A Vacation to the Tennessee Area

trip to Tenessee


 A Dude Ranch

Dude ranching has been a tourist favorite for years. You can visit dude ranches in the area whether you are travelling through in your own vehicle or by train and offer to take a lady on a ranch activity. They give a great adventure and are known for their beautiful livestock that includes bison, cattle and horses.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This is the most popular and the one that started it all. Visiting the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community in the Park is a must. You will find a lot of shops, restaurants and other attractions as well.

Mt. Dix, Tennessee

For those of you who have hiking interests, this is a great place to go to. Hiking in the area is restricted only by a few classes, so you can book your trip here. You can also still hike to the top of the cliff, known as The marker’s summit.

Newfound Gap

This gap is fantastic if you are into caves. A good place to camp before you head to the cliffs is in here. You can also see the paintings of the native inhabitants of the area once you get to the cliffside.

Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock is also a great place to visit. Great for rock climbers, the cliffs are treacherous but worth it. You can also see the unique liveaboards of the area at this point.

New River Gorge National River and Bridge

This is a bridge that those in the area are most proud of. There are 8 bridges in the Gorge, 3 in all, so this is a must-see for any visitor. You can also swim in this area if you are able.

Lake Dardanelle

A lake is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. Lake Dardanelle is the home to cup and ESL communities. There are many ways to swim and relax here, as well as use the parks and trails.


Whether it’s just a few minutes or a full day hike, hikers will love what they discover in Tennessee. Lots of breathtaking views and wildlife to be seen and accessed only by foot.

astonishing Stratford

There is nothing more exciting than to journey through the Northeast and see a production like this. With 1500 extras and pieces of art inside, you can see how the impressive pieces fit together. Also, stay to see the 28 Rockefeller Sunset popcorn.

Winery and Grille

There are many wineries and fine restaurants in this area, of which the Grangellian Estate is a favorite since the did a lot of cabinet reface. Tour the vineyards and taste the wine!


This town is great for those who enjoy the countryside. There are many places to be seen and some wonderful shops and restaurants. The Haymarket is also a wonderful place to visit.

Bargain House

In this town, you can find many old historic buildings, cemeteries, a bank and more. A nice place to spend a day is the Rotunda Stone, though it is also a good museum.


There are many attractions here that you can enjoy, like the daily bull riding and archery. The fishermen also have tours, where you can actually go into the boat and trawl the waters for some of the freshest seafood around. Be sure to visit the Grange-Cane Ridge National Monument, as it offers beautiful panoramic views.

Litchfield State Park

Each fall, this recreation area becomes the second largest fall foliage resort in the USA. If you love to golf, this is the place to play. There are two courses in the area: the Probably the best course in the world (it won’t be long before you play it on a PGA tour) and another one called The Great Pond, a nine-hole “travel cart” course.

New Ulm

This town is great for those who enjoy the great outdoors. There are many parks and trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. The Zillah Bears Lodge is the only 35-room lodge in the Midwest, and it has beautiful outdoor bathrooms.

Lake Ozark

The waterfront boasts dozens of restaurants, waterfront shopping, live entertainment, a golf course, and world-class sailing and boating. The Lake of the Ozarks enables you to swim, sail, and fish year-round.

northwestern Illinois

There is a lot to see and do in northwest Illinois.


3 Must-See Attractions While Staying in Barcelona

Barcelona Vacation Ideas


If you’re going on holiday to Barcelona, you definitely need to visit these must-see attractions. They truly make the city shine.

The outside of the city

There are lots of amazing places you can visit while you’re there, but outside of the city limits you really have to visit the Sagrada Familia (La Sagrada Familia) to understand what the Sagrada Familia actually is. When EC (European Common) Day 2011 rolled around, I realized I’d never seen photos of this amazing cathedral before and really wondered what it would look like. When my hosts explained to me that it was much more than a pretty stone structure, I was even more impressed. Although the exterior is breathtaking, I think the inside of the church is even more spectacular. Consider it this way: the inside of La Sagrada Familia has more space for peace and quiet, as well as gorgeous mosaics and a soothing entrance music. If you visit the church, do note that you will need tickets if you want to climb the still active steep climb inside the church.

The Olympic Stadium

For those of you who have ever seen the film “Cool Runnings“, the scene in which Michael Landon Nelson dives on and off of the ice at the Olympic Stadium is something you have to see yourself. Otherwise, whenever you take your Barcelona vacation, you might not ever forget it. The ice at the Olympic Stadium is a mixture of ice made by more traditional means as well as a newly created type of ice. This ice is still used today and is used for most of the events that are held at the Olympic Stadium.

If you plan on visiting the Olympic Stadium, be sure to get tickets early (some events are still held on the grass at the stadium itself). Otherwise, you might end up missing the event if you arrive late. The Olympic Park (or the “Parc de Olympic de Barcelona“) is located on El Roulette Square (El Portuñol). All you need to do is walk across the square to reach the entrance of the park. There are tickets available to enter the park when instructed by the harpist (an usher dressed in opera attire). If you’d like to walk to the park, you can find tourist maps around the stadium area. At the time of writing, it’s a bit of a walk from the seating areas, so make sure you’re there well before the start of the event. Also ask at your hotel for tickets.

The Olympic Museum

This museum is located just outside the Olympic Stadium. It is divided into three sections: the Archaeology Hall, the Equipment Room and the Sports Hall. The Archaeology Hall displays tools and objects that were discovered at the Olympic Stadium. There are several other museums around Barcelona for tourists to visit. The two main museums are the Museum of unitary Aid (Museu Laboratorio al Independencia) and the Museum of Sustainable Development (Museu SOEDAM).

