Cape Point Is A Tourist Landmark In Cape Town South Africa

Cape Point South Africa


Cape Point is a historical landmark with an incredible view. It is one of the six main tourist attractions in South Africa. Known as Cape West Coast, it is the most popular surfing location in the Western Cape and it is extremely popular with holiday makers. Known as the inside tip of Cape Town, it has long been a surfers paradise and it still is a great destination for surfing.

It is an ideal location for families, the young at heart, surfers, experts, those looking for a challenge and the holiday makers who areisland boundlooking for that perfect wave!

Surfers Paradise

The spot which comprises of the various interesting and famous beaches of the West Coast of Cape and the surrounding area comprises of over 200 km’s of beaches. This beach is considered to be one of the best spots for surfing in South Africa, it is considered to be the best between supporting and challenging waves. This Cape Point is located just Oostindi, a city between Table Mountain and Robben Island. 150 km’s south of Cape Town you will find this West Coast within the KwaZulu NatalProvince.

The two beaches known as Bonniesberg [sea beach] and Bushcamp are the most attractive to surfers from South Africa, these beaches are less than 1 half hour drive from the Cape Town City Center. One of the most famous waves in Cape Town surfers camp at the Bonniesberg beach will be to be found at the beach’s northern end; the wave is considered to be too dangerous to Surf. However the camp is accessible to the public and can be viewable from the public beach lift. A quite South African experience, it is located along theWatco, the main road on the island.

The surfing Champions Bay [ Boxing Beach] beach is less than 2 kilometers away from the ocean beach providing shelter for the smaller surf surf waves of Cape Town surfers. The Camps Bay Beach [ruck broke waves] is the beach associated with the KwaZulu Natal Parks and gardens Reserve [Soppy edges]. Known for its outstanding features and beauty, it is included in the World Heritage Sites of South Africa, and is the last untouched beach.

Cape Peninsula

The Cape Peninsula is a major tourist area, offering a wide range of things to do. Few beaches have the distinct feature of wind surfing. Cape Peninsula Palms:

The area is also home to a pastel forest

The African Queen

This pastel forest is a part of the World Heritage Sites of South Africa, and can be clearly visible on the clearly visible sign post photographs. One of the major attractions is the Cape Floral Region, the home to the world’s largest numbers of endemic flower species. This area has been named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with its remodeling.

The Charl Cilliers Trail

The Charl Cilliers Trail has an extensive route of which the highlight is the spectacular display of Contrast and Contrast Tress on the rocky areas. The Charl Cilliers Trail also has a number of excellent walking holiday walks.

Houghton beach

This lovely beach is more a favorite for the snorkel divers than a swimmer, but still offers a wide range of water sports and activities. It is also a great spot to have your food and drink while watching dolphins,ring sailors, penguins and toboggan runs. The beach has aSafety Beach involving lifeguards for surfing the beach is also very effective.

Paternoster beach

Hartebees is a secluded beach The only way to get there is by a 4 wheel drive vehicle. It is also unexplored with the option for camping. On the way to the beach you will pass by a 15th century farmhouse and on to the next beach 100 meters further on. The 2nd Beach is also a good one for swimming and snorkeling with a lovely reef. It is also important to take note that Paternoster beach is the only one where you canwing a dogs as well as horses. Tidal insurances are compulsory to go but you will still be able to drive onto the beach.

The Golden Sands beach

Hells Beach is a favorite of families with children. It has a children’s beach and is also recognized as a great work place. It consists of a sandy beach 6 kilometers long. If you are driving with your car, you can park cross the road and walk across the pedestrian bridge. The total distance is 20 kilometers or 7 miles.


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