Best Places to Stay in Salem, OR

salem, OR


You are headed to the amazing, the beautiful, the historically iconic town of Salem, OR. You guys are gonna have so much fun having adventures and exploring the area, and there is a lot of places to take a look at, trust me.


Anyways, you need to find a place to stay for your super fun trip. today, in this amazing list that we’ve got here for you is an in-depth list of the best places for you to stay in Salem, OR. All of these places have different ways of working, albeit as a standard hotel, and all of them have their own special qualities.


Whatever kind of hotel, we’re hoping that you can find one on our very comprehensive list, that is very in depth. So, for your convenience, here is a conveniently compiled list of the best places to stay in Salem, OR.


Red Lion Hotel Salem


So, starting off this amazing list is one of the best hotels that you can stay at while you’re in Salem. The Red Lion Hotel is a three-star place, which is kind of low considering some of its greater qualities.


It has an amazing restaurant, which serves some pretty good food, that’s not too pricey. It has a pool, that is admittedly not the best, but definitely not the worst, and is an inside pool, which makes it much cleaner compared to others. It comes with free complimentary WIFI, and free parking, which is all really great, and can really save on money.


The rooms themselves are all very clean, and all pretty comfy, which is great after a day of fun out on the town. All rooms come with a fully functional bathroom as well, again very clean, with a full shower, and fluffy towels.


The reason that this hotel is not a four or even five-star place, is because of its location, most likely. Looking at its reviews we can see that there are a lot of homeless people in the area, and maybe some less than kind people during the night. So, make sure you stay safe in this and any other place you decide to visit.


Other than the location, the hotel itself is really good. Plenty comfortable, and safe inside, so defiantly worth the price, which starts at $148 a night, very cheap for a decent hotel, in a history rich part of the country.


DoubleTree by Hilton


The DoubleTree by Hilton is one of the best on this list as Hilton usually is, what with their vast experience in the hotel and resort industry. This is a four-star hotel, and very well earned with all its amenities and amazing rooms that guests can stay in.


The best thing about the hotel though, is that it has a very convenient location, located only a few miles away from the major areas that you could want to visit. It’s only a few minutes’ drive to get to any kind of winery, theater, malls, or state fairgrounds.


The rooms themselves comes with mini fridges, microwaves, sofa beds, complimentary WIFI, and flat screen TV’s. So, very good rooms that are very convenient to some of the best locations in the area, and all very comfy.


Again, the same problem is here as it is in the Red Lion Hotel. The location is not the best, especially since there is a more adult oriented establishment neighboring the building, which can be off putting to some guests. Though it does not seem to be that big a problem in the reviews that other guests have left, just irritating a few patrons that had some unfortunate experiences on their trip.


Also, the price of this hotel is a little more expensive compared to some of the others on this list that we have here. The starting price for this particular hotel, for a room, each night, is $212.


Even with that minor issue though, this four-star hotel is an amazing one to choose if you’re planning a visit to Salem, OR. Its definitely not a bad choice on the list we have here, and there only going to get better with each choice.


La Quinta Inn and Suites


This hotel is my personal favorite brand of hotel and resorts, as they have had a grand history in the art of hotel creation and craft. The La Quinta Inn and Suites isn’t any different in their practices that its sister locations around the country do as well.


They come equipped with tons of amazing amenities and comfy room choices for you to pick from. Some of those amenities are, free WIFI, free parking, a business center, if you need to use it, a pool, and possibly the greatest thing that a hotel itself can offer, free breakfast for every morning that you stay there.


La Quinta Inn and Suites has a general four-star rating from the guests that its housed throughout its years and its rightly deserved considering the plethora of amazing things they offer, such as the many amenities that they offer, like the free breakfast for instance.


The pricing for this hotel is also one of the best, accounting for a few factors that wouldn’t usually be thought of by the average consumer. A starting price for a night at the hotel, each night you stay there, is $179 a night. Now, $179 is not bad at all considering all that comes with it, a room, free WIFI, parking, and breakfast, on top of the comfy beds that you get to sleep in.


Shilo Inn Suites


Shilo Inn Suites is a special one, and the one reason that they are special above all the other inns, hotels, and suites, is there just absolutely amazing service. They have just the best customer service on this list, beyond a shadow of a doubt. They always talk to guests with a polite smile and are ready to help them whenever they need anything, whenever they need whatever they want.


