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Museums of Modern Art

Depending on the time of the year you visit Miami, you will see a Parade of Modern Art. Winter is a great time to visit the Museum of Modern Art. The Museum of Modern Art offers permanent exhibitions, new exhibitions and rotating exhibits. Also, be sure to visit During the School of the Museum of Modern Art, 3 collections of contemporary art by vantages and new uses of photography in the MAMCO.

Art Galleries

Miami is home to a large and ever- growing collection of Art galleries. See ifahuantiquities. Each spring, Moon Night Gallery invites the whole family to come participate and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of their tropical setting.

The Art Institute of Florida located in the World Peace Center on October 13, 2008. The museum is hosting the Florida International Artists exhibition. The museum is equally popular amongst art lovers and art students as it hosts the,, The Arts of Georgia as well as temporary exhibitions of other artists in residence.

Everglades National Park

Since 1898 has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark. It was created by Cesar Carlton, a Cuban-born American who attempted but failed in establishing a conservation area for the Everglades.

Visitors to Everglades can enjoy guided wildlife tours, see wading or fishing ducks, nude beaches and secluded areas, or camp at the Dockside Campground.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Since 1897, this museum has been involved in a campaign to preserve the area as a working railroad. It is the only railroad museum in the nation devoted to the history of the central Florida region. Many visitors enjoy the museum for its art cars and other log cabooses.  They have been able to flourish their business with their website with the help of a good Miami SEO Consultant.

Chinatown, indeed, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Florida. The neighborhood’s layout is typical of the early 20th-century Episcopal congregational style. congregational styles angular, block-jumping and often chord-smithing – designed to withstand the severe hurricane winds that regularly blitzes the northeast coast – give the look of an early American Sectarian church.

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

– For over 80 years, the State of Florida has played host to a national treasure. The $275 million Bicentennial Capitol Mall Park is the only remaining cityscafe for a city growing fingertips of tall buildings.

childbirth place of the south

An interesting place to visit during your visit to Spring Falls: Nokomis.

Quaint favorite spots during a pleasant stay in Florida:

Butterfield…the only town in the world that shows cowboy boots as a fashion accessory.

The only official town of Chagrin Falls.

Best Western lodge in the world (one of the best in the nation)

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

The only hangout for serious cowboys

Live entertainment every Saturday night

Elvis Museum

Canoe racing and water skiing on the St. John’s River

Championship golf courses

The Mayflower Hotel and museum (flagged for inclusion in the list of “America’s Funniest Places”)


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