The Best Places to Go on Vacation

Disney world vacation



These are some of the most amazing places to go on vacation if you really want to chill out over the weekends. They don’t have to cost an arm and leg either. These are some of the best hotels to go to that are not just super expensive. They are also super nice and clean.

Budgeting is the most important step in getting a great vacation so you will want to do the best you can. Because you’re still on vacation if you spent a quarter of your time in bed. You may want to stay in a hotel that allows animals in. I know that your best friends tried to get you to stay at a hotel that they planned to go to but you finally said no. Why not this time.

You have to be careful that you don’t ruin your trip by making a costly mistake.

We found the perfect time to take our midwestern family vacation. It was super cheap to get out of town and we have not been to Disneyworld or anywhere in that area. To top it off we stayed at a bed and breakfast which meant we got our first good night of sleep in a long time.

All we had to do was show up and off we went. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny. It was just the right time of year to go to Florida. Just something we have to mention.

Our hotel was the Grand Floridian which is one of the top class properties in Disney World, and had one of the best Hospitality designer in the world based in the interior design. It was near Magic Kingdom and had a large water pool. The room was huge and well decorated. The beds were very comfortable as was the bathroom. The only problem we found was the general cleanliness of some of the rooms.

There were some dishcloths and some furniture that were in bad condition. We also had to elevation the bed from the ground floor to the upper floor. Something we noticed when doing our home work. There were some dirty dishware pieces on the upper floor that obviously were not cleaned since they were wet. Our room faced west and the curtains were open so we could see a total floor coverage of about 100 square feet. There was very heavy pool debris in this area which we cleaned up after we got back to the hotel.

There are many things to write about as far as our room goes. The only thing we have to praise the shine of the room is the fact that there was no blue lime water. Also, there were many black spots on the walls that we are sure were mosquito bites. Some of the draw cards for staying at this hotel were: many, many pool towels, excellent ocean views, peace and quiet, nice and clean poolside bars and restaurants.

Traveling with one piece of luggage is advantageous to the individual that has made the journey. The hotel rooms, as previously mentioned, are lovely and all but the most expensive rooms that are occupied. We were very glad we had taken a couple of pieces of luggage on this trip. The hotel was overbooked, as they cannot sell the rooms they do not have.

Because we traveled with our purse and backpack, we were able to spend a lot of time in the island restaurants at O-hana’s. This is a delicious restaurant close to the beach and we were enjoying our meal. Two of our group members were from Chicago. They had a wonderful weekend away and we thoroughly enjoyed our meals.

A luxurious spa weekend was planned for later in the afternoon. We had a treat break at the North Sails Spa and a detox spa at the Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark. We drank champagne in the afternoon and dinner as we took the ferry over to Disney Springs. We used the net to find a good restaurant and settled in for our evening.

We were tired and happy to be back to our normal lives. We plan to head back to Chicago on a positive note and hopefully will stash the mini bus the kids spotted running around. Miss seeing the open mind and the open heart on our trip – going back to the Windy City.

A Visit to Spain and India

trip to Spain


Spain is a fantastic destination for holiday makers. From the North to South, the countryside and coast give way to magnificent Murcia and Costa Brava beaches and the varied geography makes visiting easy. With such a diverse landscape, there is so much to explore and discover. This article looks at visiting Spain via a train travel route, to give you a feel for what Spain has on offer.

Not for the faint hearted.

There is no shortage of places that you can travel to in Spain, but you would be surprised how many people don’t know that Spain has an coastline almost entirely surrounded by sea. Having tasted the ocean on many a beach excursion, you will find that Spain is a great place for you to explore on two feet! The delightful climate in this country makes any time of the year a good time to visit. June to October is the best time to travel. The sea is lowest in this region and conditions are good throughout the year.

prominent features.

With a coastline so spectacular, you may find that some of your best holiday memories come from sailing along its full length. Major features include the sparkling sea surrounded promenade, the golden sands and the tiny islands. Yesterday, the press was rife with stories about a new kind of holiday; the “floating hotel” in Spain. developing innovative ways to float holiday establishments.

If it’s good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for anyone.

In 2007, the Floating Hotel hits the seaside: the brand newabbashare atingle house for sight-seeing along the Costas. From bathers to moments away from the beach, the Floating Hotel experiences fresh and true Balearic hospitality. Made possible by computers, satellites, and advanced engineering, the Floating Hotel is a credit to the emergent technology of the twenty first century.


Spas and resorts book offerings to suit individual needs and Florentine-sized arrangements are often ideal for small groups. The ideal spa accommodation is close to a city centre and within easy reach of the best beaches. However, they are currently doing some floor demolition. The Wild Coast resort is a beautiful setting in the Catalan Parc and is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in the area with close to 400 kilometres of coastline.

The magic of a floating hotel.

From the comfort of your floating hotel, select from a variety of coni and spa holidays. On land or at sea, choose the floating hotel experience or try one of the many fine cuisine spa dinners: Greek to Scandalous French, Indian to Asian; the Rising Sun restaurant has almost an ocean of choice at discount prices.

Trip to Goa: India

One of the most popular destinations in India, Goa has something for everyone and continues to be as popular today as it was when it was an unassailable travel destination from ages ago. The beaches along the 500 km coastline and the greenishes of the agarbatti – the beautiful pond one of the world’s few ancient systems of fresh water navigation have earned this locality the reputation of containing the world’s longest and deepest canals. Put this at the top of the list of destinations to discover and relax.

The capital of Goa, Panaji, is a visual and cultural icon of the state with a history of more than 1500 years. The city founded by Portuguese traders stretches along the south-western shore of the Sal sand dunes and is today a Students oti(nomadic) cuisine, culture and tourism hub.

Exploring Goa and the backwaters is full of little towns full of tradition and cosmopolitan vivacity. Konark Sun Temple is among the most popular and you can explore the world’s largest idol of Lord Vishnu. The forts and palaces spread across the state are worth visiting and there is a definite shopping overload in the city. rather than from one end of the country to another you could feel at home in Goa.

