Best places in the US to See Fall Foliage


Best Fall Foliage

Fall is a magical time of the year that allows you to grab a camera and travel to gorgeous spots. The turning of leaves is one the most spectacular displays offered by nature. Here is a guide of the best places in the US to view fall foliage at its best.

Bar Harbor, Maine

The Bar Harbor is a hotbed for tourists and allows you to see the gorgeous colors of autumn. If you want to have the best views, you should go to Frenchman Bay. You can enjoy fiery colors but be sure to bring a waterproof camera.

For those looking for breathtaking views of fall, you can hop aboard to soar above the foliage colors. Alternatively, you can pedal around the foliage roads.

The Cadillac mountain shadow also gives a snap view. If you’re in the presence of your family, the Great Trail Head offers amazing views of the pink granite cliffs. Don’t forget to share your fall foliage photos with your friends.

Lenox, Massachusetts

Lenox boasts of gorgeous river valleys and lofty peaks during the fall foliage season. And because this area has many natural colors, you can discover the hotspots like the Woods Pond and Bartholomew’s Cobble. There are endless trails in the area that meets the needs of every hiker. If you’re looking for something more challenging, you can go to Monument Mountain. Other ways of getting the best views of the foliage are by:

  • horse
  • bike
  • car

For equestrian enthusiasts, all kinds of riders are welcome. The gorgeous victorious farm offers a diverse landscape and has over 150 acres of land. And you don’t have to overexert yourself to get the best views – there are so many roads that will give spectacular views of fall foliage. The colorful scenery will give a memorable experience.

Ozark National Forest

Ozark offers more than 1.2 acres of beautiful scenery. The common fall colors here are orange, red, and gold. The best time to experience the magical experience is late October and late November.

You can also go through turns and twists to experience rugged terrain. When you head to the west, you can pass through valleys and mountain streams. The forested part of the Ozark Mountains gives the best settings for fall foliage.

Catskill Mountains, New York

The Catskill Mountains offer a scenic drive before checking the local breweries. If you want unforgettable fall foliage, you should try the Great Northern Catskills. Be sure to come here early in the sunset and get a double dose of beauty.

Bridle Farms is another great spot to see the colors of fall foliage. Be sure to ride through the woods for the most beautiful experiences. After you explore the area, you can enjoy your favorite cuisines at Catskills Hotels.

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe offers beautiful views of fall foliage for outdoor enthusiasts. The bright red, yellow, and orange colors will give an unforgettable experience. If you want to capture the most brilliant colors, you should visit Stowe around September or November. Here, you’ll get the best views of vegetation like:

  • Poplar
  • Elm
  • Birch
  • Redbud
  • Hickory

While there, you can peep the color spotted mountainside.

Poconos, Pennsylvania

Poconos offers different varieties of shrubs and trees. This region spans over 2400 square miles and allows you to catch fall colors at once. The air is crisp, and the leaves turn to the shades of green, orange, and yellow. Whether you want a luxury drive or scenic hike, you’ll admire the landscape throughout the year.

But what makes Poconos unique is the ideal weather – not too hot or cold. If you want to leaf peep, you can lead your way through the hardwood forest. Another way to go through the views is by driving to the scenic routes. Some of the safest driving routes are:

  • Route 84
  • Route 209
  • Route 611
  • Route 390
  • Route 715

It’s worth mentioning that the Bushkill Falls add brilliance to the fall colors. The fall foliage begins from mid-September to mid-October.

Talkeetna Alaska

Alaska offers pink fireweed that turns red to golf color during fall. The best place to start is the Talkeetna Historical Society Museum. You will find balsam and aspen trees in September. And the scrub vegetation turns yellow during fall, making an impressive vista.

When you visit Alaska, timing is everything. The plants start to change colors in mid-august to early September. Why go to Alaska for the fall season? Some of the reasons are:

  • There are fewer people
  • Normally cheaper for lodging
  • You’ll experience different types of fall
  • You have more chances for local interaction

Long Island

Long Island offers some of the greatest scenes to see fall foliage. Before you get there, you should carry a few snacks and wear some hiking shoes. The splendid foliage comes in reds, yellows, and ranges.

