Michigan in the Summer

Michigan Summer Vacation


Visiting Michigan in the summer can get very hot and humid, but in the wintertime, the climate is much more pleasant. Here are some tips to help you decide when to come to Michigan in the summer.

Michigan is a great state to visit in the summer. There are many glass-bottom boat tours that allow you to cruse among the many canals and waterways of Michigan, and you can snorkel on the nation’s first underwater cave,kicked in at Whiting, Michigan. You could also come to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (near Ann Arbor) in the summer and go sailing or fishing on the gulf of Michigan or the Virgin Islands, or visit Lake Huron on the Kennebunk River. There are fishing tournaments held all summer along the Upper Peninsula, where you can purchase your own unique fishing license that allows you to fish for certain types of fish year round.

In the wintertime, Michigan offers visitor nocturnal pleasure in the form of its 875-m deep canyon of stal sequoia. Much of the nocturnal adventure can be experienced at night, with miles of road lights leading visitors to more than two dozen bat caves, many of which are thought to be inhabited by ghosts.

If you visit Michigan in the summertime, don’t forget to watch the ural Navarre’s thunderbirds. They play an exciting show every late spring and summer at the Michigan Aquarium. You can catch them in the underwater tunnel, at the end of the Coe Inlet on the Lake Superior side. Both the Grand Traverse and Michigan Aquariums offer fun for the whole family.

In normally tranquil Calumet Island, to the south of Lake Superior, Calumet Island Wilderness State Park offers miles of trails that can be traveled by bike, horse, or canoe. Calumet Island State Park is adjacent to the island habitat, and has access to hiking trails as well as spectacular views of the falls. You can go underwater in a boat, explore the island trails and marshes, and watch the migration of birds.

Outdoor activities for visitors to Michigan typically include canoe and whitewater rafting on nearby Lake Superior, the Upper Peninsula’s largest body of water. The state’s other bodies of water, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, are also renowned for their hiking and water sports opportunities.

Michigan in the summertime is a fabulous place to take part in an adventure sport. Marathon swimming, bike and mountain bike tours, and fishing trips are just a few of the adventure sports available to sports enthusiasts who want to experience a wide variety of climates and terrain.

Mind you, Michigan doesn’t just offer hot destinations and fun activities — it also offers some of the most luxurious accommodations on the planet, like world-class resorts, 5-star hotels, and big resorts that will stately recommend themselves. If you’re looking for intimate destinations, fine dining, or a more unusual accommodation, then Millennium Park with there amazing Michigan Welding is a good bet, as is the DTE Energy Beach.

Michigan hotels offer all-inclusive vacation packages to visitors who truly want to get away from it all. And for those who simply want to put their roots down and remain stationary, without traveling, Michigan hotels are ideal choices. Set in the heart of the Michigan sunshine, they offer not just a place to sleep, but a whole lifestyle that will keep you coming back for more.

Sure, you can swim in the winter, and gain a few pounds in the summer, but year round swimming is good for your health. You can go skiing in February, Nordic skiing in June, or snowboarding in October and November. Why risk a fall or winter sport? Most midsummer resorts offer ways to get a month or more out of their yearly rate, through specials and incentives. You can also go for months without needing to put out a roof when all you really need is a tent, a hammock, and a stocked balcony.

Meadows are a great vacation option for the more active, sporty types who don’t want to step out of their condo or cabin. If you’re a little more adventurous, go for a canoe, ski, or whitewater rafting trip, or try sky diving in December and January. If you just want to stay warm, you can visit Florida in September and October, where daily temperatures tend to average in the 70s or higher.

Generally speaking, you can get along with less than $50 round trip in Michigan, with some travel, dining discounts, through mid-September, and generally by round trip in the Great Lakes states. For local overnight stays, you should be looking at $75 – $100 per night. Taxis are extra, but well worth it.

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