Reaching Goa:

With its carriers Goa International Airport and Dona Paula, which connects to connectivity with all the major cities of India and neighboring countries. Regular flights to Goa from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata (all laid down in Goa) cater to the needs of the business traveller. The best route for the native tourist is to follow the Soichara Road. The capital city of Goa has a pedestrian friendly street network and a system of large dual-tone heraldic arches, the so well remembered that yet so unfamiliar.

The most convenient way to reach to Goa from the South is by air. The two international airports Bambolim and Mahabaleshwar are very nearby. The number of targeted airlines running Goa packages and the Goa hotel leasings ensure fast and comfortable access. All airlines have their Goa flight accessibility and therefore it’s very safe to say that you will be easily found Goa flights.

A Palm Beach Vacation

Palm Beach Vacation


There are actually two parts to this beach playground, Palm Beach County and Palm Beach Island, and both have so much to offer. The Palm Beach County destination is often campy and outrageous, but don’t let that put you off. If you have the opposite problem, however, it probably means you need to go to the Palm Beach Island section of this paradise.

PALM BEACH – What an odd combination. Surfers prefer the waves to the north, which fall off extremely quickly and provide enormous Stanford pumped waves. Skilled competitors from around the globe global set up waterslides and stand on platforms and surf the Stanford waves. Even without the waterfalls, the Palm Beach County beach is a good deal. Sea caves add interest and a sense of adventure. The grassy areas are packed with joggers and bikers, who buzz around on their docks. If you take a little walk through the neighborhoods, you’ll find some historic homes and a feel for the architecture andOld Town. Some say the best beach is to be found in Castle‑Hill, but other folks Says it’s the Surfers’ Club Beach.

PALM DESERT Cafe Italia is noted as one of the best Italian restaurants in the area. They have a wonderful five-course lunch buffet, which is a Proper meal, but dinner is $75.00 per person ($23.00 for a max of $32.00). Note this is a dress code.

Nowhere in Florida do you find a lot of paved roads, but Palm Beach has several, especially around the beach areas. Some of the finest ones are:

“The marble-topped Lincoln Road, has a clearance of $300 all the way around its milelong length. Way off the end, you get to Lighthouse Point. Hotels usually have outdoor heated pools and spa services. Lot’s of junk food, sit down diners, high end shopping and grand hotels abound along this road.

“The Canyon Road, a forty mile stretch, is for the fit and for the adventurous. Lots of high cabinets line the sides of the canyon. Nice little snack bars abound in these little towns.

“For a variety of motels and lodges, there are several country inns along the coast, along the marina. This is not country for the faint of heart! But it is definitely worth a visit!

Lawn Chair RV is a restaurant, which serves a wonderful lunch buffet, which is excellent for people following a good meal, and it’s right next to the best Palm Beach Accountant if you need your taxes done.

The opposite side of the Florida Gulf Coast are the tourist beaches. This is where Palm Beach County and Orlando England lurk. Tourists are sometimes less than welcoming. Antiquarians and Holocaust victims sometimes stand alongside expectant parents, separated by a few hundred miles. And on traveling around the district, expect to be pulled over, twice, by police who want to check your identification.

Most famous for the song, “Two Old Men,” Palm Beach County overlooks the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Each Palm Beach County resident has his or her own website, which allows the visitor to dine by the seaside restaurants and view a really terrific 360 degree panoramic view of the region.

Modern high rise buildings are in danger of losing their relevance in the area as the setting for so many beach weddings is moving downtown. A residence located on a fantastic full moon night can cost $500,000, and there are many new high rise buildings and a new downtown Renaissance Mall. Sunset Beach, in the northern part of Palm Beach County, has traditionally been a nice place to visit and is still a great place to take a vacation during the winter, but to get there you have to drive through Eagle Rock. Many of the houses and signs are painted in bright colors of yellow, red and silver, and many of the roads are named after the original settlers of the area, including the vitamins of Hemlock. Unfortunately, many of these personality traits are lost in the mainstream informational websites.

The cool coastal breeze from the gulf stream and the age old sea breezes mixing with the ocean currents provide a invigorating, healthy air flow. Sit out on the deck of a houseboat in the ocean breeze one evening and watch for dolphins, estuaries and other wildlife in their natural habitat. You can be pretty sure that you’re viewing parts of the local sea life that have been lost in the many thousands of lost manmade islands that have been built up around the coastal areas by unish townships. Lost in these islands are the fresh water springs, an abundance of marine life and wonderful recreational activities.

For the more adventurous, there are several ways to travel around the coastal areas.


The Natural Beauty of Marbella

Marbella Vacation


This quaint old town is barely 6 kilometers from the impressive resort of Puerto de la Cruz, which makes it a tempting day trip. Its natural beauty, however, makes it a must-visit destination.


The town’s heartland is the Valley of the Scenery fiesta, which is only slightly dampened by modern building. You’ll also find the remarkable Valley of the Attraction of El Salto, where you can still see parts of an ancient, still imagining irrigation system. The main road is also called Via Blanca in an attempt to explain the shape of the valley.

Marbella Botanical Gardens

With 2,000 species of plants and varying degrees of humidity, Marbella Botanical Garden is a grand place to visit while in the area. Some paths will lead you to tiny galleries.

Traveling around the town

A Marbella tour isn’t complete without visiting the town’s centre. Wheelchair-bound tables can be hired at several cafes and restaurants with commercial kitchen design, and you’ll find a range of luxury shops, though most of the major brands are represented. If you visit in the summer, you can cool down with a refreshing refreshing drink in the Teles murals, provided by local artists.