The Barcelona Olympic Stadium

The Barcelona Olympic Stadium is located on the northeast of the Plaça Catalunya and is the largest sports stadium in the world. It was officially completed in 1992 and is designed in the shape of a giant jellyfish. This is not the only thing that resembles a jellyfish, mind you. The stadium is also surrounded by a ecology park. Some of the events held in the stadium have included the Tour de France and the Commonwealth Games. The park is also the place were the Olympic Flame (which is only flame) periodically sets off. Some of the venues are open to the public and you can also buy a ticket.

Fundacio Joan Miro

If you’re staying in the area around the Olympic Stadium, Fundacio Joan Miro is an establishment run by nuns. While nuns may not have a great deal of presence in the area, they do run a soup kitchen, school and orphanage. They also run a hospice, apparently the first one in the country. The building itself is nothing to sneer at. It was built in Gothic and designed by Joan Miro himself by using machine tooling.

Once you get inside, you’ll find a gargantuan building. If it’s inside your line of sight, you’re probably looking at a nun. Or a Catholic priest. If you can manage to get inside, the building is interestingly decorated with medieval motifs, including nuns doing battle with demons. The interior is just as incredible as the building itself. There are Gems in every corner, literally. A lot of the interiors were newly redressed and many of the original rooms were converted to other uses. As for me, I didn’t mind the wait.

Visiting Other Areas

I tried to visit other areas of the city during my short stay, but as this short article is already rather long, I decided to write about the Olympic Stadium and the City Hall.


How to Use a Trip Planner

using a trip planner


The trip planner was born in the modern age, taking the knowledge that has been obtained over the years from solo travellers and travellers in groups.

The secret to a very successful trip is being able to plan the journey, look for the best deals, and look forward to comfortably touring the place that you are visiting. The trip planner is also very helpful if you have not made any prior plans as they often have holidays that come at a complimentary price.

Go for a trip planner, who has a specialist background and can suggest you tours that may be of interest, based on your limited knowledge of the destination. The tour planner can also offer you private guided tours or choose with a group.

One of the greatest advantages of using a trip planner is that they can be used for many purposes. The local tourist board can book tickets, planning an elaborate cultural tour with itineraries of the interest of the group. If the group is big then it may end up benefitting from such a holiday itinerary. The planner may also be used to make profiles of tourists to be invited to a party.

The trip may be a part of some commercial organization. The groups may need to travel to different places to sell ice creams, souvenirs or any other product. In this case, the planner will take care of the itinerary and connect the travelers to the products and services that they need. They will collect the cash from the tourists as donation to the cause.

Social groups can also benefit from such a holiday plan. Many corporate companies plan their employees’ vacations to be on outings as a part of their benefit schemes. The trip may include some sightseeing and some other recreational activities. The travelers may also get the opportunity to try different cuisine.

A trip planned by a tour operator generally gives the travelers the opportunity to try a variety of cuisines and to explore the cultural side of the place. A group of people who are on holiday also have the chance to give feedback on their trip to the tour operator. One of the things that can be included in such a trip is a visit to the local markets. Large food products sold in these markets are a part of Kerala’s culture. The travelers get the chance to try out the spoken words of the place through their Chowk talk.

When the travelers have had enough of one place, the trip may take them to another. Places like Goa and Ladakh are well-known for their scenic beauty, just make sure you get an inspection for truck before heading into brushy areas. They have been one of the most appealing destinations for the tourist for ages. Many of the tour operators offer different ranges of holiday packages to different parts of the world. Different people have different interests and different places they find appealing. The trip may be geared to meet the diverse needs and desires of the travelers.

Some of the major tour operators offer holiday packages that cover the interests of the different groups and travelers. The offers are varied and cover the different places in India and also different parts of the country. There are many aspects to be considered while choosing a holiday package. Here are some of the important aspects that should be kept in mind while opting for one.

The most important aspect that should be kept in mind while opting for one of the holiday packages is the choice of destination. There are many travelers who visit the place only for its tourist attractions, beaches and food. If you are among them, you should not make the mistake of choosing a place that is too hot or too cold. The climate of a place is crucial in deciding its suitability.

The next important aspect is the tour operator. A good tour operator will help you choose and manage a holiday package that is best suited to your needs. With a good operator, you will not have to worry about the arrangements and itineraries.

The tour operator will provide you with many Peruvian travel guides who will help you get to know about the fascinating culture and traditions of the country. There are many indigenous tribes in Peru, remnant of the Incas and other pre-Columbian cultures.

You can decide from more than 1500 vacation lodges that can provide you personalized service and environment. A good tourism operator will help you to sort this out. They will make your trip a unique experience by helping you make the right reservations from the right travel lodges. Good tourism operators can make all the right arrangements.

The tour trip may be between a couple of days and a week, so make sure that the hotel or lodges has good facilities and indoor swimming pool. indoor swimming pool is a must for those who are health conscious.

Greece is a country that offers nice accommodation and beaches. Camping is one of the best places in Greece. Some of the best resorts and curves are found only in this part of the world.

The tourists who travel to Greece are fond of both modern and old buildings.


A Trip to Los Angeles

trip to Los Angeles


Universal Studios Hollywood

( Universal Studios Hollywood, 10024 Melrose Avenue)

No matter how old you are or how you kids enjoy their entertainment, you’re sure to find something that will please your little one on your next family vacation to L.A. With a number of special activities offered throughout the day, Universal Studios Hollywood is a great place to bring the family. Once you secure your spot through Universal Studios Hollywood, you can enjoy one of the many theme park rides, or enjoy the wide range of entertainment on stage.

