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Founded in 1779, Nashville has been an ideal place for people who want to stay in the long-term. Tourists, too, have seen immense tourist opportunities in the city, and taking a trip or holiday in the city is something to be proud of. From Halls of Fame, to Greek architecture and philosophy, you cannot miss out on visiting Nashville. If you want the best experience in Nashville, be sure to take a local as your guide. He or she is going to know the best places that are worth visiting.

The hotel that you choose will play a critical role in helping you experience the best of Nashville. You want the best hotel possible, with the best price. You also want to be as near as possible to the places that you are visiting. This will save you time and offer you an optimal experience.

If you have planned to go to Nashville, then, this article will guide you on the hotel to choose.


Omni Nashville Hotel

Omni Nashville Hotel is one of the most stylish hotels in Nashville. Located in the proximity of a metro station, it offers the convenience that visitors may desire and therefore, you can explore the city and the state in a convenient way. From the hotel, and from its desirable central location, hotel guests can visit the Nashville zoo among other places. Other places that are very near the hotel include the following:

-Nashville Broadway, just a minute walk

-Country Music (Hall of Fame and Museum), just 3 minutes of walking

-The Music City Center, just 4 minutes’ walk

-The Bridgestone Arena

The hotel provides a number of services. The internet is available in every room, and it is also available in a few public areas. There is parking available, and at the same time, if one uses a wheel-chair, the hotel is accommodative of such individuals of determination.

If you do need spa services, there are ample opportunities for the same. These include treatment rooms, aromatherapy, body treatment, treatment rooms for couples, massages, and the spa tub for your comfort.

For people who are concerned about their health, they should know that this is a smoke-free hotel, and the hotel does not compromise about this. Similarly, if you have a pet, the management will not prevent you from bringing your pet, and the hotel considers pet as part and parcel of the family. You might, however, consider contacting the management prior.

If you are planning to visit Nashville, just contact the hotel staff, and they will be awaiting your visit. Past visitors have given a positive testimony about the hotel, and have stated that they had an optimal experience.

Renaissance Nashville

This is another hotel that boasts centrality in Nashville making it easier to access other locations cheaply and within a short time. The hotel boasts of 30, 000 feet of hotel space. With this hotel the guest is going to breathe in a luxurious lobby, an attached shop, and the best of live music. It is an ideal destination for conferences, whether businesses or professional. You can use this hotel you as a springboard to a memorable adventure in Nashville. The front desk is very friendly, and you are going to find that they are going to assist you on anything that you are going to ask.

The property amenities provided by the Renaissance Hotel include free internet, parking, bar/lounge, car hire, and a business center. The features of the room include allergy-free rooms, air-conditioning, sofa bed, refrigerator, and satellite TV.

Dream Nashville

Dream Nashville is one of a kind, it is a hotel with a high popularity, including a destination for couples. With only a short walking distance from downtown, Dream Nashville is your ideal hotel destination with a rich cultural heritage and years of service to its clients.

Social services provided by the hotel include free wifi, a flat-screen TV, a mini-bar, and private bathrooms. The room service provided is a 24-hour service. There is flexible meeting space that is offered by the social facilities. There are many types of rooms and these include the following: king-size room, superior king-room, deluxe king-room, king-suite, and the Queen studio. Parking options include private parking, a parking garage. It should be noted that the hotel is only 20 minutes from the nearest airport.

If you like walking as part of your daily physical regimen, then, the center of Nashville is just 500 m away from the hotel. You can even be leaving the hotel, take meals or stroll at the center of Nashville, then come back to your hotel. Checking hours time is 15:00 and checking out time is 12.00.

Other services provided by the hotel include a fitness center, events and entertainment, golf course, happy hour, and a DJ/night club.

Graduate Hotel

Graduate Hotel brings memories of Vanderbilt University, one of the most prestigious schools in the US. It usually caters for the university’s alma mater. Opened in 2020, the hotel has received an increasing number of visitors, year after year. It inspires a lot of people who call Nashville home, and in deed, the greater Tennessee. The walls are decorated with portraits of Dolly Parton, one of the legends of the state.

Now that it is near an academic institution, scholars visiting Vanderbilt University have found a home at the hotel. As a matter of fact, some of the seminars and conferences are hosted right in the hotel, making it a very good choice for such scholars.

