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Well, it seems that your about to be taking a trip to the city that never sleeps, the land of superheroes, the place of infinite possibilities and dreams, your about to take a trip to New York. Its personally one of my favorite places to visit, I’ve been almost a dozen times, and the money I spent on each trip was all well worth it.


Every time I went, it was like a dream come true, a new dream being fulfilled each time I flew in. Hopefully, we here can help you fulfill those dreams by helping you out with the reason you came, mainly to find a really nice, amazing, superb, place to stay.


To help you take a visit to the city, see the Statue of Liberty, visit the Empire State building, and try some of that world famous pizza, your gonna need a hotel. your especially gonna want to have one of the best hotels that New York can offer, the best even to make your dream of New York come to life. So, for your convenience, here is a conveniently compiled list of all the top hotels in New York.


Also, just a little note, there are tons and tons of hotels in New York, most of them just amazing, but for time’s sake, we kinda had to leave some of them out. So, if you don’t like any on the list that we got here, you can definitely find another amazing on, just thought we should let you know, but hopefully you like every single one of these, as they are the best of the best, in our opinion, of the greatest hotels that New York can offer, maybe even America, maybe even the world, or even the universe, they are really that good. They’ve made hotels into an art form up in New York.


Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown


The first hotel on our list here, just had to be one based in Manhattan, as in most people’s opinion, mine included, Manhattan is the absolute best place to go if you want to visit New York. Of course, that’s not to say that everywhere else in New York isn’t amazing as well, Manhattan is just kinda iconic, what with all the superheroes flying around in it.


So, the Four Seasons Hotel is a pretty big chain around the world and has built hotels all over the world. They’ve got a hotel in every single state in New York, they have built some in different countries, and in the future, they are probably going to be building hotels on different planets. To say the absolute least, they have made this into an art form, in the city that’s made hotel an art form. So, if you really just can’t find another hotel that you like, or just ones that just don’t live up to expectations, you can always head to a Four Seasons hotel or resort, because everyone who heads to one is at the very least satisfied beyond a doubt.


Anyway, moving onto more of the specifics of this particular hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown is one that is usually used by businesspeople, men and women, when they need to head over to New York for any sort of business work. It’s located, as the name says, right in downtown New York, which is perfect because the top 24 floors is where all the rooms are located, giving you just the absolute best views of the city scape, that you would be hard pressed to find somewhere else.


Each room is decorated with soothing greys, and light whites, making it just absolutely one of the best places to relax in New York, besides of course one of the many spa’s that litter the city with their amazing relaxation techniques.


Each room comes equipped with a smart TV, big cosets, stereo systems, marble bathrooms, and of course, Nespresso machines, sorry I meant coffee machines, guess I need some coffee in me to be thinking straight again. In the hotel, guest can find a giant pool to relax or workout in, one of the marvelous spa’s in the city, and of course a restaurant made by Wolfgang Puck, which has some of the best steak and burgers in the world.


Now the only problem with this particular hotel is that it can be a bit pricey. Which if you have the money is completely worth it, but if you’re looking for something a little more on the cheap side, than we’ve got you covered with the next one on the list.

The William Vale


The William Vale is just perfect for anyone and everyone, and the best part about it, as I said before, is that is one of the cheapest, but best hotels in New York City. Starting prices on rooms is a meager $335 a night. Which is pretty expensive in normal scenarios, but you’re spending the night in New York, so obviously things. are gonna be a bit pricey overall.


This hotel is not located in Manhattan, but in Brooklyn, which is another famous city in New York, and is one of my personal favorites, though again, not as great as Manhattan, but that’s just my personal preference.


This hotel boasts a modern design, one that’s chic and up to date with the popular trends circulating the world. It has nice big windows for you to look out in pretty much every floor and room and gives you an amazing view of the city skyline, each one just absolutely amazing.


Each room comes with comfy beds, waterfall showers, and of course complimentary Wi-Fi. You can also get the great views that your room boasts on the 24 floors, which has a lovely bar, so you can sip your drinks and get amazing views that New York can offer after a long day of just absolute fun, adventure. It’s an all-around great hotel, with one of the cheaper prices available.  Interesting fact all employees are required to get their osha 10 certification online.