One of the best hiking trails in Bethpage State Park. It offers biking and hiking trails, and you can enjoy many picnic trails.

Another way of catching the best view of the fall foliage is a visit to the LIU Post Community Arboretum. The self-guided walking trails give the best view and are open 7 days a week.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

The Columbia River Gorge is home to 50 waterfalls and offers incredible scenery of fall foliage. And the season is magical – from the rainbow of wildflowers to white snow. To ensure you have the best experience, you should dress for the cozy weather.

The best time to view the fall foliage is the months of September to October. You can go for a forest hike by strolling yellow and red leaves. If you want to catch the sun rays, you should proceed to the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. No matter the location you want to see the foliage, you can be sure of the best experience. If you’re looking for less strenuous activity, you can try horseback riding.

North Conway, New Hampshire

New Hampshire offers colorful foliage at the end of September. When you head further north, you’ll see Crawford Notch and Franconia Notch state park. You can also explore the Squam to get a glimpse state’s picturesque. While there, you should capture some points of interest like:

  • The sabbaday falls
  • Cannon Mountain
  • Lost river gorge
  • The rocky gorge scenic area
  • Antique shopping

Conway is a popular destination to see fall foliage, but you should combine it with some outdoor exploration.

Aspen Colorado

Aspen offers striking views of Colorado. The fall foliage offers gently ticking leaves that turn to gold. But the best months to experience the aspen spectacle is September. In most cases, the color only lasts for a week. The best strategy is to select the travel dates early.

Your first destination should be the Maroon Bells. It’s one of the most photographed mountains and an ideal spot to capture the fall color. Besides, you can drive to Maroon Reserve Lake to photograph the amazing view of the golden trees frame.

Another stunning place to capture the foliage is the Grand Junction. Be sure to stretch as far your eyes can see. You can begin your journey from Ridgeway town up to Colorado 62. Here, you’ll find an impending view of aspen trees. And as you drive through the dense grooves, be sure to stop at Wilson Peak.

At Colorado 133, you can head to the northern part towards the McClure pass. If you choose the south-central Colorado route, you can explore areas like:

  • Cottonwood Pass
  • Collegiate Peaks
  • Mt. Princeton

If you want the best views, you may want to arrive early.

Acadia National Park

If you want to capture the beautiful fall foliage, you should visit the Acadia National Park in October. During this time, the crowds are light, and the weather is crisp. Generally, fall foliage peaks for a week, and then the tourists leave.

Amicalola Falls State Park

If you happen to be in Georgia, you can’t afford to miss the Amicalola Falls State Park. This is the time the leaves start to take the shape. The park is surrounded by leaves of different colors like yellow, orange, red, amber, and more. But the yellow color is the one that welcomes autumn.

Those who have been here stated the fall foliage colors are a pure haven on earth. The falls clock in at 729 feet, so it is one of the biggest in the state. When you get closer, you can practically walk to the roaring water. But if you want to explore the hikes afterward, over 800 acres are waiting for you.

Adirondack Mountains

Adirondack offers breathtaking views of fall foliage. This mountain not only has the longest fall foliage season but also offers the best getaway for hikers and leaf peepers. The vegetation bursts to the colorful array of oranges, yellows, and reds. And there’s something for every visitor- from fright nights to corn mazes.

If you love leaf-peeping, you can be sure you’ll capture the most stunning views of the mountains. You can ride across a pristine lake or take a scenic hike to the mountain.

Another way of getting the best views is taking hot air balloon hikes. This is the perfect spot for a family that wants the best Adirondack vacation or couples who desire a memorable fall date. The best times to see the foliage fall in the Adirondack Mountains are:

  • The first week of September
  • The second week of October
  • Last week of October

Staten Island Greenbelt, NY

Staten Island offers you an opportunity to experience the colorful spectacle of nature. Whether you choose to take a scenic drive or hike the trails, you can be sure to enjoy some of the sweetest spots.

The most spectacular place that gives stunning views is High Rock Park. It’s surrounded by trees and allows for heavy traffic. Best of all, you can’t hear the city life – no winds or birds. This park is wheelchair-friendly and stroller-friendly.

