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Occupying the eastern area of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria is bordered by Romania to the north; the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west, the Black Sea to the east and Greece to the south. The Balkan ranges, which traverse the country offer excellent trekking and bike trails and are ideal for the adventure traveller.

The topography of Bulgaria is very varied, with magnificent mountain ranges and high peaks sitting alongside lush meadows, temperate Alpine valleys and the great plains of the sea. The breathtaking backdrop of the mountains, almost all covered in the gloom of everlasting night, is most memorable.

Bulgaria can appear to have come out of nowhere; in fact the country was not even a recognized European state until 1989. The impact of the surely massive changes that occurred throughout the country forced many to change the name of the country for better or worse. In the case of Bulgaria, turning of the old name was welcomed as it was seen as a break from the other countries of the former Eastern Bloc.

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia and it is a vibrant, bustling city with exciting nightlife and plenty of historical sites to visit. Some of Bulgaria’s most important dynasty is buried here, including Babrak Ashevhodiras, who was the first Bulgarian king, elected as the head of a puppet government in 988 AD.  Sofia recently went through a debt restructure and came out much stronger.

trendy bars, restaurants and clubs welcome visitors to soak up the lively atmosphere of Sofia, a city that seems to have more going on than London!

One of Bulgaria’s proudest boasts is that it has more than Sydney. Mountains, forests and deep valleys combine to create one of the most breathtaking sceneries imaginable.

Bulgaria can satisfy any nature lover’s taste, and offers plenty to do even if you aren’t a nature lover. Horse riding through the Greco-Roman mountains is a memorable experience. Skiing in the resort of Kambia is a great way to relax after an intensive glacier trek. Or you may prefer a relaxing cruise down the Amazon, stopping to visit the rainforests, the wildlife and the many tribes who live close to its rivers.

The pristine beaches of Bulgaria are, for the most part, pristine. If you’re interested in visiting the beach resorts of Bulgaria, you will find a large number of them on the Black Sea coast. Places to stay include beach hotels, hotels by the beach and beach resorts. Beaches that attract many tourists include such well-known places as Sunny Beach, Beach Bars, Atlantis Beach Club, and C disco.

Bulgaria has a vibrant nightlife; it was voted one of the top 10 nightspots in the world for a very good reason! There are a large number of clubs in Bulgaria; next to Prague, Athens and Amsterdam, the clubs of Bulgaria are the most spread out and therefore the quality of customers who can be found enjoying their evenings is excellent. Some of the clubs in Bulgaria are practically remnants of an old building with floors falling down and a whole other scene going on below them. Like in LA, it’s not hard to find a great club with tons of youth flowing through the door, and if you’ve got the right connections, there’s even the potential of a once in a lifetime party on a cruise ship at night!

With a large coastline running from the north to the south, the climate is more or less perfect for beach holidays. Usually, the clear coast with lots of blue waters means beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. These beaches may be on the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast, or may be on the Black Sea side of Bulgaria’s coastline. Whichever side of the coastline you are on, you will find consistently warm and welcoming bays.

Bulgaria’s coastline is spectacular. Seven seas are coves that extend from the coast for kilometers down to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Black Sea side of the coast easily reaches the dramatic island of Atlantis. Many people mistakenly believe that Atlantis is just off the south coast of Bulgaria. Nothing could be further from the truth. Atlantis is found off the northern coast of Bulgaria and only a knowledgeable Convert could help you with locating its exact location.

If you are interested in experiencing the amazing sights and enjoying the peaceful tranquility of Bulgaria, convert to the opportunity of a lifetime and consider a cruise holiday that will allow you to experience all the wonder.


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