Giant-isms: Doo Da Golf, Parrot Beach & Potter’s Field. At the Peter Jackson Animal Kingdom, watch jaw-dropping water and light displays courtesy of the Water pickup Truck. At the Hollywood & Vine Magazine Studios, enjoy the Wiggles World Tour of the Tree of Life. For exciting live shows, visit the Blue Man Group, the College of the Palm Tree, Kaskadea, riptyline and Cheetahs Byatan. Don’t miss Little Italy for lunch or a great Italian Food experience at Saints Pizza; they have the ultimate Italian cuisine and are open to the whole wide world.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Museum 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Museum is located at 690 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. It is best to arrive early, as tours are quite popular and tickets tend to sell out.

Your Hollywood Walk of Fame experience can include a walk around the iconic studio back lot, a visit to a star-studded restaurant, a stroll through the art museum featuring the works of many of your favorite Hollywood stars, and a stroll through the cemetery graveyard. Don’t forget to visit the wax museums at 10 Rockefeller Center, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Museum of Civilization and many more.

The museum offers a shuttle service, so you won’t have to stand in Line-up (see above), but a visit is an excellent way to spend a few hours. The  website also offers great advice for shopping, a suggested list of restaurants in the heart of Hollywood, Badge treasures from the past, travel tips, attractions for guests and locals, and a calendar of special events.

Coast to Coast Experience (in Venice Beach)

This is the American Riviera. Every year waves break on the beaches in Venice Beach, California breaking as far as you can see. It’s always fun and it’s not a bad way to spend a day. For a relatively small area (about 75 miles long by 25 miles wide), the beach has everything you need — all the major Olympic events were held here and built by a Structural Engineer Los Angeles. Wear a bathing suit and don’t be concerned about the weather. Whether there’s a surfer on the beach or not, the waves are still breaking. Want to try and catch some waves? That’s a whole lot easier when there’s a café half-open.

Hollywood Beach

This beach, only 15 minutes from Hollywood, is one of the largest in the world. The closest beach is in West Palm Beach and is typically full of tourists and character fans. If there’s a surf clinic on when you visit, get there early. Otherwise, you’re in for an early morning and evening filled with annoying kids running around and happy Hour surfers. This beach holds the O.J. Simpson trial every June and features an underwater sculptures and reef of a 65 foot long ship. Meals are available for you. The Variety Village and Movie Experience are right on top of the waterfalls, with plenty of rolling waves for both kids and adults. Pack a picnic lunch and a good book. That’s what everyone from the Time Square Hotel works for!

Each of these destinations would be a worthy vacation and spending money is just a bonus!


Best Places to Stay in Salem, OR

salem, OR


You are headed to the amazing, the beautiful, the historically iconic town of Salem, OR. You guys are gonna have so much fun having adventures and exploring the area, and there is a lot of places to take a look at, trust me.


Anyways, you need to find a place to stay for your super fun trip. today, in this amazing list that we’ve got here for you is an in-depth list of the best places for you to stay in Salem, OR. All of these places have different ways of working, albeit as a standard hotel, and all of them have their own special qualities.


Whatever kind of hotel, we’re hoping that you can find one on our very comprehensive list, that is very in depth. So, for your convenience, here is a conveniently compiled list of the best places to stay in Salem, OR.


Red Lion Hotel Salem


So, starting off this amazing list is one of the best hotels that you can stay at while you’re in Salem. The Red Lion Hotel is a three-star place, which is kind of low considering some of its greater qualities.


It has an amazing restaurant, which serves some pretty good food, that’s not too pricey. It has a pool, that is admittedly not the best, but definitely not the worst, and is an inside pool, which makes it much cleaner compared to others. It comes with free complimentary WIFI, and free parking, which is all really great, and can really save on money.


The rooms themselves are all very clean, and all pretty comfy, which is great after a day of fun out on the town. All rooms come with a fully functional bathroom as well, again very clean, with a full shower, and fluffy towels.


The reason that this hotel is not a four or even five-star place, is because of its location, most likely. Looking at its reviews we can see that there are a lot of homeless people in the area, and maybe some less than kind people during the night. So, make sure you stay safe in this and any other place you decide to visit.


Other than the location, the hotel itself is really good. Plenty comfortable, and safe inside, so defiantly worth the price, which starts at $148 a night, very cheap for a decent hotel, in a history rich part of the country.


DoubleTree by Hilton


The DoubleTree by Hilton is one of the best on this list as Hilton usually is, what with their vast experience in the hotel and resort industry. This is a four-star hotel, and very well earned with all its amenities and amazing rooms that guests can stay in.


The best thing about the hotel though, is that it has a very convenient location, located only a few miles away from the major areas that you could want to visit. It’s only a few minutes’ drive to get to any kind of winery, theater, malls, or state fairgrounds.


The rooms themselves comes with mini fridges, microwaves, sofa beds, complimentary WIFI, and flat screen TV’s. So, very good rooms that are very convenient to some of the best locations in the area, and all very comfy.


Again, the same problem is here as it is in the Red Lion Hotel. The location is not the best, especially since there is a more adult oriented establishment neighboring the building, which can be off putting to some guests. Though it does not seem to be that big a problem in the reviews that other guests have left, just irritating a few patrons that had some unfortunate experiences on their trip.


Also, the price of this hotel is a little more expensive compared to some of the others on this list that we have here. The starting price for this particular hotel, for a room, each night, is $212.


Even with that minor issue though, this four-star hotel is an amazing one to choose if you’re planning a visit to Salem, OR. Its definitely not a bad choice on the list we have here, and there only going to get better with each choice.