The Peninsula New York


Right smack dab in the middle of midtown Manhattan’s is the amazing midtown hotel, the Peninsula. This golden beauty of a hotel is said to be one of the most quiet and peaceful hotels in the city, making it sought out by everyone. Fun fact, this is also the hotel that is said to be the number one choice of visitors and locals alike, which it definitely deserves with all the amazing things it can do for its quests, and the amazing way it runs itself with the amazingly patient staff.


This hotel has the best service in New York hotels, always being patient, concise, and quick with whatever you may need during your stay. So, all around, you’re gonna be having a lot taken care of for you by these amazing people, in this amazing hotel.


Moving on, they also have tons of fun and relaxing amenities for you. You get the complimentary TV, complimentary WIFI, complimentary robes, complimentary slippers, complimentary everything, it’s all just so amazing that you will really have a hard time finding a better hotel to stay at with all this great service and perfect amenities for you and your party to enjoy.


The rooms that you will be staying at are to die for, they are so cozy and relaxing and quite that your head can hit the pillow on your bed and you’ll instantly just fall asleep. The perfect décor will also help you relax, as nothing screams at you with the more intense decorations that some hotels put up.


The food at the Peninsula is also to die for, visitor always rave and praise the amazing dishes that they serve there at their local restaurant that they have installed inside. Each dish is amazing, fresh, wonderful, delicious and I can just go on and on forever about the food here, but for time’s sake we’ll have to move on.


Anyways, that is the Peninsula at Downtown New York, it’s just one of the best places that you can pick, but you have to know that it again is also one of the most expensive in town for you to stay at. For you to stay there for an entire, whole one night, you’ll have to at least pay $795 dollars. That really is a lot, but if you can afford it, then it is definitely worth the money, it is considered the best and that’s for good reason.

The Mark


Its name may simple, but it located in one of the biggest cities in the world, so how simple can it rally be, there’s so much activity going on around it at all times, it’s called the city that never sleeps for a reason.


Now, The Mark is located around one block from central park, and fifth avenue. That is something that is amazing, because you are right smack dab in the middle of Manhattan, right in the middle of New York City. How great is that you are in walking distance of most of the amazing things to see in New York, you get to wake up with a view of Central Park each morning your there, and you get to see the city lit up at night when you go to bed.


It really is amazing that The Mark is right in the middle of Manhattan, I guess you could say that it landed right on its mark. Anyways, the décor style of the hotel is that of the 1930’s Paris which makes it very fancy, yet very relaxed. It has a calming beige color pallet, and enhanced with marble trimmings, which is just perfect for the kind of style that your gonna want on your trip to New York City.


Now, the classic style of décor is amazing, and it may seem kinda misleading towards the amenities, but make sure not to be confused, there are some amazing things to look forward to. There is of course complimentary Wi-Fi, very large, HD TV’s, a panel that controls the lighting of your room, how cool is that.


Anyways, this is something that you should definitely check out. It’s something that you should really need to look at if you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple. So, that was The Mark, personally, it’s my favorite hotel to check into when I take my usual visit because it really just is spectacular.




We talked about the four greatest hotels in New York City, all of them with their own style, décor, and atmosphere that will make your trip especially magical. Each of the prices on all the hotels where different as well, some more expensive than others, some cheaper than others, but all equally worth it, when considering each of their own individual values, amenities, and location as a hotel for each of you.


The first hotel that we talked about was the Four Seasons at Downtown New York, a place that can get you where you wanna go using amazing customer service, and spot-on helpful rooms that will make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.


The next hotel that we talked about was the William Vale, which is just in general amazing for anyone who wants to take a visit to the NYC. It was also the cheapest hotel on this list, yet still managing to make it here, because of its perfect record with guests, making sure that they stay happy with every night that they stay in one of their amazing rooms that you can afford.


The next hotel we talked about was the Peninsula New York hotel, which is probably the fanciest hotel on the list, managing to wow guests with its superb looking décor. The food there is also something to be praised and loved by all guests, as its amazing with every dish they create.


The last hotel on the list, and my personal favorite is The Mark, just a wonderful hotel that’s right in the middle of Manhattan and only a block away from Central Park, which gives all guests amazing views of the New York seen both at night and day.

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