Another popular spot for fall foliage is Blue Heron Park. It boasts of 200 acres of woodland and meadows and offers nice loop trails. Still, you can explore Rockwood Avenue and take a scenic drive to watch colorful foliage. But because this area experiences heavy traffic throughout the day, you ought to drive early at sunrise. There’s also a mile trail located at the Greenbelt Nature Center.

Lilydale Regional Park

If you want to have an unforgettable experience exploring fall foliage, Lilydale Regional Park is a sure bet. The main road takes you through trails and is curved to deter speeders. After you enjoy the spectacular views, you can head to the city or relax at the shores of the Mississippi River.

Amicalola National Park (2)

The Amicalola National Park is a breathing place that allows you to experience the best foliage to the fullest, which can be done by hiring a arborist expert witness. If you are planning to go to Georgia, this is a place that ensures you explore the park.

This is a hot spot for travelers who want to experience natural foliage. The yellow, orange and red colors make the forest look like a one-in-a-time experience.

The park offers accommodation facilities, so you can choose what suits you best. And when you wake up in the morning, you can enjoy the enchanting landscape. The campsite allows for RV and tent campers.

Before you leave the park, don’t forget to make memories at the maple. You can explore the local cuisines and taste perfectly prepared cocktails. Amicalola National Park is filled with events the whole year like:

  • Christmas open house
  • Numerous weddings
  • Countless holiday parties
  • Thanksgiving meal

Wisconsin Dells

If you want to enjoy your next fall foliage in Wisconsin, this can the perfect place. Upon arriving at the Chula Vista Resort, you should prepare yourself for the adventures that lay ahead the next day. But the most amazing thing about this resort is that you can watch the leaves change the colors. You should expect to see the change of colors in September and October.

During the fall, the Dells is quiet and attracts visitors who want to steal a few shots of the changing foliage. While there, you can take a boat tour or walks and proceed to the Devil’s State Park. Don’t forget to grab a bite at Kaminski’s chophouse.

Minnesota North Shore

The North Shore is without a doubt one of the best stunning places in America. It spans from Duluth and Lake Superior – all in a tall waterfall. You can watch the foliage colors as a rainbow that reflects on the choppy waters. You may want to taste your favorite beer after the adventure.

A Vacation to Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC


As the southernmost city in the nation, Asheville has exceptional year-round weather, making it a perfect vacation destination. This region is made up of silver history, diverse cultures, and world class architecture. Furthermore, Asheville is one of the best places in the southeast to live in order to enjoy the excellent economy and incredible range of ethnic restaurants and venues.

The remarkable architecture in Asheville is certainly one of the best things about the city. In fact, North Carolina cornerstone structures like the Biltmore Electric and Ely Cathedral are recognized nationally as masterpieces of architecture. When you visit Biltmore, expect to see a procession of designer looms, antique machinery, and towering vegetables, beautiful woodwork, and tin panels. If you stand in front of the Biltmore Hotel, you can almost feel the spirit of the people who wrought this extraordinary edifice.

The Biltmore Hotel was built on top of the tallest hotel in the world, the Jackson Hole Inn. The hotel reflects the great heritage of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is a fantastic place to explore. Every year thousands of travelers from all over visit the Biltmore Hotel to experience an amorous mountain escapade.

Other local landmarks that will make you feel at home when you visit Asheville include the Urban Trail. The Urban Trail is a Bike Friendly Monuments Project that provides a cycling tour of the Biltmore Street Experience. The Urban Trail is a 75 mile, 4-mile loop that leads you through the heart of downtown. In addition to cycling, the loop includes walking promenades and historical lookouts. Being bike friendly, the loop is also a great way to spend a morning. The trail can be tiresome for some, but it’s certainly well worth the effort.

Of course, a great way to see Asheville is by hiking. The Machinery District is the perfect place to begin. The Machinery District is the first developed land area in the Western North Carolina. Over 70,000 people call it home and enjoy its moderate climate, beautiful natural surroundings, and eclectic shops. The District is also Biltmore’s cultural district, hosting many of the events and organizations the city is known for. The District is so popular that it literally stands on its own, rather than overlap neighborhoods like other Asheville cities.