La Quinta Inn and Suites


This hotel is my personal favorite brand of hotel and resorts, as they have had a grand history in the art of hotel creation and craft. The La Quinta Inn and Suites isn’t any different in their practices that its sister locations around the country do as well.


They come equipped with tons of amazing amenities and comfy room choices for you to pick from. Some of those amenities are, free WIFI, free parking, a business center, if you need to use it, a pool, and possibly the greatest thing that a hotel itself can offer, free breakfast for every morning that you stay there.


La Quinta Inn and Suites has a general four-star rating from the guests that its housed throughout its years and its rightly deserved considering the plethora of amazing things they offer, such as the many amenities that they offer, like the free breakfast for instance.


The pricing for this hotel is also one of the best, accounting for a few factors that wouldn’t usually be thought of by the average consumer. A starting price for a night at the hotel, each night you stay there, is $179 a night. Now, $179 is not bad at all considering all that comes with it, a room, free WIFI, parking, and breakfast, on top of the comfy beds that you get to sleep in.


Shilo Inn Suites


Shilo Inn Suites is a special one, and the one reason that they are special above all the other inns, hotels, and suites, is there just absolutely amazing service. They have just the best customer service on this list, beyond a shadow of a doubt. They always talk to guests with a polite smile and are ready to help them whenever they need anything, whenever they need whatever they want.


The staff there, and especially the manager of Shilo Inn Suites is something that is locally known as some of the nicest people around, they are just the kindest and are always ready to help out anyone if they need help. They are an amazing hotel to work with and stay at, it’s just the best.


Now, again, the best amenity that any hotel can ever give to its guests is free breakfast, and the Shilo Inn Suites is no slouch, it gives its guests some honestly really good breakfast on top of their customer service, and amazingly comfortable rooms.


Of course, on another little note, they do have free WIFI and parking, so that won’t be an issue if you do end up visiting.


Now, the last great thing we can talk about Shilo Inn Suites, but certainly not the least or last thing in general is that they are in a pretty decent area, in comparison to the other hotels and the locations that they are based in. It’s not bad at all, its location is clean, and not littered with any unsavory character s walking about for no reason.


Pricing is also really good, very reasonable with everything that it comes with, the room, just amazing customer service, and free WIFI, is a sound $149. So, this three-and-a-half-star hotel, which should be a five to my own opinion, is a reasonable price, amazing at what they do, and feels safe for all who visit it.


The Grand Hotel


Now, the last but certainly not the least on our amazing list of the most amazing list of the hotels that you can find in Salem OR is the Grand hotel. It has so many things that you could ever want in a standard hotel, and in an amazing location that won’t really bother you if you don’t let it.


It is also my personal favorite considering everything that it does for its guests and patrons.  They even have a handyman on standby so if anything goes wrong they can take care of it within minutes. The main thing about it that everyone can appreciate, and at the very least enjoy is the fact that this hotel, like a few of the others on here, is that it is in a convenient area, close to a lot of places and locations that you can reach within just a few minutes when driving.


This hotel has just so many amenities to its name that it is almost ridiculous to how much effort that they out into its design and construction. They have so many things that every guest is going to enjoy no matter what reason that they are doing in Salem OR, whether they are there for vacation, study, or business, they will all have just the most amazing time taking advantage with this hotel’s amenities.


A few of those amenities is that it has a pretty decent, large pool for its guests, of course free WIFI, a business center, if you need it, free parking, a restaurant that serves amazing food for all of its guests, and of course, this being the best hotel on this list, it has free breakfast.


Waking up to the smell of a buffet of the best kind of breakfast is a dream come true for a lot of people, me being included on that very long list. Coming down from your room, you get to smell all the eggs, bacon, waffles, sausages, pancakes, and a ton of other fan favorite breakfast foods, and then sit down to enjoy them, savoring it all to start your day of fun, business, or adventure in Salem OR.


It really is just the absolute best hotel on the list and we highly recommend it, encourage even for you to visit this hotel, and consider it on your list of places to stay at during your trip to Salem OR. It’s starting price for a room is a little pricier in comparison with the others on this list, but it is definitely worth it if you get a nice, clean, safe room and a ton of amazing amenities to go with it. The starting price for a basic room at the Grand Hotel is $199, only two hundred dollars to have all of what this hotel can offer for one night.


Its honestly the place that I will personally choose to go to if I ever decide to visit Salem OR again in my lifetime. Its clean, safe, and comfy, I don’t have to worry about anything with the amazing service they provide, and nothing will get in the way of the good night’s sleep that they can provide with their amazing rooms, suites, and beds.




That was our list of the best places to stay in Salem OR on your trip and we definitely hope that you were able to find a good place to stay at on your vacation or work trip, with the help of our list. All the hotels that we talked about and presented to you were all deeply considered and evaluated as some of the best in the area for you to choose from and we hope we didn’t disappoint with the selection provided.


We talked about hotels that have cheaper prices, bigger rooms, safer locations, and places that provide free breakfast every single morning that your there for, on top of all the other amazing amenities that they provide, like free WIFI for example. All of which is amazing and should be considered for your own selection when you do eventually make it over there for your own amazing trip.


Our personal favorites where on this list, and we hope that when you get the chance to visit them that you’ll see what we mean when we say that they are all criminally underrated in their professions and areas of expertise. They all bring something different to the table of what you can want in a hotel for a stay in Salem OR. So, please stay safe, have fun, have tons of adventures and make sure that you make lots and lots of memories on your very fun trips to Salem OR.