Ancestral Sites

While you’re in Marbella, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the historic Old Town, succumbing to its teaming streets and charming centuries-old architecture. You can also take a brief excursion to the Sierra de Gredos, located in the heart of Marbella, which was built in the 1940s by hikers who were challenging the pass of Sierra de Tejeda, in the adjacent mountain range. Sierra de Gredos is accessible year-round as a part of Marbella’s Eco-Tourism de Costa del Sol.

Situated at the foot of the Sierra de Gredos, the town of Lloret de Mar is a comity of towns delights visitors, with its beautiful que cobalt blue tiles and golden-sand beaches. It is also a renowned centre for art and craft-makers – a reputation owed partly to thejiang Valley’s artistic and craft-making community. After leaving Lloret de Mar, you can visit the Sierra de Mijas, which has become a artistic quarter after being abandoned for years. Here, you can step into the past and see what life was like in the city in the 1950s.

The Sierra de Mijas is also a key site in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. In the 16th century, it was a frontier town, but in the next two centuries, it became a royal preserve, guarded at its foot by oresund the castle ofLos Molinos. In the modern age, it has become a retreat for artists, loners, and families.

Exploring the ancient city

Marbella is in the Costa del Sol region of southern Spain, at the bottom of a steep mountain range. Its architecture displays the Neolithic, early Christian, and Arabic influences on architecture. Marbella is a great place to see the amazing architecture of the Costa del Sol region, where eclectic architectural styles abound. From Romanesque churches to seven-story hotels, you will find it difficult to resist.

Alhama, the ancient capital of Muslim Spain, still stands strong today. You can still see part of the walls that stood between the city and the Moroccan village of Tarifa, today. Cleaving the city in two, two ten-story additions were built as the city’s new hotels in the 17th century. This feat of engineering saved Marbella from destruction when the harbor was flooded by the Byzantines in 1287.

The views from the old city are astonishing. Theicals vast Mosque can be seen from miles around. Tarifa has become Marbella’s hub of activity. The narrow streets are alive with activity. This is the place to be for anyone who loves nightlife – until the sun goes down.

Marbella has become the center of activity for the whole Costa del Sol area. You can moor your car at the Marbella Marina and try to get around. Take a trip up the Sierra Crest, which has stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. There are great golf courses inuma. unjust mountain, at the crest of a mountain. You can also try the challenging sport of kiteboarding at Brava Beach.

Costa del Sol has wonderful beaches, picturesque palaces, museums, and plenty of wonderful food. Although, if you tire of the beach, you can easily make your way to the Sierra Almijara and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. These areas are spectacular!

The catamarans, also known as canal boats, have brought the area into the 20th century in a huge way.


How to Make The Best Of Your Vacation

have the best vacation


Admittedly, vacations are more special because it’s the only time we get to take precautions and still enjoy ourselves. Nevertheless, when you’re too tired or stressed out to enjoy yourself, it becomes very easy to cancel your trips. Remember that even though travel is teeming with fun and sheer joy, it’s also very important to be smart and realize that ‘best case scenario’ doesn’t always match up with reality.

The fact is, most of the time, when we’re on our hectic professional and personal duties, we don’t always find the time to practice ‘best’ travel mentality. That’s why it’ll most likely be a nice and comfortable experience despite the scattered issues you may have to deal with every time you set foot on a foreign soil.  When people build a house they hire the best in architecture homes design.  So the same goes for having the best vacation.

Traveling is best practiced in small groups. Traveling in a group allows you to maximize your interaction and buys you the benefit of a well-informed crowd. Even when travelling in a group, people have to stick together to share a memorable experience. Best of all, you’ll never run out of memorable travel tips and perspectives.

Always be prepared to face technology challenges. Mobile communication would’ve been useful while planning the trip to Cape Cod, but it will be a different story going to Los Angeles! You definitely would’ve missed the boat by not taking recognizing the frequent Flamingo glimpses from the beach. You definitely would’ve missed the waves breaking due to the increased air fares to the beach.

Get connected to the team that created the tour. Find out how they reached their destination and how they got there in the first place. By doing so, you would learn of the little known spots that can actually make your vacation more interesting. You can even buy a little scrapbook at the resort once you’re done.

Traveling by public means doesn’t have to be a drag. When you have a little extra cash on hand, you can opt to cut costs by going on organized sightseeing tours. You also stand a better chance of finding discounts as long as your itinerary is unique. There are too many places that only offer regular tours and not vacation packages. Instead of going on a regular tour, pick up a Puerto Vallarta vacation package.

Furthermore, instead of going to Puerto Vallarta on your vacation, opt for a private yacht charter instead. Few visitors will forget to compare and contrast the richness of the beaches in Banderas Bay against the opulence of the resorts in Puerto Vallarta, including aspects of service, dining, and facilities.

You can also get a good overview of the city by traversing the city on two wheels. After unpacking your luggage, you can hit the beaches immediately after. If you don’t have a lot of time for swimming, you can also walk from the bay to the downtown for a brisk walk that will get your blood flowing again.

What are the things that make Puerto Vallarta special? The answer is simple. Boating, beaching, a shopping spree, a section of the beach for snorkeling, and evening feasts are just a few. Also consider that Puerto Vallarta is only 45 minutes away from international beaches – Playa del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas – both have great stretches of sand as well as interesting Mexican-themed eateries.

My Plan

My plan for a long weekend getaway wasn’t especially regarding what I would do once I arrived. I simply had a long weekend and I wanted to get as much exposure to the area during my vacation. I figured I’d probably eat in the Pedas Hotels and hit up local clubs, bars and shops for mementos.

All that being said, let’s talk resorts. Let’s talk lounges. Forget the club scene. Forget the lineups and delays. This is supposed to be a relaxing vacation. What can be better than lounging away in a warm Costa Rica sun while you sip on a cold Malbec? Nothing.

My Other Outcome

In addition to the great views, the warm sand and pristine beaches, there is a lot to do in Costa Rica. You can hike, Archaeological tours, Casino tours, Visit canopy hotels, canopy gardens, excursions to Monteverde and Santa Elena, and so much more.