Thompson Nashville

Thompson Nashville features a very scenic view of downtown Nashville. The guests are able to enjoy free wifi at the comfort of the posh house. The hotel boats of a mini-bar, blue-tooth speakers, and a mini-bar. You can enjoy the services of the hotel, either indoors, or outdoors. There are on-site facilities which are able to cater for business clients.

The hotels welcomes children of any age. In addition to that, pets are allowed in the hotel facilities, and there are no charges for that. The club offers a night club. Other services provided by the hotel include an onsite coffee-house and fruits.

Clarion Hotel, Nashville

Many visitors choose Clarion as their hotel of choice every time they visit Nashville, and the hotel has a long-term commitment to the best quality offered to guests. In addition to that, the gets get to enjoy free wife. Guests are able to enjoy rooms with air conditioning as well as a flat-screen TV.

The hotel believes that the comfort and the welfare of the guests come first, and it cannot be compromised. Guests who show discontent in any way have a very good avenue to communicate the same to the authorities. The authorities will, in turn, respond to the queries within the shortest time possible.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Hotel in Nashville

There are several factors to consider choosing a hotel in Nashville. To start with, you should be sure about your budget. As much as you would like to save a coin here and there, some hotels in Nashville cater for people who can pay for the hotel room, and the totality of individual services. There is nothing as embarrassing than being told to leave a hotel because you cannot afford it.

It is important that you choose a hotel that is within a central location. When you make such a choice, you are going to be able to visit a number of places, without the hustle that comes with such a move.  Try to avoid hotels that are doing construction since they will have demolition companies near me and the Nashville hotel.

It is important that you choose a hotel which has a professional-looking website. Remember that you are going to key in your card details, and you want to work with a facility which is not going to compromise your personal data and information. Again, the ability to make an online booking is in itself an advantage which cannot be under-estimated, it saves time.

When looking for a hotel, evaluate if you have special needs, and make sure that the hotel in question is able to assist you. For example, guests with asthma may find it very hard to breathe with allergens, and this could be a special case on their part. Similarly, you may have other special needs, and you need to inform the management early in advance in order to hear what they have to say.

You need to really think about the hygiene of the hotel, and do not make assumptions. Insist on knowing the hygiene protocol, eg, how often is linen cleaned. In addition to that, ensure that you are going to take clean food. If you do not ask such critical questions, you might come to regret later on.

Similarly, if you have a combination of children and a pet, then, you must contact the management for the appropriate arrangement of the same. It goes without saying that you will need enough space. With children being jumpy, and the pet being jumpy too, and the combination of the two being a playground, then you need to contact the management for the proper arrangement.

You need to be very careful on the safety of your hotels. Do a basic research on how prepared the hotel is in the case of the fire. Some of the questions to ask one are:

-What materials make the hotel (you may not easily get this information, but this is information that you can find if you do some search)

-Is there a fire response team in place?

There are other issues that you could be concerned about the safety of a hotel. For example, hotels that are located in crime zones could jeopardize your security. Unfortunately, Nashville has a few crime hot spots where murder and rape occurs, and you do not want to live in such an area. If you make such a choice, then, you might face harsh consequences for the same. It is in the best interest that a guest avoids such areas.

Whether one like’s it or not, the COVID epidemic has changed the way of life. Even with the pandemic under control, there is a possibility of a mutation. The best thing to do, then, is to go for a vaccine. The US, unlike some countries in the world, has a high rate of access to vaccine. The vaccine may not be enough for everyone, but it is worth trying to access one as soon as you can.

Thus, when you are looking for a hotel in Nashville, or anywhere else, be sure to check the quality of their sanitation services as well as additional health measures. For instance, do the staff respect the request for social distancing. It is true that there are many vaccines available, but it will take long to reach the entire country.

The fact that you desire a certain hotel, does not mean that it will be available. You need to ensure that you book the hotel well in advance, otherwise, you are going to have a difficulty making a reservation.

Lastly, you might think about backpacking in Nashville and the state offers such opportunities as much. There are several backpacking options provided by the state. Places to consider include Cedars of Lebanon and Edgar Evins State Park. As far as you are willing to work a few hours in a week, you can easily get food and accommodation for a longer travel experience.


When you are planning to go to Nashville, it is a time to taste the culture of the people of Nashville. You will interact better with the locals when you realize the Nashville culture and what people appreciate most.

Nashville is known for country music, and this is something that you are going to encounter. Though you are not a fan of country music, make sure that you join others in a country jig, and they will feel that you are part of them.

Overall, Nashville is a scenic and accommodative tourist destination and you should definitely consider it in your next itinerary.

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