The staff there, and especially the manager of Shilo Inn Suites is something that is locally known as some of the nicest people around, they are just the kindest and are always ready to help out anyone if they need help. They are an amazing hotel to work with and stay at, it’s just the best.


Now, again, the best amenity that any hotel can ever give to its guests is free breakfast, and the Shilo Inn Suites is no slouch, it gives its guests some honestly really good breakfast on top of their customer service, and amazingly comfortable rooms.


Of course, on another little note, they do have free WIFI and parking, so that won’t be an issue if you do end up visiting.


Now, the last great thing we can talk about Shilo Inn Suites, but certainly not the least or last thing in general is that they are in a pretty decent area, in comparison to the other hotels and the locations that they are based in. It’s not bad at all, its location is clean, and not littered with any unsavory character s walking about for no reason.


Pricing is also really good, very reasonable with everything that it comes with, the room, just amazing customer service, and free WIFI, is a sound $149. So, this three-and-a-half-star hotel, which should be a five to my own opinion, is a reasonable price, amazing at what they do, and feels safe for all who visit it.


The Grand Hotel


Now, the last but certainly not the least on our amazing list of the most amazing list of the hotels that you can find in Salem OR is the Grand hotel. It has so many things that you could ever want in a standard hotel, and in an amazing location that won’t really bother you if you don’t let it.


It is also my personal favorite considering everything that it does for its guests and patrons.  They even have a handyman on standby so if anything goes wrong they can take care of it within minutes. The main thing about it that everyone can appreciate, and at the very least enjoy is the fact that this hotel, like a few of the others on here, is that it is in a convenient area, close to a lot of places and locations that you can reach within just a few minutes when driving.


This hotel has just so many amenities to its name that it is almost ridiculous to how much effort that they out into its design and construction. They have so many things that every guest is going to enjoy no matter what reason that they are doing in Salem OR, whether they are there for vacation, study, or business, they will all have just the most amazing time taking advantage with this hotel’s amenities.


A few of those amenities is that it has a pretty decent, large pool for its guests, of course free WIFI, a business center, if you need it, free parking, a restaurant that serves amazing food for all of its guests, and of course, this being the best hotel on this list, it has free breakfast.


Waking up to the smell of a buffet of the best kind of breakfast is a dream come true for a lot of people, me being included on that very long list. Coming down from your room, you get to smell all the eggs, bacon, waffles, sausages, pancakes, and a ton of other fan favorite breakfast foods, and then sit down to enjoy them, savoring it all to start your day of fun, business, or adventure in Salem OR.


It really is just the absolute best hotel on the list and we highly recommend it, encourage even for you to visit this hotel, and consider it on your list of places to stay at during your trip to Salem OR. It’s starting price for a room is a little pricier in comparison with the others on this list, but it is definitely worth it if you get a nice, clean, safe room and a ton of amazing amenities to go with it. The starting price for a basic room at the Grand Hotel is $199, only two hundred dollars to have all of what this hotel can offer for one night.


Its honestly the place that I will personally choose to go to if I ever decide to visit Salem OR again in my lifetime. Its clean, safe, and comfy, I don’t have to worry about anything with the amazing service they provide, and nothing will get in the way of the good night’s sleep that they can provide with their amazing rooms, suites, and beds.




That was our list of the best places to stay in Salem OR on your trip and we definitely hope that you were able to find a good place to stay at on your vacation or work trip, with the help of our list. All the hotels that we talked about and presented to you were all deeply considered and evaluated as some of the best in the area for you to choose from and we hope we didn’t disappoint with the selection provided.


We talked about hotels that have cheaper prices, bigger rooms, safer locations, and places that provide free breakfast every single morning that your there for, on top of all the other amazing amenities that they provide, like free WIFI for example. All of which is amazing and should be considered for your own selection when you do eventually make it over there for your own amazing trip.


Our personal favorites where on this list, and we hope that when you get the chance to visit them that you’ll see what we mean when we say that they are all criminally underrated in their professions and areas of expertise. They all bring something different to the table of what you can want in a hotel for a stay in Salem OR. So, please stay safe, have fun, have tons of adventures and make sure that you make lots and lots of memories on your very fun trips to Salem OR.

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