That’s not all that my explorations in Costa Rica have brought me. I have evolved a newfound appreciation for all life. The people in the coastal villages were amazing people with good hearts. My kind of people.

When I stay in Costa Rica, I always make sure to step foot outside. I love the feeling of the crisp mountain air on my face as I am walking through the remains of a large mangrove forest. I am in luck because there is a wide variety of bird life in this region.


Beautiful and Historic Bulgaria

Bulgaria Vacation Tips


Occupying the eastern area of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria is bordered by Romania to the north; the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west, the Black Sea to the east and Greece to the south. The Balkan ranges, which traverse the country offer excellent trekking and bike trails and are ideal for the adventure traveller.

The topography of Bulgaria is very varied, with magnificent mountain ranges and high peaks sitting alongside lush meadows, temperate Alpine valleys and the great plains of the sea. The breathtaking backdrop of the mountains, almost all covered in the gloom of everlasting night, is most memorable.

Bulgaria can appear to have come out of nowhere; in fact the country was not even a recognized European state until 1989. The impact of the surely massive changes that occurred throughout the country forced many to change the name of the country for better or worse. In the case of Bulgaria, turning of the old name was welcomed as it was seen as a break from the other countries of the former Eastern Bloc.

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia and it is a vibrant, bustling city with exciting nightlife and plenty of historical sites to visit. Some of Bulgaria’s most important dynasty is buried here, including Babrak Ashevhodiras, who was the first Bulgarian king, elected as the head of a puppet government in 988 AD.  Sofia recently went through a debt restructure and came out much stronger.

trendy bars, restaurants and clubs welcome visitors to soak up the lively atmosphere of Sofia, a city that seems to have more going on than London!

One of Bulgaria’s proudest boasts is that it has more than Sydney. Mountains, forests and deep valleys combine to create one of the most breathtaking sceneries imaginable.

Bulgaria can satisfy any nature lover’s taste, and offers plenty to do even if you aren’t a nature lover. Horse riding through the Greco-Roman mountains is a memorable experience. Skiing in the resort of Kambia is a great way to relax after an intensive glacier trek. Or you may prefer a relaxing cruise down the Amazon, stopping to visit the rainforests, the wildlife and the many tribes who live close to its rivers.

The pristine beaches of Bulgaria are, for the most part, pristine. If you’re interested in visiting the beach resorts of Bulgaria, you will find a large number of them on the Black Sea coast. Places to stay include beach hotels, hotels by the beach and beach resorts. Beaches that attract many tourists include such well-known places as Sunny Beach, Beach Bars, Atlantis Beach Club, and C disco.

Bulgaria has a vibrant nightlife; it was voted one of the top 10 nightspots in the world for a very good reason! There are a large number of clubs in Bulgaria; next to Prague, Athens and Amsterdam, the clubs of Bulgaria are the most spread out and therefore the quality of customers who can be found enjoying their evenings is excellent. Some of the clubs in Bulgaria are practically remnants of an old building with floors falling down and a whole other scene going on below them. Like in LA, it’s not hard to find a great club with tons of youth flowing through the door, and if you’ve got the right connections, there’s even the potential of a once in a lifetime party on a cruise ship at night!

With a large coastline running from the north to the south, the climate is more or less perfect for beach holidays. Usually, the clear coast with lots of blue waters means beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. These beaches may be on the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast, or may be on the Black Sea side of Bulgaria’s coastline. Whichever side of the coastline you are on, you will find consistently warm and welcoming bays.

Bulgaria’s coastline is spectacular. Seven seas are coves that extend from the coast for kilometers down to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Black Sea side of the coast easily reaches the dramatic island of Atlantis. Many people mistakenly believe that Atlantis is just off the south coast of Bulgaria. Nothing could be further from the truth. Atlantis is found off the northern coast of Bulgaria and only a knowledgeable Convert could help you with locating its exact location.

If you are interested in experiencing the amazing sights and enjoying the peaceful tranquility of Bulgaria, convert to the opportunity of a lifetime and consider a cruise holiday that will allow you to experience all the wonder.


The Best Hotels by Beaches

The Best Hotels by Beaches

  You need to find a hotel that’s right for you and your family. You need one that’s going to make sure you have a good time and has all the necessary requirements for an enjoyable vacation.   A vacation which was very expensive, so you’re going to want to make sure you get the most out of what you payed. One of the things you’re not going to live without is a hotel that is close to the beach, maybe even on the beach. So, for your enjoyment and convenience, here is a neatly compiled list of the best hotels near beaches.  

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

  Four Seasons has delivered another spectacular hotel with the Four Seasons Resort Maui located in Wailea. This island paradise on the beach is something that you and the family don’t want to miss out on, with its amazing décor, dining, and fun activities that everyone can enjoy. There is a lot of things that you can do here, and there is such a diversity in the activities that it won’t be hard to find something fun to do, even for those stubborn ones.   You can explore the island to your hearts content, finding adventure and excitement trough vast nature and alluring foliage. You can visit the skies in one of the hotels helicopter tours or take a dip in the ocean underwater to explore the sea life. You can see dolphins and whales as they swim next to you in the great big ocean, and you can relax on the beach as the sun sets. No matter what you chose to do at the resort, you will find the fun, relaxation, and excitement that every trip to Hawaii should be.  

Faena Hotel at Miami Beach

  Florida, home to some of the most famous beaches in the world. One of those beaches is the Miami Beach, one that you’ve probably heard of from the big screen, and one of the best hotels on it is the Faena Hotel. This resort is one of my favorites, it has so many amazing amenities, and the sights that you can see from your room are just spectacular. You can look out and see the Florida sun rise each morning your there, and then see it go down before you go to bed. It’s an amazing way to go to sleep, seeing that, then resting your head on a comfortable pillow.   The hotel has plenty of dining options available, most of it targeted to the fancier category of people, which is amazing as it gives guests a sense of sophistication that they wouldn’t normally have. The hotel also likes to host special events, like weddings, parties, reunions occasionally, great for any kind of large scale meet up that you might want to have. This is a great place if you’re looking for one of the best hotels on a beach.    