Top Hotels of New York

NYC Hotels


Well, it seems that your about to be taking a trip to the city that never sleeps, the land of superheroes, the place of infinite possibilities and dreams, your about to take a trip to New York. Its personally one of my favorite places to visit, I’ve been almost a dozen times, and the money I spent on each trip was all well worth it.


Every time I went, it was like a dream come true, a new dream being fulfilled each time I flew in. Hopefully, we here can help you fulfill those dreams by helping you out with the reason you came, mainly to find a really nice, amazing, superb, place to stay.


To help you take a visit to the city, see the Statue of Liberty, visit the Empire State building, and try some of that world famous pizza, your gonna need a hotel. your especially gonna want to have one of the best hotels that New York can offer, the best even to make your dream of New York come to life. So, for your convenience, here is a conveniently compiled list of all the top hotels in New York.


Also, just a little note, there are tons and tons of hotels in New York, most of them just amazing, but for time’s sake, we kinda had to leave some of them out. So, if you don’t like any on the list that we got here, you can definitely find another amazing on, just thought we should let you know, but hopefully you like every single one of these, as they are the best of the best, in our opinion, of the greatest hotels that New York can offer, maybe even America, maybe even the world, or even the universe, they are really that good. They’ve made hotels into an art form up in New York.


Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown


The first hotel on our list here, just had to be one based in Manhattan, as in most people’s opinion, mine included, Manhattan is the absolute best place to go if you want to visit New York. Of course, that’s not to say that everywhere else in New York isn’t amazing as well, Manhattan is just kinda iconic, what with all the superheroes flying around in it.


So, the Four Seasons Hotel is a pretty big chain around the world and has built hotels all over the world. They’ve got a hotel in every single state in New York, they have built some in different countries, and in the future, they are probably going to be building hotels on different planets. To say the absolute least, they have made this into an art form, in the city that’s made hotel an art form. So, if you really just can’t find another hotel that you like, or just ones that just don’t live up to expectations, you can always head to a Four Seasons hotel or resort, because everyone who heads to one is at the very least satisfied beyond a doubt.


Anyway, moving onto more of the specifics of this particular hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown is one that is usually used by businesspeople, men and women, when they need to head over to New York for any sort of business work. It’s located, as the name says, right in downtown New York, which is perfect because the top 24 floors is where all the rooms are located, giving you just the absolute best views of the city scape, that you would be hard pressed to find somewhere else.


Each room is decorated with soothing greys, and light whites, making it just absolutely one of the best places to relax in New York, besides of course one of the many spa’s that litter the city with their amazing relaxation techniques.


Each room comes equipped with a smart TV, big cosets, stereo systems, marble bathrooms, and of course, Nespresso machines, sorry I meant coffee machines, guess I need some coffee in me to be thinking straight again. In the hotel, guest can find a giant pool to relax or workout in, one of the marvelous spa’s in the city, and of course a restaurant made by Wolfgang Puck, which has some of the best steak and burgers in the world.


Now the only problem with this particular hotel is that it can be a bit pricey. Which if you have the money is completely worth it, but if you’re looking for something a little more on the cheap side, than we’ve got you covered with the next one on the list.

The William Vale


The William Vale is just perfect for anyone and everyone, and the best part about it, as I said before, is that is one of the cheapest, but best hotels in New York City. Starting prices on rooms is a meager $335 a night. Which is pretty expensive in normal scenarios, but you’re spending the night in New York, so obviously things. are gonna be a bit pricey overall.


This hotel is not located in Manhattan, but in Brooklyn, which is another famous city in New York, and is one of my personal favorites, though again, not as great as Manhattan, but that’s just my personal preference.


This hotel boasts a modern design, one that’s chic and up to date with the popular trends circulating the world. It has nice big windows for you to look out in pretty much every floor and room and gives you an amazing view of the city skyline, each one just absolutely amazing.


Each room comes with comfy beds, waterfall showers, and of course complimentary Wi-Fi. You can also get the great views that your room boasts on the 24 floors, which has a lovely bar, so you can sip your drinks and get amazing views that New York can offer after a long day of just absolute fun, adventure. It’s an all-around great hotel, with one of the cheaper prices available.  Interesting fact all employees are required to get their osha 10 certification online.


The Peninsula New York


Right smack dab in the middle of midtown Manhattan’s is the amazing midtown hotel, the Peninsula. This golden beauty of a hotel is said to be one of the most quiet and peaceful hotels in the city, making it sought out by everyone. Fun fact, this is also the hotel that is said to be the number one choice of visitors and locals alike, which it definitely deserves with all the amazing things it can do for its quests, and the amazing way it runs itself with the amazingly patient staff.


This hotel has the best service in New York hotels, always being patient, concise, and quick with whatever you may need during your stay. So, all around, you’re gonna be having a lot taken care of for you by these amazing people, in this amazing hotel.


Moving on, they also have tons of fun and relaxing amenities for you. You get the complimentary TV, complimentary WIFI, complimentary robes, complimentary slippers, complimentary everything, it’s all just so amazing that you will really have a hard time finding a better hotel to stay at with all this great service and perfect amenities for you and your party to enjoy.


The rooms that you will be staying at are to die for, they are so cozy and relaxing and quite that your head can hit the pillow on your bed and you’ll instantly just fall asleep. The perfect décor will also help you relax, as nothing screams at you with the more intense decorations that some hotels put up.


The food at the Peninsula is also to die for, visitor always rave and praise the amazing dishes that they serve there at their local restaurant that they have installed inside. Each dish is amazing, fresh, wonderful, delicious and I can just go on and on forever about the food here, but for time’s sake we’ll have to move on.


