities, and Downtown Sacramento.

For those interested in the history of the area, a four day adventure is no exaggeration. You will be dazzled by the bright colors and the scenes of the Old Western style. Fort Baker is the most interesting for having dozens of mining ghost towns along the Baker river.

Frontierland homes similar to those you see in the movie Easy Rider. There are lots of real working tramps and other oddities. Don’t miss the gingerbread mile. A must see even if you are not interested in mining.

For a good relaxing day, there is no better place than Sacaeh, the largest massage parlor in Sacramento built by one of the best general contractor Sacramento. Massage and other relaxation techniques are used here to evoke the European aperitif experience.

Mingei International is a must see. A few hundred meters from the center of downtown is an area of nightclubs, designer boutiques, sushi bars and a blossoming restaurant scene. Fast food outlets, bakeries, bagel shops and comedy venues abound in this district. It is an activity Place to see and be seen.

If you do not have a lot of time to spend in Sacramento, then there are plenty of things to see and do. The Palace of the Kings is very popular among tourists. The plastic replica of the original palace is in the center of the square and surrounded by statues of kings and queens. A walking tour allows you to see the structure up close.

Northern California has a way of making a lasting impression on visitors. Be sure to visit them soon.


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