The Breakers Palm Beach

  Another amazing beach that you’ve probably heard of from Florida, is the Palm beach. This beach is aptly named for the assortment and quantity of palm trees located on its premises. The waves are usually great to swim in, occasionally getting a little rough due to the rainy season down there, and the sand is nice and clean with its magical looks.   The hotel itself, The Breakers, is a hotel that prides itself on luxury. Full of elegance and sophistication it will make you feel like royalty as they help you get settled into your rooms. The views from the hotel are also spectacular as it sits right on the beach, you could walk out the back door and hit the waves in less than a minute.   It has plenty of dining options available, restaurants that give class, some that hand out the tropical feel, and bars to give an exciting night life. This is a great place to pick if you’re looking for a hotel on the beach. the views alone would be worth it, the wind whipping through the palm trees with the ocean back drop will make you feel like a pirate on the high seas.  They also have birds for sale that you can take home.  

The Cloister at Sea Island

  The Cloister at Sea Island prides itself with two things, tons of fun for everyone, and elegance that treats you like a visiting diplomat. There specialty is on there spacious private property, once you book a room you won’t have anyone bothering you, isn’t that wonderful, a real actual break from reality.   You can visit the beach every day you stay, and you can do so after an amazing breakfast in bed or in one of their Sea Island restaurants when you stay there. You can go boating on the ocean or snorkeling with the fish, maybe take a trip on a ferry to see the sights. There are many options for you to choose form and all made to keep you relaxed.   You can do fun recreational activities on their private beaches, do anything you want on the water, maybe go golfing on the land if that’s something you like to do, even better you can take a day at their amazing spa and really unwind. Like many others on this list, The Cloister is one of the best hotels you could pick.  

The Setai at Miami Beach

  This oceanfront resort is an intimate, serene resort in the middle of Miami Beach. Its architectural design is made to blend in with the history of Florida and give you the chance to experience beach fun in the best way possible.   They also take a certain pride in their dip into Asian culture, using international deco art, and creating a modern Japanese restaurant called the Jaya, which is a delicious invitation to try some traditional dishes from Asia. The beach is only a few seconds away from the hotel, just walk out the door and you’re ready to jump in.   With tons or recreational activities to choose from and extremely comfortable rooms to relax in, this is one of the best on our list. You can find everything you could want on a trip through this luxury hotel, and the adventures that it offers with its amazing dedication to its guests.  

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

  This resort is as beautiful as the beach it sits on. The Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa is an all-around package for the whole family. You take a trip to the spa and relax after a fun day at the beach exploring the ocean and laying on the sand to soak up some sun.   The resort has tons of swimming pools to choose form if you don’t want to head out in the salt water. It has a relaxed elegance to it that you would be hard pressed to find somewhere else. The private beach is a must see, as I said before, and you could have tons of things to do there, they let you take boats out onto the water and they offer tours for you to see the sights.   The dining is world class, the delicious food from each restaurant tempting and filling when you walk by them. You can take a seat at anyone at any time of the day your there and have a delicious meal to compliment your amazing day at the beach and resort.  

Fairmont Orchid at Hawaii

  This resort on the beach has some pretty amazing stuff. One of the things that the Fairmont Orchid boasts about, besides being located in Hawaii, is the fact that it has an amazing buffet for its guests. Its menu changes constantly throughout the week, giving the guests a diverse pallet to explore and find out if they like anything new from the everyday normal.   You can explore the island you’re staying at to find some adventure, or you can call for a guided tour to explain the history that you’re walking through. Maybe you could even sign up for a helicopter tour and really get a good look at the sights of nature surrounding you form the sky.   The beaches at the resort are of course magical, Hawaii being the most tropical vacation spot in the world, its really not surprising for guests to imagine any kind of fantasy they would have there.  

The Ritz-Carlton at Kapalua

  The Ritz-Carlton at Kapalua is one of the best beachfront resorts on this list and had been making lists since its opening. It’s an escape to the golden beaches, championship golfing, and local dining that anyone could use to forget about reality for a little while. It’s all play there at the Ritz-Carlton, you wouldn’t have to worry about work or anything stressful for the entire duration of your stay.   The resort itself is inspired by its location, Kapalua being one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit, it has tons of great sights to see. The resort has a tropical look to it, blending in with its surroundings, making it apart of the beautiful nature its home too.   The dining at the resort is also amazing with each restaurant giving you the tropical dishes that you need from your vacation. The rooms are made with the point of relaxation and comfort, so you can get a good night sleep, and the pools are there to cool you off after a relaxing day of sunbathing on the beach.  

Stephanie Inn

  The Stephanie inn‘s name is a little plain on paper, but the actual resort is something of magic. The beach side views and the excellence of the resort itself weave a beautifully crafts look of magic for your entire stay.   The excellent rooms while a little smaller than the others on this list all have a private balcony for you to enjoy the sunrise and sunset of the beach, you can sit there with your love ones and take in the amazing smell of the sea as you talk about the day.   The resort has a full range spa treatment for all the guests and serves pacific northwest cuisine for all to enjoy. It’s an amazing place to stay, and some of my friend’s personal choice on where they would want to go.  

The Inn Above Tide

  The Inn Above Tide sounds as fancy as its name. The beach side views are amazing and even better when you walk through the door to the sandy sea front to take in the ocean spray. You can jump right in without any worries at this resort, there excellent customer service handling everything you shouldn’t be stressing out about.   They can fix a kind of mistakes in your rooms, plan your entire day, or set up any kind of event that you could want to experience. That is some excellent service they provide there, and one of the reasons it’s on this list, you’ll feel completely pampered and spoiled when you visit.   The dining is also incredible with its variety of dishes for you and the family to enjoy, each one a new mouth-watering creation by the professional chefs they hired for their kitchens. You can’t so no to any of the meals they crafted, but you will have a very hard time picking which ones you want to try.  