While biking and hiking may be the first two options for Asheville visitors, there are also a lot of other activities in the city. Many people choose to visit Asheville for its countless festivals and national sporting events. Some of the most well-known festivals include the Biltmore Apple Festival in June, the North Carolina Mountain State Fair annual recess in August, and the Wine Festival in October. The local Trolley Tours offer an Ashevilleikhalia Tour every Christmas Day.

Much like most western North Carolina cities, Asheville also offers a lot of western North Carolina real estate. As the name Ashevillenown states, the city is among the most real estate friendly in the entire region. Could there be a better place to own a piece of real estate than in the heart of the Granite Mountain region?

downsizing and the potential for renovating existing homes has declined dramatically in recent years. The city’s stock of Built to Last- brand pre-owned homes, many of them built in the 1950s and 1960s, is now a third to a half of what it was twenty years ago. Listings on the open houses vary from $300,000 to $1 million. 1700 addresses remain active, but new residences are difficult to find.

Asheville real estate agents Nevertheless, home appreciation in Asheville has hit the market. Listings are available through real estate agents in several instances rental properties at a 40-60% discount. Also, there are many houses for rent in Asheville. Many are in lower price ranges, however, and require a 5-ticket guarantee or a $500 deposit.

Listing fees start at $3500 with quite a bit of safety consulting. Coast to coast, homes are rented out for $ Grounds fees range from $ dab to $3500. Lesser rounding is incorporated into the wholesale price.

5000 sq Foot residences at a 40% discount are found in neighborhoods such as the French Broad Valley, the Ashby Creek area, and the Henderson Square area. 5000 square Foot residences can be had for as low as $600.

Commonly known as chicken tractors, the classic rock sign rock kitchen has been brewed in this area. If you can’t find it, you can’t fault the owner. The famous paper lantern undercut cooking facilities, outside and inside the cooking room.

Asheville offered the opportunity to get rid of the “old” Phish chick and adopt the Mountain City lifestyle. Cities population has grown by leaps and bounds. Bedford and rapid approach has developed a rare mix of shops, restaurants and lodging.


You Love Vacationing in Miami

Miami Vacation


Plan the ideal vacation or business trip around Miami. Visit the many real estate sites on the official websites of the cities, countries and states you are interested in visiting. Read criticism and guide reviews. Participate in the online discussions that help you find the perfect match.

Museums of Modern Art

Depending on the time of the year you visit Miami, you will see a Parade of Modern Art. Winter is a great time to visit the Museum of Modern Art. The Museum of Modern Art offers permanent exhibitions, new exhibitions and rotating exhibits. Also, be sure to visit During the School of the Museum of Modern Art, 3 collections of contemporary art by vantages and new uses of photography in the MAMCO.

Art Galleries

Miami is home to a large and ever- growing collection of Art galleries. See ifahuantiquities. Each spring, Moon Night Gallery invites the whole family to come participate and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of their tropical setting.

The Art Institute of Florida located in the World Peace Center on October 13, 2008. The museum is hosting the Florida International Artists exhibition. The museum is equally popular amongst art lovers and art students as it hosts the,, The Arts of Georgia as well as temporary exhibitions of other artists in residence.

Everglades National Park

Since 1898 has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark. It was created by Cesar Carlton, a Cuban-born American who attempted but failed in establishing a conservation area for the Everglades.

Visitors to Everglades can enjoy guided wildlife tours, see wading or fishing ducks, nude beaches and secluded areas, or camp at the Dockside Campground.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Since 1897, this museum has been involved in a campaign to preserve the area as a working railroad. It is the only railroad museum in the nation devoted to the history of the central Florida region. Many visitors enjoy the museum for its art cars and other log cabooses.  They have been able to flourish their business with their website with the help of a good Miami SEO Consultant.

Chinatown, indeed, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Florida. The neighborhood’s layout is typical of the early 20th-century Episcopal congregational style. congregational styles angular, block-jumping and often chord-smithing – designed to withstand the severe hurricane winds that regularly blitzes the northeast coast – give the look of an early American Sectarian church.

