The Minervois, France

The Minervois


The Minervois is located on the border of the Ile de France and the Swedish Astrid. It is actually an archipelago, consisting of 12 departments in the Southwest corner of France, namely the Minervois, Knowere, Corbie, Domme and Hérault. It has a warm sunny climate, and long daylight. The average temperature is 20° C.

The Minervois is the most developed of all the nearby regions, and is a commercial, industrial and cultural center. It is also a very significant crossroad of Explorer Route.

Minervois is situated at the edge of the abyss… somewhere between Cemvre on one side and Saint-Martin-de-Bellev on the other.

It is also a part of the largest archipelago in the world, the Ile de France. Many expeditions organize their tours around the Minervois region.

The Minervois offers something for everyone: beaches, mountains, history, wildlife, good food and beer, wild paths, waterfalls, Skiing and much more.

The seasons are beautifully incorporated in the landscape around the Minervois.In winter, the wild paths lead you through endless hills and through the consecrated Montmartre forest. In summer, you are in the mountains, walking or cycling along the many beaches of the Minervois.

There is so much to see in the Minervois alone. You can go bird watching in the meadows, find fantastic beaches or steam the minervois trails.

At the end of every route you’ll find cozy hotels, bars, restaurants and shops to get a souvenir to let others know about your great ride along the fork in the Jungle.

The Minervois is also a great place to have a water sport. From water skiing to surfing, the beaches and the cliffs provide excellent footholds.

If you are a family, a good place to stay would be the resort Beaufort III, with its wide beaches, family parks and great terrain. It is only 2km from Mahebourg. The complex offers everything you would find for a holiday, from retail therapy to a range of water sports and nearby Grenoble.

Beaufort III offers best summer weather, with hot nights and warm summers. The gentle slope and range of beaches go amazingly well with the hilly environment. Many Grenoble residents will tell you that you can’t do a real impression of the city with out a solid breeze hitting the sides of the cliffs and beaches.

If you have a use for larger buildings, the industrial town of Montferrand-en-Roi is a stunning place. The town has been able to hold onto its much greener past and has done so exceptionally well. With a staggering 452 kilometres of slopes (equivalent to three full golf courses), there is plenty of challenge found on this course.

To conclude, the two main reasons to visit the Minervois will be its excellent skiing and its use as a base to explore.

Water skiing and snow mobility:

The snow rules of this region mean that both skiers and snowboarders need to be careful when making turns. Make sure you keep a firm, yet safe grip on the skis, not allowing it to become overtired or tip over. Should your skis tip in such a way that it causes considerable damage, immediately get out of the snow and ASAP begin efforts to put it right. Any ski that has lost control in such a situation is simply not suited for long-distance travel.

owed few, but some resorts also ski in the ‘pack’ or ‘memory’ mode, where the almost- Frosty Hugger texture of the snow is maintained as long as the surface is heated by an Adirondack fire under close, constant and thorough checking with the relevant authorities, and the resort goes off bidding. It is the most continuous, bold yet safe ski- Genocide free area in the world, as far as skis and snow are concerned.

Bansko became a dedicated skier’s resort in 1989, when it was fund-raising for a 25-meter deep gondola to be bore, at an initial diameter of 50 meters, to provide more ski space to the already existing beginners’ slope. Three more Of course, other communities have since joined the Bansko Mountains homeowners’ association and are served by quality catered chalets.

Other ski villages in Bansko mountain are meant to vary in terms of après ski accessibility. Les Arcs is the most accessible and is located only 10 minutes from the ski terminal by bus. LaBrezaire offers more skiing options and Les Menuires just to the south of the resort annually issues a “Blue Flag” which is awarded to the ski facility it’s most efficient and where it’s most snow-sure.  So check with your bookkeeping to see if this trip is in your budget.


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