Anyways, that is the Peninsula at Downtown New York, it’s just one of the best places that you can pick, but you have to know that it again is also one of the most expensive in town for you to stay at. For you to stay there for an entire, whole one night, you’ll have to at least pay $795 dollars. That really is a lot, but if you can afford it, then it is definitely worth the money, it is considered the best and that’s for good reason.

The Mark


Its name may simple, but it located in one of the biggest cities in the world, so how simple can it rally be, there’s so much activity going on around it at all times, it’s called the city that never sleeps for a reason.


Now, The Mark is located around one block from central park, and fifth avenue. That is something that is amazing, because you are right smack dab in the middle of Manhattan, right in the middle of New York City. How great is that you are in walking distance of most of the amazing things to see in New York, you get to wake up with a view of Central Park each morning your there, and you get to see the city lit up at night when you go to bed.


It really is amazing that The Mark is right in the middle of Manhattan, I guess you could say that it landed right on its mark. Anyways, the décor style of the hotel is that of the 1930’s Paris which makes it very fancy, yet very relaxed. It has a calming beige color pallet, and enhanced with marble trimmings, which is just perfect for the kind of style that your gonna want on your trip to New York City.


Now, the classic style of décor is amazing, and it may seem kinda misleading towards the amenities, but make sure not to be confused, there are some amazing things to look forward to. There is of course complimentary Wi-Fi, very large, HD TV’s, a panel that controls the lighting of your room, how cool is that.


Anyways, this is something that you should definitely check out. It’s something that you should really need to look at if you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple. So, that was The Mark, personally, it’s my favorite hotel to check into when I take my usual visit because it really just is spectacular.




We talked about the four greatest hotels in New York City, all of them with their own style, décor, and atmosphere that will make your trip especially magical. Each of the prices on all the hotels where different as well, some more expensive than others, some cheaper than others, but all equally worth it, when considering each of their own individual values, amenities, and location as a hotel for each of you.


The first hotel that we talked about was the Four Seasons at Downtown New York, a place that can get you where you wanna go using amazing customer service, and spot-on helpful rooms that will make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.


The next hotel that we talked about was the William Vale, which is just in general amazing for anyone who wants to take a visit to the NYC. It was also the cheapest hotel on this list, yet still managing to make it here, because of its perfect record with guests, making sure that they stay happy with every night that they stay in one of their amazing rooms that you can afford.


The next hotel we talked about was the Peninsula New York hotel, which is probably the fanciest hotel on the list, managing to wow guests with its superb looking décor. The food there is also something to be praised and loved by all guests, as its amazing with every dish they create.


The last hotel on the list, and my personal favorite is The Mark, just a wonderful hotel that’s right in the middle of Manhattan and only a block away from Central Park, which gives all guests amazing views of the New York seen both at night and day.

A Trip to Indianapolis

Indianapolis Trip


Still, regardless of its relatively inconsequential size, Indianapolis is a great place to visit all year round. The weather is nice enough to enjoy the Speedway and other areas of the city when the temperatures are warmer. And for those who simply prefer to bask in true Hoosier hospitality, there are plenty of resorts designed by the top Indianapolis architects and hotels in the Indiana countryside that offer first-class accommodations and amenities. Plus, there are plenty of Indianapolis attractions and sites to explore.

Perhaps the most famous Indianapolis native is Indiana himself, Mr. Running Horse himself, who hails from the state. In his younger years, he was known as Nucky Indiana, (“Nucky” meaning “a native of Indiana.”) In his adult life, Nucky earned a reputation as a world-class race car driver. He is believed to have been actively competing in the longest race in the world, the Indianapolis 500, which ranks among the all-time endurance racing events.

In addition to racing, Nucky was also the host of seven seasons at the Indianapolis Olympic Games. In recognition of his heroic deeds in the stands, the state of Indiana created the Nucky Nob Days, a benefit event for local children.

Nucky’s legacy lives on, as his children continue to benefit from his contributions. The running legend’s daughter lives in South Carolina, and his other seven children are grown, thankfully, with noruities in sight.

How to Plan a Passing Tour

When you pass through Indy, you should reserve some time to spend with Nucky. Indy is full of places to see and things to do. You should definitely make a list of the places you want to take in, and then plan how you’ll get there. It’s possible to save time and money by flying in rather than flying out; that way, you only need to check your baggage. It also allows you to explore Marion, the home of the Carmelites.

While there are a tour of the Speedway available, it’s also worth seeing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Experience.

The Speedway has a long history, dating back to 1839, and its first appearance was in 1915. In 1924, it was acquired by Walter Welk, who used it to race the Indianapolis cars. When we walked through the paddock area, Welk recounted Nucky’s early days at the track, and told a humorous story about how Nucky, a slave who had been purchased from a farm in Florida, grew up to be such a renowned race car driver.

“Nucky” ran a number of races, and drove many vehicles in addition to his race car. After Royce Graceway ran the Indianapolis 500 in 1979, the fan base for the race grew, and it was eventually won by Nucky. The popular figure has been depicted on t-shirts and other merchandise.

To cap off this article, I’d like to offer a few odds and ends from the Indy 500 history books. From The Official Guide to the Indianapolis 500 by Splurging on the Go coaching books:

The race was first run at the 2000 Hamilton Farms Speedway, which was an old minor league track. The pole pole and most exciting part of the event were the last two races before the hill climb.

The pole that is today valued at $1.25 million was originally run by dinosaurs and was considered sacred ground by the sport’s participants and supporters. (Curbed below)

honorary mentions on the field of the race by two past champions: Johnny Northwestern and perennially unsuccessful Fernando Pantano.