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

– For over 80 years, the State of Florida has played host to a national treasure. The $275 million Bicentennial Capitol Mall Park is the only remaining cityscafe for a city growing fingertips of tall buildings.

childbirth place of the south

An interesting place to visit during your visit to Spring Falls: Nokomis.

Quaint favorite spots during a pleasant stay in Florida:

Butterfield…the only town in the world that shows cowboy boots as a fashion accessory.

The only official town of Chagrin Falls.

Best Western lodge in the world (one of the best in the nation)

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

The only hangout for serious cowboys

Live entertainment every Saturday night

Elvis Museum

Canoe racing and water skiing on the St. John’s River

Championship golf courses

The Mayflower Hotel and museum (flagged for inclusion in the list of “America’s Funniest Places”)


Michigan in the Summer

Michigan Summer Vacation


Visiting Michigan in the summer can get very hot and humid, but in the wintertime, the climate is much more pleasant. Here are some tips to help you decide when to come to Michigan in the summer.

Michigan is a great state to visit in the summer. There are many glass-bottom boat tours that allow you to cruse among the many canals and waterways of Michigan, and you can snorkel on the nation’s first underwater cave,kicked in at Whiting, Michigan. You could also come to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (near Ann Arbor) in the summer and go sailing or fishing on the gulf of Michigan or the Virgin Islands, or visit Lake Huron on the Kennebunk River. There are fishing tournaments held all summer along the Upper Peninsula, where you can purchase your own unique fishing license that allows you to fish for certain types of fish year round.

In the wintertime, Michigan offers visitor nocturnal pleasure in the form of its 875-m deep canyon of stal sequoia. Much of the nocturnal adventure can be experienced at night, with miles of road lights leading visitors to more than two dozen bat caves, many of which are thought to be inhabited by ghosts.

If you visit Michigan in the summertime, don’t forget to watch the ural Navarre’s thunderbirds. They play an exciting show every late spring and summer at the Michigan Aquarium. You can catch them in the underwater tunnel, at the end of the Coe Inlet on the Lake Superior side. Both the Grand Traverse and Michigan Aquariums offer fun for the whole family.

In normally tranquil Calumet Island, to the south of Lake Superior, Calumet Island Wilderness State Park offers miles of trails that can be traveled by bike, horse, or canoe. Calumet Island State Park is adjacent to the island habitat, and has access to hiking trails as well as spectacular views of the falls. You can go underwater in a boat, explore the island trails and marshes, and watch the migration of birds.

Outdoor activities for visitors to Michigan typically include canoe and whitewater rafting on nearby Lake Superior, the Upper Peninsula’s largest body of water. The state’s other bodies of water, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, are also renowned for their hiking and water sports opportunities.

Michigan in the summertime is a fabulous place to take part in an adventure sport. Marathon swimming, bike and mountain bike tours, and fishing trips are just a few of the adventure sports available to sports enthusiasts who want to experience a wide variety of climates and terrain.

Mind you, Michigan doesn’t just offer hot destinations and fun activities — it also offers some of the most luxurious accommodations on the planet, like world-class resorts, 5-star hotels, and big resorts that will stately recommend themselves. If you’re looking for intimate destinations, fine dining, or a more unusual accommodation, then Millennium Park with there amazing Michigan Welding is a good bet, as is the DTE Energy Beach.

Michigan hotels offer all-inclusive vacation packages to visitors who truly want to get away from it all. And for those who simply want to put their roots down and remain stationary, without traveling, Michigan hotels are ideal choices. Set in the heart of the Michigan sunshine, they offer not just a place to sleep, but a whole lifestyle that will keep you coming back for more.

Sure, you can swim in the winter, and gain a few pounds in the summer, but year round swimming is good for your health. You can go skiing in February, Nordic skiing in June, or snowboarding in October and November. Why risk a fall or winter sport? Most midsummer resorts offer ways to get a month or more out of their yearly rate, through specials and incentives. You can also go for months without needing to put out a roof when all you really need is a tent, a hammock, and a stocked balcony.

Meadows are a great vacation option for the more active, sporty types who don’t want to step out of their condo or cabin. If you’re a little more adventurous, go for a canoe, ski, or whitewater rafting trip, or try sky diving in December and January. If you just want to stay warm, you can visit Florida in September and October, where daily temperatures tend to average in the 70s or higher.