The Ritz-Carlton at Fort Lauderdale

  The Ritz-Carlton does it again with this next beach side resort located at Fort Lauderdale Florida. The epitome of relaxation and rest can be found at this classy place of history, you won’t find any trouble, worries, or stress here at this fun filled resort.   They have a variety of activities for you to choose from, like tours, boat rentals, and more, you won’t have any trouble making arrangements either as the service here is impeccable. The dining is just as good as there service as you try dish upon dish with new flavors in each one.   The multitude of choice that you’ll find at the Ritz-Carlton are a lot, and you’ll want to stay forever to experience each and every one of them at this little slice of heaven.

How to Have a Great Time This Summer in California

California Vacation


Dodger Stadium

Playing in Los Angeles, the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, is one of the most exciting things to do in California. Tours of the stadium are available and give you a closer look at the history of the Dodger franchise. All proceeds from the stadium are used to help fund the stadium’s improvements and to help pay for tickets.


The iconic theme park that has Adults and Children all over. You can try on virtual reality rides, visit Disneyland or ride through Space Mountain. This is the ultimate place to meet all kinds of characters, watch Hollywood classics hit the big screen and take part in dramatic adventures.

Great Hollywood Restaurants

Many major Hollywood scenes have been filmed right on the restaurant scene. Arguably the most famous of Hollywood’s restaurants is the Oscaroleum in Burbank. This fine dining establishment has been around since 1930 and is one of the few surviving great movieouses from the golden age of film.

Catalina Coast

A beautiful beachside spot is the Catalina Coast. It is known for wide stretches of beach and great surf. You can take part in the daily surf competitions or hang out for the night. Come dawn the next day and take a ride out on the wild side for some of the best waves in California.

Universal Studios in Hollywood

Is the place to go for your California family vacation. You and your family will never forget your time at this enchanting park. The baby is never disappointed as there are plenty of things for him to play on throughout the park.


One of California’s biggest attractions for kids is Legoland. You can also visit the Lego Imagination Zone and have fun with all the Lego toys throughout your stay. This theme park is a great venue for a family vacation in California.

Busch Gardens

Winter visitors to Busch Gardens are treated to a winter festival in the park. A free program for kids 12 years old and up gives them the opportunity to ride the Busch ride Train, a snow mobile and aParrot. In addition, there are over a hundred other rides, such as the Carousel and the Petting Zoo.


The popular marine park! features amazing shows marine animals like orcas, dolphins,sea lions and more. Has two dedicated stalls for shows, with one of them being the sea lion buoy show. The other is the Dine with Shamu; eat your favorite meals while you eat under miniature habitats. In addition, there are interactive displays, shows and other great skills involving the animals.


Will give you the chance to experience a world class beer festival. The beer festival is held in October and has gained a reputation over the years for being the place to be for beer lovers, those who are not. This exciting festival is held in Orlando and is popular among tourists and those who are living here. The average sells out time is two week.

When the Irish Potato Festival is held annually in October in the town of maker, you can still bring the family to visit California. The festival is not only for potatoes, but cows, pigs and sheep too! At this event you will find people of all ages. The Irish festival is not only about celebration, it is also about tradition. The spawned from years of planning and work.

It is not only about the food, celebration and dancing. There are other exciting events like the German Market at dusk. There are many shops with a wide range of wares. Everyone can enjoy the unique German Market experience. Specialty food from across the globe vies for purchase. After spending a day at the festival gardens, plan on visiting some of the onsite restaurants. Some of the menu choices are wide and include poultry, smoked fish, vegetables, cheese, pastas, chicken, burgers and salads. Plan on spending a few nights at some of the finest sumptuous accommodations in California.  You never have to worry since all California Permits are accounted for.


The Best Hotels of California

Best California Hotels


Need a hotel that can keep you happy on your trip to the golden state? Whether it’s relaxation by the waves, sightseeing, or fun with the kids, these are the best hotels in California.


Holiday Inn Resort Catalina Island


Tucked away in the foothills of Catalina Island, is the first on our list, the Holiday Inn Resort on Catalina Island. This paradise is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the harbor, but close enough to the beaches of the island to make it the perfect convenience.


The luxuries of the hotel guest rooms are designed for those needing to unwind, some of the key features of those rooms are:


  • Rollaway bed/cot
  • 80+ channels of cable TV
  • Walk-in Shower


Decorated with a modern bungalow style, and equipped with king or queen-sized beds, it can accommodate every need. Each room comes with black shades on the windows to keep out the sun on days that get too hot. You’ll get to experience the island to its full potential, in this slice of paradise.


Located in the resort is a singular restaurant, the Cover Bar and Grill. Full of flavorful dishes and fruity drinks, you can savor your meals, while looking over the island’s spectacular views. Available for lunch and dinner, you can find the exotic food that you’ve been craving, full of fresh ingredients that will delight everyone. If you don’t feel like eating out though, the hotel can have food delivered from the restaurant.


If you’re looking to accommodate your kids, then this is the place. It has kid suites available whenever you’re ready, their own little get away from the grown-ups. All perfectly safe and ready for whatever your kid might need.


The thing that the Holiday Inn Resort boasts the most about, is that this is the only hotel on the island that has a swimming pool. An amazing place to relax, when the beach gets a little too crowded. Along with the pool are a fully equipped gym, meeting rooms, and spa that will help you unwind.


Hilton Santa Barbara Beach Resort


If you’re looking for a hotel that is as close to the beach as it can be, then this one is it. The Hilton Santa Barbara is right across the street from the beach, just a minute walk once you get out the front door. Along with the incredibly easy access to the beach, you’re also close to the Funk Zone, which is a hub of fun, full of art, café’s, and surf shops that teach you what Santa Barbra is all about.