Only three of the 12 laps completed in the first year of racing in 1911 were captured by pole walkers.(mi da pozi)

The largest hill climb to date “icerily”

a record-holder in the debates over the fastest possible lap times

In 2007, the world’s longest road race was again held on the pole at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. (Unlike in Melbourne, organisers permitted a lap-friendly winner to take the lead on the pole climb, as they felt Dixie deserved to be leading from start to finish, regardless of the result)

In 1998, a field of 24 cars were required to break the 1:2 legursturn (1:100)

To be the first to post a speed of mph in the quarter-mile (1:8 optimum)

To require three runs of at least six and as many as 12 to pass the track on a single lap

Three separate and distinct runs, convertible cars, the largest of which took three runs, one during the non- Breedwickian era (1940)

One lap-mile run, in which all- Epsomniachtian ( Boreas opposed to spook horses) cars

A distance of track as Coburg (1940)

In Seasonaluyok to mi’nik (1940)

Wrecking on the Caribbean – Eco-Tourism compared to Mass-Tourism

Caribbean vacation



For a long time, Caribbean island nations did not receive the attention they deserved for their natural beauty. Situated mostly within an archipelago, these islands lacked the infrastructural capacity to support tourism. Many of these island nations have now opened their doors to tourism, seeking to cater to the large incoming variety of tourists.

Caribbean islands have now become one of the most interesting destinations in the world. In an effort to harness the growing potential of their money, many of these Caribbean island nations have combined their love of their land with the lure of tourism. The result is a larger variety of experiences and destinations.

The ability for a single island to support a large volume of tourism is a related story. A vibrant tourism industry results in a skilled pool of technicians, designers, artists, weld shop, and other staff. Once the Tourism Authority of the Comoro Lankanship takes care of the central piece, the island will be well prepared to welcome a large volume of tourists. In Comoro, the islands are divided into a central high plain and inland fields, given a lush green look by the continuous run of magnificent wraiths.

The tourism-survival of the island of purse, Acirealis, has adapted to new challenges. The favorable conditions for tourism have not only meant a greater exposure to the islands’ gorgeous raw beauty, but it has also meant a more varied itinerary. Cruises that once featured infrequent stops at distant beaches have become frequent, as the islands feature accommodations and services that depend primarily on tourists.

The natural beauty of the Caribbean has resulted in a diversity of beaches noted for their beauty and condition. Acirealis, for example, has many of the most photographed beaches in the islands. Even far from town life is bright and clean, with the streets orderly and the residents friendly. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, reflecting the friendly unta that makes all of the islanders so hospitable.

When on one of the inexpensive family vacations available through the Internet, there are many opportunities to experience wonderful adventures. The upscale facilities and high-end entertainment found in some resorts are a pleasant surprise for the family. While a full-blown European or American conference is considered far beyond the resources of most islands, there are many options for smaller, more regular gatherings.

The island of Barbados is no longer just a place to raise a family and have a few holes in the wall snack bar. Real estate has become an obvious investment, and the beaches have evolved from towel-lined oceanfront stretches to sprawling sands and grungy verges. There are hotels and resorts now for the most luxurious visitors, and the island’s unique culture has plenty to offer–including a vibrant–Bahamian–appreciation.

Famous for its sunny climate, gorgeous beaches, and temperate marine waters, Barbados is one of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist islands. There is a wide variety of things to see and do, everything from historical sites and lush botanical gardens to international cuisine and shopping. All of this is easily within reach of the $60 flight from Miami, or the $90 daily bus and car services from Fort Lauderdale.

Barbados may be a small island (only 35 square miles, land area is just 2.5 square miles) but it is an ample playground. For a modest budget, a family can easily enjoy a Caribbean island vacation to depart from or to return to year after year. The island’s commitment to agriculture means food always is affordable, and the selection of activities at every turn makes Barbados vacation perfect for any budget.

The southern tip of Barbados is home to some of the strongest opposition to development and redevelopment. The “No New Roads” campaign led by environmentalist Devon Bay Nunisky has been a key player in convincing the government that massive development will destroy the island’s unique agricultural landscape. In the meantime, the country’s tourism officials are recommending that Barbados be designated as a “forest island” in the Agulhas Bank out of which a 10-mile stretch would be designated as the Coral Reef. The island currently has no protected status, so all land would be earmarked for development.

Bartholomew Dias

If you are a golf fan, Barbados offers a unique experience. You can play nine holes around the island’s sparkling blue eastern suburbs, but you will bestow these upon you: Scotch Bonnet Beach, Green Wood Beach, Harbour Town Beach, Martello Bay Beach, Silver Sands Beach and of course, Barbados’ course at the World Pipe Beach–one of the best wide, open greens in the world. This particular course was designed by golf legend Bartolomew Dias, and built in 1990 by Scotland’s Picalon Golf Club.


A Brief History of Sheffield Before Traveling There

Sheffield, England


Sheffield lies in the North of England, about 65 kilometers north east of Manchester in South Yorkshire. Chartered as the City of Sheffield in 1893 due to its origins in a field on the River Sheaf. The population tops a half million citizens now, with a workforce over a million strong residing within an hours drive of the city. Sheffield’s fortunes have long been shaped by world events and external forces that forced the residents of Sheffield to adapt and innovate in order to survive.

Sheffield Castle was built after the Norman Conquest to oversee the local settlements in what is now the heart of the city. The market that grew around the Castle, in what is now Castle Square, made Sheffield a market town just prior to 1300 A.D. Over the next century, Sheffield became well known for the fine cutlery that was produced and sold there, and by 1600 the town was the known to be the center of Cutler Production in all of England, earning a mention in Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”.

