How to Make The Best Of Your Vacation

have the best vacation


Admittedly, vacations are more special because it’s the only time we get to take precautions and still enjoy ourselves. Nevertheless, when you’re too tired or stressed out to enjoy yourself, it becomes very easy to cancel your trips. Remember that even though travel is teeming with fun and sheer joy, it’s also very important to be smart and realize that ‘best case scenario’ doesn’t always match up with reality.

The fact is, most of the time, when we’re on our hectic professional and personal duties, we don’t always find the time to practice ‘best’ travel mentality. That’s why it’ll most likely be a nice and comfortable experience despite the scattered issues you may have to deal with every time you set foot on a foreign soil.  When people build a house they hire the best in architecture homes design.  So the same goes for having the best vacation.

Traveling is best practiced in small groups. Traveling in a group allows you to maximize your interaction and buys you the benefit of a well-informed crowd. Even when travelling in a group, people have to stick together to share a memorable experience. Best of all, you’ll never run out of memorable travel tips and perspectives.

Always be prepared to face technology challenges. Mobile communication would’ve been useful while planning the trip to Cape Cod, but it will be a different story going to Los Angeles! You definitely would’ve missed the boat by not taking recognizing the frequent Flamingo glimpses from the beach. You definitely would’ve missed the waves breaking due to the increased air fares to the beach.

Get connected to the team that created the tour. Find out how they reached their destination and how they got there in the first place. By doing so, you would learn of the little known spots that can actually make your vacation more interesting. You can even buy a little scrapbook at the resort once you’re done.

Traveling by public means doesn’t have to be a drag. When you have a little extra cash on hand, you can opt to cut costs by going on organized sightseeing tours. You also stand a better chance of finding discounts as long as your itinerary is unique. There are too many places that only offer regular tours and not vacation packages. Instead of going on a regular tour, pick up a Puerto Vallarta vacation package.

Furthermore, instead of going to Puerto Vallarta on your vacation, opt for a private yacht charter instead. Few visitors will forget to compare and contrast the richness of the beaches in Banderas Bay against the opulence of the resorts in Puerto Vallarta, including aspects of service, dining, and facilities.

You can also get a good overview of the city by traversing the city on two wheels. After unpacking your luggage, you can hit the beaches immediately after. If you don’t have a lot of time for swimming, you can also walk from the bay to the downtown for a brisk walk that will get your blood flowing again.

What are the things that make Puerto Vallarta special? The answer is simple. Boating, beaching, a shopping spree, a section of the beach for snorkeling, and evening feasts are just a few. Also consider that Puerto Vallarta is only 45 minutes away from international beaches – Playa del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas – both have great stretches of sand as well as interesting Mexican-themed eateries.

My Plan

My plan for a long weekend getaway wasn’t especially regarding what I would do once I arrived. I simply had a long weekend and I wanted to get as much exposure to the area during my vacation. I figured I’d probably eat in the Pedas Hotels and hit up local clubs, bars and shops for mementos.

All that being said, let’s talk resorts. Let’s talk lounges. Forget the club scene. Forget the lineups and delays. This is supposed to be a relaxing vacation. What can be better than lounging away in a warm Costa Rica sun while you sip on a cold Malbec? Nothing.

My Other Outcome

In addition to the great views, the warm sand and pristine beaches, there is a lot to do in Costa Rica. You can hike, Archaeological tours, Casino tours, Visit canopy hotels, canopy gardens, excursions to Monteverde and Santa Elena, and so much more.

That’s not all that my explorations in Costa Rica have brought me. I have evolved a newfound appreciation for all life. The people in the coastal villages were amazing people with good hearts. My kind of people.

When I stay in Costa Rica, I always make sure to step foot outside. I love the feeling of the crisp mountain air on my face as I am walking through the remains of a large mangrove forest. I am in luck because there is a wide variety of bird life in this region.


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