The hotel itself has everything that you need, particularly the rooms. All designed with soft coast-inspired themes that give a sense of calm that you could use after a day of fun. Each room is equipped with its own private balcony or patio, that you can step out onto and take in the ocean breeze.


A few enjoyable qualities of the rooms are:


  • King or Queen sized bed
  • Pull out bed
  • Streaming services, such as HBO, CNN, and ESPN


You can choose what type of room would accommodate your needs, based on the size of the bed and whether you want an ocean view or resort view.


This tour of the Hilton wouldn’t be complete without talking about its impressive selection of dining. First up is the Fess Parker Wine Tasting Room, the perfect place for everyone in your group to enjoy. The wine tasting has a variety of options, suited for every kind of taste, everyone can find something at the Fess.


Java del Mar is the resident coffee shop for the caffeine lovers staying at the Hilton. It hosts primarily Starbucks, and with that comes everything a coffee shop could need. Starbucks coffee, on-the-go snacks, breakfast sandwiches, and teas.


Lastly, there are two primary dining experiences, the Roundhouse, which is mainly used for breakfast, and the Set, which as you can probably guess, is used for lunch and dinner. You can find the Roundhouse adjacent to the lobby, or you can just follow your nose in the morning when the smell of breakfast hits you.


The Set is a little different from the Roundhouse, a classier-looking place, that serves a selection of deliciously cooked meals, and comes equipped with a full bar. It opens at 11:30 am every day, and closes at 9:00 pm, except for Friday and Saturday, which then closes at 10:00 pm.


Of course, when talking about dining, we can’t leave out the in-room dining. The resort can bring up pretty much anything you want, though it has specific times at which you can order. You can find what times there open on their site.


The resort has a lot more than just food, it has a business center, meeting rooms, an outdoor pool, and a gym. This can all be set up or guided to by the amazing concierge, they can get you whatever you may need during your trip, which does include anything from the Fun Zone or downtown.


Ventura Beach Marriott


This is the hotel that everyone imagines when thinking about California. It’s how many people picture their hotel on their summer trip, breezy palm trees, a wavy pool with plenty of sunbeds, and only three minutes away from the San Buenaventura State Beach.


You have four options available when picking your room, a guest room with one king bed, a guest room with two queens, a larger guest room with a king, and the suite which has a king and two bathrooms. Each is decorated with a contemporary coastal style and excellent views outside each window.


The best things about each room would be:


  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • State of the art LCD TVs
  • Deluxe bedding


The hotel’s dining has a single restaurant available near the lobby. The Channel Kitchen + Bar is a two-sided restaurant, one side is a modern lounge that has ample seating, and the other is a warm dining experience, it’s the best of both worlds.


The chef that runs the place is Rick Rossignol. The menu that they have is inspired by a coastal bounty of seafood and locally sourced produce. It has something for everyone with its many options.


The bar, which is a new addition, is right at the center of Ventura Beach Marriott’s Great Room, which mainly features hand-crafted cocktails, small batch bourbons, locally crafted beers, and tequilas. Something that was inspired by California’s central coast is the Ventura Spirits, it’s a drink that is a micro-distillery, which specializes in craft spirits.


Something great about Ventura Beach Marriot is their amazing pool, a relaxing little place in the center of the building that can cool you down after a great day out. It can also be a great place to get a tan, with its abundance of tanning beds.


Fitness can also be a big thing at this hotel, as it comes equipped with a fully stocked gym. It’s ready with any weight or machine that you can want. Along with the fitness center is the bike rentals. You can talk to a concierge and they can arrange for your bike to use for the day.


Marriott also loves to host weddings. All you have to do is schedule it on their website, or you can talk to the concierge to set it up. They have tons of room for a sort of wedding event, ready with ten event rooms, and a capacity of 850 people. A little happy note to add to that is that they offer catering with locally sourced seafood and craft beer from the Channel Kitchen + Bar.


Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows


The views from the Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows are stunning from your patio or balcony, it’s a shock that anyone would want to leave them to go explore. This hotel on our list is the most historic of the bunch, boasting visits from dozens of celebrities, ever since 1923 when it opened. It’s had the likes of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and President John Kennedy stay there, so you could end up in the same room that they had, if you’re lucky.


You have the option between a guest room, a bungalow, or a suite for your visit, all of them amazing in their own right. Bungalow One is the most basic of the bungalows, but perfect for anyone who could use it. It has a plush residential feel to it, using a Southern California styled decoration and using glamour from a mid-century pad, which was designed by the interior designer Michael Berman. It can hold up to eight people comfortably, has 3 and ¾ baths, 2 king beds, 2 double beds, and all with a lush view of the best California can offer.


Meanwhile, the guest rooms that are offered are all amazing, and can all accommodate at least two people comfortably. A few of the excellent amenities provided are:


  • Plush Robes
  • Nespresso Machine
  • Bathtub


Finally, the suites are everything the guest rooms are and more. Situated on the sixth floor and up, each suite can hold four people comfortably, and all fuse classic with the contemporary style of decoration. Each suite is at least 785 Square ft and has tons of relaxing amenities inside, each has a giant king bed and lovely complimentary coffee.


The dining at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows is truly impressive. It has three different restaurants, in-room dining, and a coffee shop.


First up is the stylish FIG Restaurant, full of fresh produce and California dishes that will delight. With plenty of space and tons of options, it has plenty of dishes to choose from. A thing to note about FIG is the fact that it is closed on Sunday and Monday.


Lobby Lounge is an inviting outdoor restaurant, great for a quick bite, and then onto the fun. It’s a great place for rendezvous, meeting up with friends or business associates. It features premium mixed cocktails, wine by the glass, and light bites that taste amazing. It’s open every day from 4 pm to 10 pm.