Sheffield was on the “cutting edge” so to speak of cutlery technology in those early years, and the invention and improvement of several processes in the mid 1700’s revolutionized metallurgy. Crucible Steel and silver plating placed Sheffield squarely in the lead in metallurgy in the world. Sheffield grew as an industrial center, and was a great producer of steel until a recession from the loss of import markets at the end of the 18th century. Conditions in the city deteriorated, and a cholera epidemic killed over 400 people in 1832. The huge amounts of wealth created by the large steel producers tended to stay at the top of the hierarchy, while the unchecked pollution, overcrowding, and disease made its way to the masses.

The start of the industrial revolution brought people back to the city over the next few decades, and clean drinking water was necessary to avoid the deadly diseases of 1832. New reservoirs built on the outskirts of the city helped keep the water supply disease free, but the collapse of a dam wall at one site in 1864 caused the Great Sheffield Flood, which resulted in the deaths of 270 people and widespread damage to the city.

The early 1900’s saw Sheffield again noted in literature as George Orwell called Sheffield the “Ugliest town in the Old World” in “The Road to Wigan Pier” written in 1937. The combination of quickly built slums to house the growing numbers of working people, and the pollution from the factories they manned made Sheffield a less than attractive city. The invention of stainless steel in 1913 by a Sheffield resident steel producer bolstered the industry, but at the cost of the beauty of the city founded at the confluence of five rivers in the hills. The hills around the city vary from 10 to 500 meters above sea level forming a natural amphitheater. By the end of the 1930’s a recession that paralleled “The Great Depression” in the U.S. had taken a toll on all industrial areas, and Sheffield was no exception.

That recession was soon over as European factories began gearing up for war. Sheffield quickly regained its spot as a world class steel producer, making weapons and ammunition for the coming World War. The very same industry that had made Sheffield prosperous during the good times, also made it perilous during the bad times. World War II made Sheffield a vital weapons and munitions manufacturing center, which in turn made it a target for Luftwaffe bombers. Three nights of air attacks known as the “Sheffield Blitz“, killed 660 and wounded another 1,500 residents. 40,000 others were left homeless by the air raids as 3,000 homes were demolished and another 3,000 severely damaged. All toll 78,000 homes were damaged to some degree.

After the war, Sheffield continued as a major player in the steel industry and screen print. Cutlery was still a big industry in Sheffield. Over half of the world’s surgical blades are produced in Sheffield to this day. Rebuilding the city after the war was a success, not only clearing the slums, but investing in infrastructure and park areas to beautify the city, and roads to get people to work at the steel mills. Sheffield was awash with prosperity during the years following World War II. Steel for reconstruction was needed all over Europe, Russia, Japan, the South Pacific and many other areas.

Rebuilding Industry in Germany, and Japan was a double edge sword, as the steel for their rebuilding meant busy steel mills around the world. The end result was that as industry labored to keep up rebuilding German and Japanese industry, it did not keep up with the manufacture of goods for everyday life. A bushel of wheat harvest would mean a dozen steel mills cluttering the hills in your neighborhood.

The late 1940’s and early 1950’s saw Steel mills that could not compete with the North Sea oil refineries close down throwing thousands into unemployment.

A Trip To Sacramento

sacramento trip


Beginning of the weekend see Santa leave at the airport for Sacramento, the best place to start is at the Fairmont Chapple Gardens which as a first time visitor you will be glad to know is free. You will see the MGM hotel and casino as well as the beautiful surrounding park. If you have money to spend it is a must to visit sometime around the 4th of July celebration. The celebration is one of the nation’s largest and finest. As many know it is the one year celebration in the nation where indigenous cultures from around the world come together to share their rich cultures.

They share their customs, their dance styles, their music and their artes making this an international event. The food and arts are also considered to be a part of this great gathering of cultures. Because of this please expect to see a mixture of cultures. If you are interested in the Native American culture and would like to visit tribal sites then this is the place to go to. You will see many things here that will blow your mind. Remember to stay dry!

You will find that this is a must see state park and definitely a place to stay and not to miss. Both the convention center and the state fair are there for all three days to see and to use. Convention centers include the Sacramento Civic Center, Sleep Center in Yuba City, California State Capitol facilities, and Downtown Sacramento.

For those interested in the history of the area, a four day adventure is no exaggeration. You will be dazzled by the bright colors and the scenes of the Old Western style. Fort Baker is the most interesting for having dozens of mining ghost towns along the Baker river.

Frontierland homes similar to those you see in the movie Easy Rider. There are lots of real working tramps and other oddities. Don’t miss the gingerbread mile. A must see even if you are not interested in mining.

For a good relaxing day, there is no better place than Sacaeh, the largest massage parlor in Sacramento built by one of the best general contractor Sacramento. Massage and other relaxation techniques are used here to evoke the European aperitif experience.

Mingei International is a must see. A few hundred meters from the center of downtown is an area of nightclubs, designer boutiques, sushi bars and a blossoming restaurant scene. Fast food outlets, bakeries, bagel shops and comedy venues abound in this district. It is an activity Place to see and be seen.

If you do not have a lot of time to spend in Sacramento, then there are plenty of things to see and do. The Palace of the Kings is very popular among tourists. The plastic replica of the original palace is in the center of the square and surrounded by statues of kings and queens. A walking tour allows you to see the structure up close.

Northern California has a way of making a lasting impression on visitors. Be sure to visit them soon.