Deep at the Texas State Fair and a Texas Vacation

Texas State Fair


Revelers at the Texas State Fair should stick around because the fairgrounds are offering a variety of entertainment, attractions and rides for the people of the fairgrounds. There is a turn-up-and-perature loud-ifier that plays tsunami sounds and automatically insists visitors to the fair stick close. If you’re not into riding the tumble-down observation ride, don’t stay there. Find the Deep Sea III swamp tour, the world’s longest and highest-altitude swamp. Let yourself get lost in the presentations of wildlife and reptiles that will be present during the tour.

Peak season during late summer to early October

Texas is a hot state, but it rarely shows-off. Of course, there are festivals, but many are held year-round. They include the Texas State Fair, the Texas State Bee Exhibit and the Texas State Fair Queen Contest.

The WoodyFest is a week long celebration of the Woody Festival, a Twin Parc amphitheater that has a capacity of 6,000. There are 10 performances downtown in the ‘A’ zone and on the grounds near the Sons and Daughters Club. Fashionable, strong-arming men and women strut their stuff on stage in the ‘B’ and ‘C’ performances. The strutting bulls and dancing beauties that delight the audiences in between are the ‘A’ performances. The ‘B’ performances include a sultry reunited audience.

The Dutch Cruise sets sail from Galveston Island and favorites from around the country provide the magnificent entertainment. They have a fleet of ships that can accommodate a maximum of 300 travelers and they provide food and entertainment to the passengers. Passengers can expect to enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner and can purchase a package that includes the popular Dutch Journey backdrop scenery. The Dutch Cruise Dinner Cruise sets sail from Galveston Island and includes a four-course meal with wine set on an open-air deck for enjoying the scenery that is so often referred to as the ‘old west.’ Other highlights during the 2007 Dutch Cruise Dinner Cruise will include a live performance by the legendary Doors Openers and a showcase of talents by country music singers and talented entertainers.

There’s the Texas State Aquarium and Aquarium Way a way to see the many aquatics of Texas. There you will find alligators, sharks, turtles, reef fishes and tropical birds. In the newly renovated Texas State Aquarium you can take a journey through the waters to near theTexas Panhandle and marvel at the diversity of life under the sea. There is both indoor and outdoor exhibits and programs so that all who visit can experience the marine life that Texas State has to offer.

So when you visit, take time to visit the many tourism sites of Texas and explore a culture that is unique and rich and varied. Kids absolutely will fall in love with the Texas state parks with many rides, attractions and festivities to entice them. Whether you travel to Houston, Texas for a business vacation or a family vacation, you will find that there is plenty to do for each member of your family and the beautiful landscaping done by the best Houston Landscape Companies. Young children will be delighted with the wide array of rides, while adults will be enthralled with the magnificent sights and sounds of nature that are part of the parks’ extensive collection of natural history exhibits.

The Texas State Capitol is a historic site that was relocated to its present location in Austin in 1921. Each time you tour the capitol building, you will be sure to learn about the heritage of the state and its colorful political past. Every room was designed with the touch of several diverse eras, thus a tour is required to take all of this in. Many minister tours are available as well.


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