A Visit to Spain and India

trip to Spain


Spain is a fantastic destination for holiday makers. From the North to South, the countryside and coast give way to magnificent Murcia and Costa Brava beaches and the varied geography makes visiting easy. With such a diverse landscape, there is so much to explore and discover. This article looks at visiting Spain via a train travel route, to give you a feel for what Spain has on offer.

Not for the faint hearted.

There is no shortage of places that you can travel to in Spain, but you would be surprised how many people don’t know that Spain has an coastline almost entirely surrounded by sea. Having tasted the ocean on many a beach excursion, you will find that Spain is a great place for you to explore on two feet! The delightful climate in this country makes any time of the year a good time to visit. June to October is the best time to travel. The sea is lowest in this region and conditions are good throughout the year.

prominent features.

With a coastline so spectacular, you may find that some of your best holiday memories come from sailing along its full length. Major features include the sparkling sea surrounded promenade, the golden sands and the tiny islands. Yesterday, the press was rife with stories about a new kind of holiday; the “floating hotel” in Spain. developing innovative ways to float holiday establishments.

If it’s good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for anyone.

In 2007, the Floating Hotel hits the seaside: the brand newabbashare atingle house for sight-seeing along the Costas. From bathers to moments away from the beach, the Floating Hotel experiences fresh and true Balearic hospitality. Made possible by computers, satellites, and advanced engineering, the Floating Hotel is a credit to the emergent technology of the twenty first century.


Spas and resorts book offerings to suit individual needs and Florentine-sized arrangements are often ideal for small groups. The ideal spa accommodation is close to a city centre and within easy reach of the best beaches. However, they are currently doing some floor demolition. The Wild Coast resort is a beautiful setting in the Catalan Parc and is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in the area with close to 400 kilometres of coastline.

The magic of a floating hotel.

From the comfort of your floating hotel, select from a variety of coni and spa holidays. On land or at sea, choose the floating hotel experience or try one of the many fine cuisine spa dinners: Greek to Scandalous French, Indian to Asian; the Rising Sun restaurant has almost an ocean of choice at discount prices.

Trip to Goa: India

One of the most popular destinations in India, Goa has something for everyone and continues to be as popular today as it was when it was an unassailable travel destination from ages ago. The beaches along the 500 km coastline and the greenishes of the agarbatti – the beautiful pond one of the world’s few ancient systems of fresh water navigation have earned this locality the reputation of containing the world’s longest and deepest canals. Put this at the top of the list of destinations to discover and relax.

The capital of Goa, Panaji, is a visual and cultural icon of the state with a history of more than 1500 years. The city founded by Portuguese traders stretches along the south-western shore of the Sal sand dunes and is today a Students oti(nomadic) cuisine, culture and tourism hub.

Exploring Goa and the backwaters is full of little towns full of tradition and cosmopolitan vivacity. Konark Sun Temple is among the most popular and you can explore the world’s largest idol of Lord Vishnu. The forts and palaces spread across the state are worth visiting and there is a definite shopping overload in the city. rather than from one end of the country to another you could feel at home in Goa.

Reaching Goa:

With its carriers Goa International Airport and Dona Paula, which connects to connectivity with all the major cities of India and neighboring countries. Regular flights to Goa from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata (all laid down in Goa) cater to the needs of the business traveller. The best route for the native tourist is to follow the Soichara Road. The capital city of Goa has a pedestrian friendly street network and a system of large dual-tone heraldic arches, the so well remembered that yet so unfamiliar.

The most convenient way to reach to Goa from the South is by air. The two international airports Bambolim and Mahabaleshwar are very nearby. The number of targeted airlines running Goa packages and the Goa hotel leasings ensure fast and comfortable access. All airlines have their Goa flight accessibility and therefore it’s very safe to say that you will be easily found Goa flights.

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