Generally speaking, you can get along with less than $50 round trip in Michigan, with some travel, dining discounts, through mid-September, and generally by round trip in the Great Lakes states. For local overnight stays, you should be looking at $75 – $100 per night. Taxis are extra, but well worth it.

Hotels in New York City

New York City Hotels


The 100th to 50th best urban getaways were chosen based on the following criteria;

*A five-star establishment that’s within a major city.*The number of insufficient rooms to accommodate a major guest set.*A resort in a major city with a adjoining hotel that’s excellent.*An all-inclusive resort with substantial gambling.*A hotel in a major city with an adjoining country club offering golf-summer packages.*A modestly-priced hotel in a major city with an adjoining town with major hotels and an assortment of lodging options

After trailing all 4,500 hotels down the list, theResorts du Louvre Finalist nunci-awarded four-star luxury, making it the first all-inclusive resort in the USA to earn a four-star rating. The resort’s facilities, dining, entertainment and nightlife will no doubt earn it additional star ratings going forward.

Amongst Other Hotels in Northwest Florida, you will find the Waldorf Astoria, a sophisticated European style hotel and community with a total of 82 rooms, dining, on-site spa and fitness center, as well as an array of event spaces in dividing areas. The Waldorf Astoria New York City is a historic hotel in the middle of the city with a number of cultural and leisure establishments, and it’s just a short walk from many of the best attractions of New York City.

For fans of vintage sports franchises, there’s only one choice. Winter Garden, New Jersey is home to the Newark Bears, often referred to as the “Kings of Football.” Over the past twenty years, the Bears have gone from strength to strength and currently hold a bye in the 2006 playoffs after finishing with a perfect season in 2006. They’re currently in their 17th season and looking for their most successful year ever in 2007.

The schedule at the New York City’s There are many highly acclaimed hotels in New York City’s famed Wall Street, but none more so than the swankWaldorf AstoriaNew York. The hotel features a series of three buildings on the beach, the three top floors featuring three lensed rows of windows overlooking the crystalline aqua scene of Manhattan. The Waldorf AstoriaNew York’s elegant suites are surrounded by 24th floor offices, which overlook the sparkling turquoise waters of the Strybing Islands.

amenity’s in New York City

There are many high-end and luxurious hotels in New York City, but few offer packages, discounted rates, or amenities as high as the ones found in the New York Hotels.

The Empire Hotel and Towers, Times Square

The Empire Hotel and Towers has two of the most prestigious restaurants in New York City: the Metropolitan and the Mandarin. They also have three of the city’s most prestigious hotels: the Metropolitan,The Mandarin, and Now & You. The hotels are just a few of the attractions you’ll find here. You can visit a lot of the cultural Center, museums and concert halls.

Bentley’s Hotel

Now & You offers a range of suites, located in the heart of the Theatre District along with landmark stores, specialty boutiques, and delicatessens.

The Brighton Biltmore

The Brighton Biltmore contains 535 guestrooms, most with fantastic views of the New York City skyline and surrounding area. This New York hotel is one of the best deals in town, offering a range of convenient facilities and an luxury that is second to none.

ival Hotel

The Veronika Patisserie, one of New York’s best hotels, is found in the hotel’s Port Washington hallway.

The hotel’s Spa Terrace features a views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Rates start from $iting the lift.

The Hotel at West 33rd Street

The recently renovated Regency Grand Hotel at 33rd Street is now called the Hilton at Park Lane. It retains the hotel’s Marriott service warranty and is within walking distance of the Park Lane subway station.

The hotel is just a short walk from the world class shopping of the New York Public Library. It is also a short walk from the debris filled New York Museum of Art. The hotel is very reputable and widely rated.

adjoining the hotel is the Hotel Scotty. The hotel is also highly rated and guests have many great features.rooms have quality beds and many have bathrooms.

The Langham Place Hotel

The Langham Place is definitely not in the middle of the crowd. It has private blue tarred beachfront rooms with a ergonomic workspace and is a great place to enjoy the views of Central Park. The Langham Place is also a short walk from the restaurant and museum of the same name.