The last restaurant featured at the Fairmont Miramar is The Bungalow. It’s a sprawling indoor-outdoor lounge, furnished with Baja chic style décor. It has cozy indoor fireplaces, couches, and billiards tables, and it has an outdoor deck that has a great view of the Pacific Ocean, so it won’t be hard for you to find a place to sit.


Dogtown Coffee is a coffee shop that boasts organic, micro-roasted drinks. It’s a stylish place to visit in the morning before a long day of fun. It’s opened every day, opening at 6:30 pm, and closing at 4 pm.


Moving on from the food, the hotel also has a lot of activates for you to choose from. It has its own personal Miramar Beach Club, which means you get your little private piece of beach, Lloyd’s Barbershop, which has some quality barbers for your hair, and Glam+Go, a great place to give your looks a touch-up.


Kona Kai and Spa


The last on our list is the Kona Kai and Spa, located in San Diego. Newly renovated and expanded, this resort is ready to welcome you to a world of relaxation and luxury. You can breathe in the ocean air on your expansive balcony, enjoy the day at their private beach, and try specialty drinks from their tiki bar, near the all-new adult-only swimming pool.


Like the rest of the resort, all the rooms at Kona Kai have been renovated with a laid-back charm and an added bit of California fantasy, which was created by California Project Management. Each guest room is spread out and open, with a private outdoor space. Each guest rooms have a SoCal style of decoration and comes equipped with a deluxe king, a queen, or twin beds. A few great things about these rooms are:


  • Marble bath with rainfall shower head
  • Minibar
  • Connecting rooms


The dining at Kona Kai is primarily the Vessel Restaurant + Bar, a fun chic place right on the San Diego Bay. It’s a great place to feel the tropical breeze as you eat fresh food. Along with the restaurant is a brand-new poolside bar at the adult’s only pool.


A few of the fun activities that are e available are the nightly bonfires that you can share with friends and family, and the SpaTerre, a great place to unwind with their treatments made to help you relax.

Travel to Spain for the History

travel spain


During the last decade of the 20th century, particularly in southern Spain, a dramatic change occurred, especially in the coastal regions, where coastal areas developed an active and lengthy cottage industry. This Tanpopo-like camping is now a permanent feature in almost all Spanish regions, and can be seen in all directions from the town or even further away. Not only did the people find accommodations elsewhere, but they also greatly expanded the quality of their stay.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, cottage life reached its cultural and economic culmination in Cordoba and the Pyrenees, and has remained ever since. In the more isolated and less frequented coastal areas, where resorts had been dotting the landscape for years, the phenomenon of uninterrupted camping from hundreds of kilometres with groups of friends and families set up permanent camps at varied sites and hours of the day. Before they had time to formally settle, many of these camps were abandoned one by one as unit owners, often with long-term holiday suites in mind, had the opportunity to explore other areas of Spain and those other areas were discovered.

Who went?

The majority of settlers in the more isolated locations were families and sizable groups of friends or relatives. But couples also sometimes made the journey. Some came looking for privacy and in the casual sense, to be far away from the city life of Madrid. Others were Europeans in the tradition mystic sense who were in search of the meaning of their surroundings, and with a strong inclination to solace and retreat. Still others were backpackers, hikers and campers venturing to distant mountain sides and the more traditional wine country regions of the world. supply the more traditional wine country wines and withstand the shock of vastly different environments and climates.

How did they do it?

This author has found that some of the more popular resorts and camps were carefully planned. Often, the site beforehand had been surveyed and this information recorded. This not only helped with the establishment and preparation of the sites, but also with the educative tours and the effective use of the local guides and agencies. When dealing with such sensitive and time consuming matters, every effort was made to deal with the variety of end uses of the sites in question, be they social, historical, gastronomic, archaeological or medical.

Which sites were we talking about?

Spain is certainly best known for its age-old historic cities, with a number of them situated in the Bay of Fires region of the Iberian Peninsula. Several of these cities, like los Pantales in Asturias, are famous for their intense and fascinating history.

The tridimensional aspect of many of these towns with their incorporate Spitos and other fortifications points towards a definite archaeological legacy, however there is also a more contemporary and rational side to many of these cities as well.

The towns of strong Catholic tradition and that have on the whole a hearty and enduringfo healthy lifestyle, are of course a delight to behold and a good example to show by the way the towns have coped with the rainfall and temperature extremes of the Bay of Fires, whilst integrating with the rest of Spanish life and culture.

Where are they now?

On the whole, sites in the Iberian Peninsula and their surrounding areas can be divided into two general categories. Those that exhibit a more or less developed tourist industry, e.g. boutique hotels, hostels, campsites and so forth, and those that are more difficult to reach mainly because of their remote locations or terrain.

In the eastern portion of the Iberian Peninsula, especially around the city of Santiago de Compostela and its surrounding area, there are a multitude of highly respected archaeological sites, among them the Royal Tombs of Oviedo and the chapel of Santo Estevo.

Santiago de Compostela, which is also known as the Shrine of Vincente de Valverde, a Swedish Reformer and founder of a Towards the ends of the 15th century movement in Religious freedoms. Today, this city is one of the more prominent centres of pilgrimage for millions of Europeans. It’s also known for its Romanesque Cathedral and stunning Gothic Cathedral Square.

The Tombs of Oviedo: Theadle of Western Monarchy. The Tombs are the final resting place of a large number of the ancient kings and queens of Western Europe. They were entombed around the 3rd century AD in a ceremony that was witnessed by Christian pilgrims from throughout the Mediterranean. This cathedral was rediscovered in 1802 and many of its discoveries are still visible today including one of the first pellet smoker.

Omphalos: Cemetery of the Ancient Egyptians. This is a very small but historic island off the coast of Alexandria, in the vicinity of the Valley of the Kings. Many of the tombs are decorated with Roman statues and thus date from the late Roman and early Byzantine period.

Andnos Island: The Island of the Nuns.